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Here’s a story. About how Trentios started. Because his customers kept asking for something that didn’t exist, Trentios founder, Joel Ho worked hard to invent an air cooling system that’s portable, practical, and affordable.

We’re still doing that today—bringing innovation where it’s needed the most, to the everyday lives of hardworking folks.

Because Trentios is about them. Other words for what we do are “user-centric”, “affordable”, and “reliable”, but we think this says it all:

Smart Comforts for Everyone.


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Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd
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 8 reviews
by AceyourMaths on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

After trying Trends/Trentios air-con, I can only say don't ever buy Trends/Trentios portable.
1) Not cold at all.

2) Noisy

3) Delivery men tried to charge us installation fees even though it was clearly stated in invoice that installation is free.

4) Servicing is $250 and upwards. According to customer reviews, they will pretend to take away your air-con, then tell you that compressor needs to change and charge you $250 and upwards every servicing.

by AceyourMaths on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

Do not buy from TRENTIOS portable aircon!
1) Not cold. Only Cold air! (personal opinion)

2) Delivery man dare to charge us installation charges even though in the invoice, it is clearly stated that installation fees will be FOC. Is the delivery man trying to earn some extra money?

Contemplating whether to issue complaints to CASE.

by gld998 on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

Trend is having a sale at the moment... maybe u should consider them

by arazakms on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

Trend portable Air-C onditionPlease don't buy this trend portable Air-Condition the aftersale personal is bad,the air-con is noisy and its power consume unit.

by cr3sent on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

Is anybody using Tr3nds service?
I have a very bad experience with them today.

Im suppose to get a aircon installation today, and they say that they will come from 11-1pm and then they push it to 1-3pm, Then i thought nevermind, as long as they come but until 3 already they still not here. From 3-3:40 i was trying to call the contractor and their office numbers and they didnt pick up ANY of my call? I called around 20 times ??!!

The office number 6286 2630 is seriously useless, the electronic system says that it will transfer the call to the delievery department/ customer service after pressing number 5/4respectively. But i can tell you it does not work. After listening to some music, it tells you that it is unable to transfer the call and then will cease the call.

I am worried now, wondering if eventually if there is a problem with my air condition, how do i contact the company? Im starting to doubt and question myself and wonder if this company is a legit company? Because the numbers are clearly for show.

To make it worst, i bought the aircon from NTUC Extra, I called NTUC also, and ALSO nobody is picking up my call?? (i called around 6 times). Then i was seriously wondering if i TIO SCAM. Until i went online and search and called their office did they get back to me, (after arguing with them asking why they did not pick up the call and what is wrong with their sub contractor) did i get a call back from my contractor at 3:50, telling me he got a problem installing aircon in another area and said he want to push it back to 5-6pm.

Anybody got call their office number before? Got work? Very scary lei, the number like fake like that.

by chunlianghere on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

only wit ""Xtra"".. amk hub, jurong point.

mine brought from fairprice xtra, installer from trends. workmanship is gd.

use 1 year liao, no problem.. except tat the piping inside the trucking not straight, so wil sort of sweating outside the trunking. got it solve myself"

by chunlianghere on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

hi.. just got this thread when searchin from google. really a gd thread talkin about aircon as i also findin threads about aircon. started readin a few page in this thread.

recently started to knw more and researchin about aircon stuff since my hse jus installed new aircon 2 weeks ago.

jus a info to all here, mine is a daikin system 4, 3 ticks. is a non-inverter. model of compressor is same as posidongal, MA56EV1. 3 x FT25DVM, 1 x FT50FVM. i brought it from FairPrice Xtra at jurong point @ $2799. installer is TRENDS HOME ELECTRICAL. they did a very gd installation. after search many thread/forum, nobody brought it from fairprice xtra.

after 2 weeks of using, no problem at all wit the piping. even previous aircon also no problem too. previous one was fuji electric system 2. using it for 8-9years. not sure which installer. i check the circuit diagram of the old one, it is usin 2 compressor.

answerin to posidongal, the total of compressor is 20267btu/hr.(1 big compressor w/ 4 valves) so if u on all 3, it wil be divide by 3. but max fcu btu is 9000. (living rm one is 18000btu/hr)

actually from my point of view, it is best to on 2 fcu at the same time. but i dont tink both fcu wil be at the same temp at same time. so no matter at which time which fcu switch on, its stil the same ba.
At 1 time when i start on the aircon wit 2 fcu, i note down the meter outside my hse. so after i switch off, it is 8kWh. so is around $1.50 for 6 to 7hrs usage. not sure is it same as other ppl usin the same model?

by ok45sg on Trends Home Electrical Singapore Pte Ltd

The contractor called me up on morn of installation and 'persuaded' me to use grey insulation instead of black as written on agreement (black better, this was advised by my aircon supervisor cousin) - no choice but agreed as he was insistent.

And when they came to install, they dragged the heavy airconditioner through the main hall and spoilt the floor. Without using any plastic protective cover, they drill and the stone fragments are lying all over the bedroom and also mar my bedroom parquet floor when they sweep!

Bad experience. Carre4 airconditioning section is actually belonging to Trends Home Electrical.