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Established in 2009 concentrating in air conditioning, Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering has gradually grown to be the preeminent designer, supplier, installer, servicer and repairer of all types of Air Conditioning systems. We focus on international quality air-conditioning for both commercial and domestic use.

Mitsubishi Electric / Panasonic / Daikin / Toshiba / LG Aircon Systems.


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Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering
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by CCCustom on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

The above piping work was done by them.
And then I decided to ask Ah Boon on Whatsapp (because he doesn't answer the phone ) about the possibility of changing to either 5-tick Starmex or to Urusara or Envi, or whether I'm stuck with my original choice of 2-tick Starmex.

Msg sent early evening, he read the msg late evening, 2 blue ticks ... no reply.

Next afternoon sent another msg ... "do let me know pls, tks" ... he read it late evening, 2 blue ticks ... no reply.

Srsly? Business so good until don't even want to reply after reading? How to trust their after-sales service when they're already like that before the final sales concluded? I'm wondering if I should just pay them for the piping work already done and find someone else to do the fancoils.

by rcastro on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Just a review for Aron and Boon (Star Cool Air-conditioning) after the installation of a system-4 (Mitsubishi Electric Inverter System (5 ticks) - MXY4G28, MSXYFJ18VE and 3 x MSXYFJ10VE) on 3rd of March to replace my 15-year old system-3. Firstly, Boon came to do a site visit on the 20th Feb, fresh from his CNY holidays. Boon does not talk too much. But, he talks sense though and knows what he's doing. I was pleased on his suggested pipe routing after I asked him to change the current route! Boon visit lasted only for a few minutes but I was happy 🙂 To compare Star Cool's quote, I requested for 3 more quotes from different installers. I even visited the biggest one (G*) as they have an ongoing CNY promo. Price quoted (nett) by Star Cool is actually more than another installer in this site but it is cheaper than offered by G*. The other 2 quotes are so much expensive and are charging $60 to do a site survey (Star Cool is FOC). I chose Star Cool even if they are not the cheapest because of the reviews in this site and FB about the quality of their installation. They did not disappoint! Although, it is still too early to tell if there are issues such as leaks, I can say that: 1.) They (3 of them including Boon) work so quick - started at around 10:30am and completed at 4:00pm! 2.) The routing was impressive and better than I have expected. 3.) They work so tidy - left my flat as clean as can be! I will post again some reviews after a few months. I hope I am still a happy and satisfied customer by then 🙂

by Brandon Xue on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Had my system 3 aircon done up 2 weeks ago by Ah Boon & Team. Verdict: Impressive Job, Highly Professional and Highly Recommended ! Got Aron and Ah Boon contact from this forum. Was deciding between 3 companies: GC, Imperial and Star Cool (Aron & Ah Boon) and finally decided to go ahead with them. Liasing with Aron was very swift and his response is very fast, reply within a day. On the day of installation, Ah boon and his team arrived on time at around 11am. After all their stuff are up at my unit, Ah Boon double confirmed with me the layout of the piping while his team of 2 other workers started to tear down my old aircon and piping. Everything was very swift and fast. Ah boon and his team did not waste time chatting or using their phone etc... during installation. (Ah Boon's phone was ringing with calls and SMS and yet he did not answer or reply while doing installation. Now i know why Ah Boon's reply is slow, please bear with him and it's worth the wait to get his service.) Their lunch was fast in less than 30 minutes and started working immediately after eating. By around 5pm, installation was all complete and they left at around 6pm after cleaning up. Piping was very neat and workmanship was impressive as compared to my previous installation by another Big Company. From enquiry to installation was around 2 weeks and I'm glad i've waited for their services.

by panasonicuser on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Hi all i have just done up panasonic sys 2 and sys 3 with Ah boon - Starcool. Ah boon take his time to explain how the big trunking going to run. Which is different from other big player that i have used previously. Ah boon in fact come down few trips to settle my AC. Overall was a good and positive experience with them. Highly recommend!! ps: I am a house owner looking for best deal and is not related to them in anyway. Just a happy and satisfied sharing my honest comments.

