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SKY BLUE AIRCON ENGINEERING PTE LTD started in "YEAR 1998" and have become a well established company that has built up an enviable reputation over all these years specializing in air conditioning system installation and servicing maintenance. No job is too small for us. Our installations and servicing maintenance are all backup by our excellent sales service and technical staff with full support from the manufacturers on parts warranty.



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Sky Blue Aircon Engineering
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by Angelina88 on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

I called the Sky Blue aircon to service one of the unit during January. First they went outside and dun know what they did with the condenser. Then, they just took out the 2 pieces of filter & washed it then wipe the surface of the aircon with the cloth. (They did not dismantle the fan coil and clean it) After that they told me the aircon not cold and need gas top up. I did not agreed as the aircon coolness is fine. They even use my bathroom to drain their vaccum cleaner (work from others, they never use it in my unit) without my permission!I called Gain City. They checked & show me that the gas volume was zero and the meter even showed negative! They said more likely is a gas leak but i still asked them to top up to full. That cost me $100.Within a month the aircon is not so cool again so I called Gain City to do a check. Now they said will send a experienced senior technician. The technician checked with a meter and found the gas had already fallen to only 20cc. He concluded there is a gas leak in piping. He suggested replacing the whole system 3 unit. He only charged $10 for transport.It is a 10 year old system 3 unit. The gas leaking unit is quite heavily use like 16 to 18 hours a day during weekdays and non stop from Friday afternoon to Monday morning for the pass 1 year as it is occupied by a student. The other 2 units is like brand new as seldom use. I cannot replaced just 1 unit as there is no more space for another single unit condensor.The technician said new system 3 unit will cost $3000 to $4000.

by sundaymorningstaple on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

What ever you do, don't use Blue Sky!
Do a search of the forums, there have been discussion on here before regarding aircon servicemen.

by sim1310 on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

I wish I had read this before we signed on with Sky Blue. We signed a year-long contract with these rude, inept morons. I complained twice about one guy in particular and told them I did not want him to come back to my home but they still sent the same rude pig .I can list off all the grievances I have woth this company but one example is, the aircon in our TV room broke down and they said it would take 2 months for the part to be shipped in. I was complaining to a friend and she suggested her guy who came out and had the aircon back up and running after 2 days. Our Sky Blue contract ran out in January and they had the nerve to call to schedule another service and I gladly told them to stick it.This guy who services our aircon now is a rare find, honest, reliable and actually cleans the systems. He is always on time and any time I need him to come out he will usually try to get there the same day. I have recommended him to friends and everyone has great feedback. If you want this guy’s details send me an email.For those considering Sky Blue steer clear of these shonks.

by snoodelweiss on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

I used to have that bad experience with Sky Blue as well. And one of the aircon technicians was so rude. They insist that the aircon in the Master's Room needed to be overhauled but when I asked another technician from another company, he said there is no problem with the aircon. The first time Sky Blue came, they said my condenser had a similar problem like yours. Tsk tsk tsk.Finally, I have found a reliable aircon service company now and worth all the money I paid because I have seen them do the cleaning and now my aircon is soooo cool, in fact the technician is the owner himself so he takes care of all his customers' needs. But with Sky Blue, I Will never sign a contract with them again or call them ever.

by Dave Sebastian on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

Wow - glad to know this discussion as we experienced exactly the same thing with Sky Blue. We moved in to Singapore about 2-yr ago and the first year we had aircon maintenance contract with Dowell. No issue with all of the aircons during the maintenance period.Once the contract expired, we saw the flyer from Sky Blue that is distributed in our condominium and decided to try them. The first visit the Sky Blue technician said that the external condenser is very dirty and needed chemical cleaning. He said all of the condensers were dirty but one is especially risky that seriously need chemical cleaning (I recall he mentioned it would cost about $500-$600). We did not agree as the aircon that he mentioned of having an issue is actually a guest room that we rarely used (thus the least used aircon in our house) and therefore we did not agree w/ chemical cleaning. The technician was not too happy and said that he does not want to be accountable if there is anything w/ aircon as we do not heed to his advice.Actually aircon in the room in question became "warm" instead. We complained to Sky Blue office but their first response was not believing what we said and one of their managers (not sure but seems like the higher level) got involved and they sent a number of different technicians to "fix" the aircon. The aircon back to normal and Sky Blue charged us about $120 for "fixing" the aircon (slightly more than the normal maintenance charge). Frankly we're not sure of what they did. For sure we really don't want to deal with Sky Blue anymore after that. We have been living in Japan for many years before coming here (and several other countries before that) and did aircon service once every few years & never encountered any issue.We used Cool Master to service our aircons after that based on recommendation from fellow expatriate in the condominium and there has been no issue with the aircons so far.

by mules on Sky Blue Aircon Engineering

OMG, i was wondering whether anyone had the same experience with Sky Blue. we didn't sign a contract with them, but knew it was time for an aircon service and called Sky Blue. They told us the same exact issue, that they all needed chemical treatment and to be regassed it was going to cost $1500 for the 5 aircons. I agreed to 2 of them, the ones with the most usage being done and with their servicing of all the others I paid $900 all up.A few weeks later, I was told by others in our condo thet were told the same thing and people have been paying upwards of $1000 with them. Our condo is only about 2-3 years old, so why all the aircons need such serious treatment.About 2 months after above treatment, one of the aircons chemically treated broke down and the other one also chemically treated started leaking a few weeks after. They came out to take a look again as they were still under service warranty and told me they needed another clean (and another payment). I refused. They then said the one which had broken down needed a new computer board at a cost of $1200. I kicked them out of the apartment, rang our landlord who put us onto another company to come and take a look as to why they were leaking and not working. Both were fixed quickly at a cost to our landllord who covered it given the prior problems at $80, no new board needed.On top of that Sky Blue stuck their stickers all over our aircons both inside the apartment and on the outside units without asking. They also spam our condo with flyers weekly.Avoid them at all cost (literally).