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Here at The Air Consultancy, we aren't just a company. 

We're a bunch of friends, fed-up with the needless complexities of  the present state of air-conditioning sales.

We hated walking into a physical store, only to be engulfed by difficult jargon and complex configurations! We disliked the .... feeling we could have gotten more for less. We definitely weren't fans of the hidden costs that seem to pile up as we went along.

Why should buying an air-conditioner be so difficult, and confusing?

 So, we decided to change the way air-conditioners were being sold --- we wanted to be able to see nett prices; to be able to do a fair comparison of products; to go beyond the confusing terms of 'BTUs, FCUs, CUs, kWs, Inverters, HPs, etc' and to give information to the discerning consumer in a way that was easy to understand.

We wanted competitive prices and immaculate workmanship. We wanted honesty and quality.

The Air Consultancy isn't a company --- We are an Ideal.

Without the financial burden of a physical space, we are able to translate that to saved earnings for you, the discerning consumer. Our website serves to provide you with the information you need, at your convenience, limited only to your own availability.

Our friendly consultants are always eager to advise you on your air-conditioning needs, taking into account your preferences and budget. Here, you are guaranteed quality service and affordable prices!

The Air Consultancy --- We're not just a company.


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The Air Consultancy LLP
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 8 reviews
by Sivasamy Murugayah on The Air Consultancy LLP

Well done keep it really cool

by SuanEng Tan on The Air Consultancy LLP

Joel did a damn solid job. One of the best customer service ever. He went on the extra mile to identify my problem without even charging me. Finally his team did a fantastic job fixing my air con. Good customer service. Cheap. Efficient.

by Charmaine Ong on The Air Consultancy LLP

Great, speedy and dedicated service! Definitely the company to engage for aircon services!

by Veronica Liaw on The Air Consultancy LLP

Great job done. Very happy with the team. Will tecommend to others.

by Jery Lin Guolun on The Air Consultancy LLP

Friendly staff, job well done. Responsible and great advise by them. Definitely recommend to new BTOs!!

by YL Kow on The Air Consultancy LLP

Reliable, good servicing and value for money! Highly recommended

by Yong Yao Guang on The Air Consultancy LLP

Signed a servicing package with thaddeus and received the friendliest response and service from him. Unlike others, this company focuses on providing the most appropriate service for your air conditioners without over charging and including unnecessary services. Servicing session was prompt as well, I called in on Saturday night and arranged for a Monday servicing, there were no delays despite such last minute notice over a weekend. Highly recommended!

by Adidah Ali Majal on The Air Consultancy LLP