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Winfinity (S’pore) Pte Ltd is incorporated in 2002 and we are the authorized sole agent appointed by Fujitsu General Asia. The main business of the Company is to handle all sales aspects of Fujitsu air-conditioners and parts in Singapore, and we also provide the maintenance services for our customers.

The Company has established a strong and close working relationship with our customers. Based on our expertise, experience and thorough understanding of market needs and demands, we strive in providing the best solutions and services in satisfying our customers’ needs.

Our air-conditioning products are divided into two groups: Residential series and Commercial series. The Residential series are the wall-mounted single or multi-split units, and Commercial series are the ceiling cassette, ducted, VRF J series and VRF II etc.


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Winfinity (S'pore) Pte Ltd
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by wilson8 on Winfinity (S'pore) Pte Ltd

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend me where to buy aircon from for good workmanship and installation. I am looking to buy Mitsubishi Electric starmex sys 3 as my current sys 3 master bedroom is no longer cold after 5 yrs.

Don't ever buy fujitsu, the aircon authorised company winfinity is dishonest, cut my wire and tell me pcb spoil, 3x eev coil n 2x thermistor need replacement, total damage $685 wo gst.
only my mbr aircon is not cold and yet need to replace so many parts. Fujitsu is not repair friendly accor2ding to another contractor that I engage, he said the pcb is not inverted and difficult to access.

any aircon expert please recommend me a good installer and company to get ME sys3 since everyone recommend ME.

Many thanks in advance.

by Mclairs83 on Winfinity (S'pore) Pte Ltd

I'm still using non-inverter.

Previously was using Fujitsu inverter a/c.. cost me around $3.4k.. spoilt at 3rd year.

Fujitsu technician came over, repair cost over $900.. saying outdoor unit spoil, need to replace board, compressor & other stupid components. all these components only warranty for 3mths.. after 3mths up lorry, u bear the cost again.

Gave up on Fujitsu, crap piece of aircon.. trusted my friend(working in winfinity) too much coz he guarantee me, inverter will save more money.. save my foot..

After using normally for 3mths.. bills still the same.. never drop, infact increase of electricity..

Now using Daikin non-inverter.. super happy wif it.

by KSM112 on Winfinity (S'pore) Pte Ltd

My Fujitusu aircon sucks!! The single split AOAR18JCC inverter in my bedroom broke down 2 times within the 1st yr. It was installed 1 and half yr ago. Now the mulit-split ASAA12JACM inverter in my other 2 rooms broke them last Friday. They are less than 2 yrs old. The service of the agent - Winfinity is real
disappointing. I'm always put on hold on the phone and they always say will call back and in the end i've
to keep calling to get to talk to their person in charge. Upon checking yesterday,the technician said both the PCB and 2 EEV coils need to be replaced....Sian.. It will cost me almost $600 including $80 transport. There is only 3 months' waranty after the replacement. I questioned them how can the air-con can break down so soon. They say other customers have no such problem. Last time my Toshiba air-cons lasted for more than 10 yrs without giving me much problem. I regret v. much changing to Fujitusu inverter thinking i can save on the electricity bill. I wonder if inverter air-cons are really less reliable or it all depends on the brand??? Should i get the replacement done ? Don't know how many months they can last and get another replacement again. I would rather change the whole air-con set. When air-con breaks down, it's not just money, but time to wait for them to come, this and that, and causing us such inconvenience - for the whole week my daughters have to sleep in my room, sian....