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With the advent of Toshiba Carrier Corporation, two great enterprises have joined forces to deliver you the comfort and luxury--at home, at work or on the move. In energy-saving, quality assurance, environmental engineering--indeed in everything to do with airconditioning...Toshiba Carrier Corporation leads in technology and in applying technology to your greatest advantage.

Toshiba has long been respected for its technologically advanced, energy-effecient air conditioner. Carrier, the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of HVAC equipment, has become synonymous with large-scale ventilation systems and refrigeration equipment. Today, these two companies join forces to create Toshiba Carrier Corparation , a new company dedicated to bringing you the best air conditioning products. By drawing on the strengths and technologies of both companies, Toshiba Carrier Corparation will be able to effort a wide range of products from small-scale home air conditioners to large-scale building wide system. Together, we'll bring the best in cool comfort to our customer.


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Toshiba Carrier Corporation
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by TigerzBeer on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

My first aircon in the home was Toshiba. It's been good and lasted 10 years. Only on the 5th or 6th year then need repair.
The installer that do my installation last yr gave good reviews on Toshiba aircon as its compressor was made in Japan that's why more exp compare to the rest.

You may want to research a bit more

by gentoro on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Understood. Its not like everyday we buy hp/tablet and getting tons of reviews/costing. Thanks. I will take note. So far I choose my Tos cos my in-law Tos is still running fairly well for 12yrs at least. Most exp among ME, Pana.

by mrairc on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I like Toshiba .

by maxicoolservices on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Hello Damnedegoist,
For serviceability I would prefer Mitsubishi Electric Starmex or Daikin or Toshiba.
Go get a few quotes and compare the pricing before deciding as certain companies might have promo for certain brands.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

by autumnleaf on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I was considering between Panasonic, Mitsubishi and toshiba but eventually chose toshiba as its the only one still made in Japan ( at least the compressor is) and they are the pioneer in inverter technology. The price is also the same as starmex plus they give 12k and 2x 9k blower where as starmex for this price is 3 x 9k blower.
Another factor is the energy consumption for toshiba is lower among the 3 brands I mentioned

by Dryden28 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Just went to IMM 3rd floor where all the furniture, renovation shops are.
Went to AllBest to buy a Toshiba system 3 inverter for $3298
5 years warrenty for 1x13K, 2x10k blower, compressor and installation
The sales guy told me whole set made in Japan and gave me a $120 servicing voucher done by them.

The attractive part is according to them, they don't outsource their installation. I had very bad experience with previous installer always leak after about 1 year of use.

by autumnleaf on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I bought toshiba system 3 from imm all best at 3298 with extra 5 years warranty on blower parts.

by terumo on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba is quote over priced (IMO)I suggest ME or Daikin.

by cooldudey on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Terumo, I settled for a toshiba inverter sys 3 instead of Starmex because its made in Japan. Price wise same. Is this a good choice?

by touchme on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

What is typical lifespan for aircon system 3/4? My Toshiba 18years going strong. Doing budget for 5year

by tsm on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Hi Terumo,
I need your help/comment on an issue.

Today, my toshiba aircon system 3 all unit cannot be turned on anymore although they are only 2 years old.

Yesterday, one of the unit cannot be turned on. I called my aircon technician to come and check the unit today.

Now all 3 units cannot be turned on as they said due to faulty wiring from fan coil to condenser. Need to change all the three wires for $350!! I asked them what caused them faulty and they said low quality wires!

I was so angry that I suspect that they messed something that caused all unit cannot be turned on where at the first place only one cannot be turned on. I have not engaged them to repair yet as I want to seek second opinion from anyone who has experience similar issue.

Please advise/comment. What actually went wrong? Did they tell the truth?

Thank you very much

by sealle on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba's parts are harder to get compared to other brands. Their design gathers lesser appeal compared to other brands, like Mitsubishi.
You'll have a better chance here.

by kimsim on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

For me I will get Toshiba because condenser is made in japan inverter model.

by wahkao3 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

wa seh, i wanted panasonic inverter

but the height of compressor is 795, my house's window size access to outside ledge is 790

cant even bring out
have to change other brand liao loh!
tink i go toshiba

by Dearboy87 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

3room flat, the old type HDB, the living room is small ba~

kitchen is even bigger.. hahas

Thanks guys~

btw was comparing between toshiba and panasonic.. end up picking toshiba.. despite the sale person saying the the panasonic has the new E-ion purification blablabla~

mm how is toshiba vs panasonic? Wahahas

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

think we should get used to it coz sooner or later, 'everything' is gonna be produced in china.

me? i bought Toshiba, compressor made in japan mah!

seriously i wouldn't be surprised my next air-con would be 100% made-in-china

by erimin5 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I using toshiba made in japan and slightly cheaper den Mitsubishi.