by binzz on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Want to pen some words of recommendation, although replies are slow, do give them a day or 2 more but the pricing is good, the work they do is good. Got from Aron and ah boon Mitsubishi 3 + 2 system for my 5 room resale HDB, they gave good recommendation on the best way to run trunking, also gave alternatives if u do not like the original suggestion. Clear up their stuffs after finishing.. Very punctual on the given appointment! Ah boon is the one installing, so u deal with the same person quoting and completing your job.. Do keep up the good work.. Thanks.

by jan11 on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Contacted Aron. He directed me his working partner Ah Boon to me. A quiet and humble chap, he made the site surveying and fixed up my ME Starmex Sys 3. Last phase of installation was done on 24/6/14 by him and the other 2 guys. Process was swift although they were quiet but they knew what they were doing. I would highly recommend it 4.5/5.0 in terms of anything. I am not affiliate with them and my invoice number is 3185. Lastly I would like to thank Ah Boon for his help and I wish him and his family in great health. (U may need great patience for the appointment date with them and sometimes they will reply u late)

by james_prawn on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Read about Aron/Ah Boon here and engaged them for a Panasonic Air-Con. As Aron was away, I comms with Ah Boon over email and sms. He was quite responsive. Ah Boon and his colleague came by to install the unit about a week ago. No nonsense and no wasting of time, very proficient and prompt. They took about 6 hours to remove the old set and install the new system with fresh pipes and housing. Waited to see if there were any installation issues over the past week before writing this. So far, everything is good! Some may be wary of my feedback as this is my first post, so I uploaded some pictures here. Air-con installation

by forest0809 on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

I recommend StarCool aircon by Aron. Price I think is the cheapest in town, workmanship is excellent. Only thing I can comment is that sometimes difficult to contact them because maybe they are busy for a lot of projects. But overall, they did a great job.

by Broker on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Recently i engaged the services of Aron/Ah Boon to install a system 4 in my new flat. Although Ah Boon was hard to contact via phone, he will always reply to your email/sms. Afterall he is the installer and i too would rather he concentrate on the installation than having to answer calls. Received the aircon quotation and i didn't even have to think twice to engage them, due to the fact that i didn't have to bargain for the upgrade of materials unlike others. My contractor even told me a few of her customers had also engaged their services and have not had any problems. Everything went smooth after the pipe laying but i had to request for them to install my aircon units urgently because of my bed delivery that is due soon and i can't hold it back(for some reasons..) he accomodate to my request even though it was very last minute to reschedule and i truly apologise for it! Installation of the aircon units were quick and fast, no rework needed and everything just went smooth. Highly recommend Aron/Ah Boon services for both price and workmanship.

by Why2912 on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

Hi all, My feedback on Aron is that they are very prompt, professional and provides good advice and service. Installation was really very good compared to the vendor I've initially engaged. They really make sure things gets done nicely. Aron even took the initiative to check with me on when I want my AC units to be up months after the pipping was done up as I've not contacted him since then. Highly recommended.

by ne0mesis on Star Cool Air-Condition Engineering

<**whitefantasy said: Quoted by Gain City on Panasonic Non-Inverter System 3 model CU-3C20KKZ / CS-C9KKZW x 3 S$1979 inclusive of SS bracket + $100 NTUC voucher. Will be using existing aircon piping & insulation so get additional S$150 off. Btw any bros & sis here using this model currently. Can feedback pls. Is it noisy as compare to other brands like Carrier, Mitsubishi or Toshiba. TIA**> hey there.. hope am nt too late to spread the gd news ard! got my pana sys 3 non-invert with upgrades from aron at the jurong east roadshow cheaper than above and more NTUC voucher than above. haha.. it really sweetens the deal now.btw, i did a check at found out that at "all best" still can get you cheaper but knowing how "good" the workmanship and service is, I cam running back aron to close the deal! ha