Sales people at quite a few places told me Mitsubishi is priced more exp and popular because of their aggressive marketing campaign.

by Yurikaze on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Good choice, can see the top 3 popular choice are Mitsu MHI or Electric, Toshiba, Panasonic and daikin.

by terumo on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Get Mit, Toshiba or Daikin, juz my views.

by wyx03_2002 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

After a week reading feedbacks from several forums, I decided to pick Toshiba over Mitsubishi Electric for its "made in Japan" label and the drying mode function. Electricity is not a big concern since I on AC only at night 6~8hrs.But, need more advise frm AC gurus here to choose the right setups.

setup 1: RAS-3M20SACV (outdoor, 24K Cooling cap), RAS-M13SKCV (indoor) x2
setup 2: RAS-3M20SACV (outdoor, 24K Cooling cap), RAS-M13SKCV (indoor), RAS-M10SKCV (indoor)

PS: MBR is of typical 4 room flat MBR size. Total AC on time for 2nd room (guest room) in the past 3yrs <50hrs.


by erimin5 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Mine also toshiba and same thing there is water leakage also at the area same as yours

by patrickong2 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Hi All,
I just bought a System 4 from Gain City and it was installed a week ago.

The compressor leaks water as shown below and the servicemen who came from Toshiba says that it is natural / common but I don't think so because I've never seen compressor condensing / leaking water before in my whole life except for single unit window mounted air-con or air-con inside our unit.

Can somebody share with me the situation and what should I do? Please reply to if you have the exact answer so that I could quote and complain to Toshiba again tomorrow.

by LWP6998 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba at 25deg was already quite cooling on a hot afternoon... if your problem is still showing get the serviceman, since just installed should have the warranty... plus installation warrantly too to make sure the pippings are in order

by LWP6998 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Toshiba airconAfter reading thru the threads left by all of you... finally decided on my Aircon and made my move yesterday...

I bought my Aircon from GC...

It's a Toshiba unit..

Compressor is 24000 BTU model - RAS3M20SACV INVERTER. * 1
costing $2739/-

(including full installation(new pipe, new trunking and patching).

Gave me the choice of $250/- voucher (NTUC or robinson i think)
5 years (1+4) warranty by GC. ($359/-)

So i choose the 5yrs warranty to give a peace of mind... if anything spoil, they say will repair, free labour, transports.. blah blah...

I upgrade the piping from the basic to Armaflex (they say is 1/2 inch type). costing $180/-

did not take the servicing package from them as i find it too expensive (something like $70 each time).

Then they were having the promotion.. then my lucky dip gave me yet another $60/- off from the armaflex pipe... so i paid $120/- instead of the original $180/-.

they gave me a lifetime membership too... with 500 + 2800 (each dollar spent is 1 point), therefore is 3300 points (equal to $33/- voucher to offset any future purchase).

they also gave me 28 pieces of Lucky draw coupon... for the F1 race promo stuffs... so if kena lagi worthit... hahah.

(Also help me to dismantle the old Sys 4 at my house, dismantle fee $200/-,
Trade in to GC. $200/-) equal $0/-..

I think that all i could remember off...

So all in all i paid $2859/- in total including GST 7%.

Let me have your comments on my buy....

by LWP6998 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

MHI sys 3 was in my mind too... when did you bought it?

S.M. at GC initially intro this MHI sys 3 to me.. around 2800 plus too...

then when i went to another GC, another S.M told me they received a quite a few complaints on sounds like pss pss sounds dunnno from the sys or the A/c pipe.... can you share if there is any such psss psss sounds?

and intro me to Hitachi... (malaysia made)....

however, Me ended up getting Toshiba... cause all the 3 brands (ME/ MHI and Toshiba), after calculating... M.E used up more $ in electricity than MHI and Toshiba

by chunlianghere on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

oh...ic. only system 1 hav.

yes, Toshiba hav!

by abba77 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

thks everyone here for good info & advise
finally got the toshiba sys-3 non-inverter installed last week.. installing aircon with so many furniture inside was really no joke, like a war zone.. :p

so far so good, the 9k BTU unit is okay for my small 3room flat living room. for the FCU in living room, due to the low ceiling and high door, the gas and water pipe is separated into different trunk - the gas trunk goes upwards above the door, the water trunk goes downwards around the room.

one observation so far is that when the MBR FCU is running on 'quiet' mode, i can hear very soft 'whoo whoo' sound coming out from the trunk (can hear it better when i press my ear to the trunk). has anyone experience this before?

by terumo on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

To: Controller,You shld get Twin compressor brands like Panasonic or Toshiba. These 2 are quite reliable brands.

by sonic on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Can consider Toshiba too

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

hm.. this is strictly my own views k?

i think the old Fujitsu had very slim/small FCU which impeded the the transfer of 'coolness' into the room. The result was cold gas in; cold gas out. And sweating was common, at least for me and another close friend.

GC told me that the newer Fujitsu model has oredi addressed this issue, and for what i see it is larger than the older one.

but one bad experience was enough for me... i went for Toshiba.

What about Daikin? Have you enquire the price for it?

by sonic on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I also using Toshiba System 2 smae FCU as you. Installed last year Oct by Gaincity.
My masterbed room trunking is before FCU and common room cannot see trunking at all..
Will post photo if I free tomorrow..

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

if you pair up with 3 FCU with a 20k BTU toshiba inverter, your full load COP is slightly higher than the Mitsubishi unit whereas part load, it is Mitsubishi which is significantly higher.

Toshiba RAS-3M20SACV: 4 ticks; 5.81kW cooling capacity; Full Load COP 3.43; Part Load COP 4.44

Mitsubishi E MXY-3A28VA: 4 ticks; 7.31kW cooling capacity; Full Load COP 3.36; Part Load COP 5.17

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

hi fellas...

i pass by GC today... so I went to check... yes apparently price went up... it's $3729 for Toshiba Inverter Sys-4 now.

while i got it at $3589... should be early last month bah.

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I'm also a recently customer of GC and I also got a TOSHIBA Aircon.
My previous air/con trunkings were sweating a lot, and i wasn't sure if it was due to bad product or installation.

Anyhow, when the thermistor and subsequently the PCB broke down within 5 years, I decided to change.

Went GC and decided on a Toshiba Inverter Sys-4. Upgraded the copper to G22, and insulation to 3/4" (!!!).

Removal and installation of trunkings/pipes took 2 days! It was like renovation all over again! Nightmare!

But i think it was worth it... very satisfied with both product and installation.

by tazzi80 on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

Just had my aircon changed last friday by Gaincity. Bought the Toshiba system 3 non inverter. 2 person came at around 10 and finished at around 4pm. Just try to cover your furniture as much as possible and remove all those small small items to an area where you can close the door as it would be quite dusty, especially if they are going to drill holes around the house. Don't really need to move those big items furniture, unless its right underneath the aircon then I would strongly recommend you move, cause would be very dirty beneath the aircon.

For mine I actually used back all my old trunking cause I don't want them to destroy all my false ceiling as well if they were to tear down and change the new trunking, so that might be your consideration if your trunking is not by itself currently. 1 trip should be enough, as least for me cause you only have to clean up 1 time.

by mihoger on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

juz bought toshiba system 2(RAS3m20SACV) inverter upgrade Copper 23 to 22 and ARMFLX 1/2"

but cost about S$3078!! from GC..

seems very costly!!

by devilrazor on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

ya man quite ex sia... my mitsubishi heavy industries system 3 inverter cost $2850 only

but i heard toshiba aircon quite good

wanted to buy toshiba one but my dad already bought mitsubishi liao

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

hi all,
yesterday i went ahead and paid for a new system-4.

Got Toshiba Inverter System-4 (10-10-10-16), upgrade to thicker insulation and copper pipes and a 5-year extended warranty for ~$4400!

Too exp? It was ~$3600 before the various upgrades: ~$400 for thicker insulation and copper pipes; and ~$400 for 4 more years of warranty.


Got Toshiba coz their Compressor Unit is made in japan, and then i found out the staffs themselves are using Toshiba in their homes.

by thesingingbard on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

hi, my Fujitsu (AOY36VMNM4) of less than 5 years is giving me problem again.
This time, it's the PCB. Now one of my FCU doesn't have any refrigerant pumped into it. Sianz.

Think I'm going to change it soon, coz as predicated by the Air-Con guy, things are slowly failing. double-sianz.

I thinking of Toshiba (coz my parent's place uses it for over 15 years! and it's still working! a bit rusted though), and apparently they're the only ones which still have their compressors made in Japan.

Anybody got good recommendation? Any other brands made in japan?

by sonic on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

I just gotten Gain City to installed my Toshiba System 2.They are providing 3 years installation warranty for all installation from Aug 2008.

Was told by the Tech that to leave the power on for the compressor unit.
If off, got to on for 5min before switching on the fan coil & some resetting going on..

I actually on use the aircon at night time for few hrs, so think 'always on' not needed..

I just wondering will the compressor wasting electricity if on at all time?

by iMbEst on Toshiba Carrier Corporation

dunno why so many people buy the 3 diamond brand, i think it's due to advertisement.
Panasonic and other brands are producing much better quality aircon FYI.....