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Samsung Singapore
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by carlover76 on Samsung Singapore

No thanks for Samsung or Korea Aircon, they will not be as reliable as Japanese Aircon.
I was told from one of the sales staff in Gain City that Samsung Aircon is made in China and that is why they advise their customer to take Midea Aircon instead of Samsung since both are made in China but Samsung is more expensive than Midea.

by smoothtalker on Samsung Singapore

ME TOO! Samsung is very jia lat. the aircon is cheap but the official servicing company is a outsource local company. my samsung aircon not even cold.. set to 16 also not cold. then the repair man came and smoke me deep deep. tell me inverter not as cold. tell me all the rubbish. then i du lan i go straight compaint up. they change the unit but damaged all my insulation and tried to smoked me say everyone also fix aircon this way. Samsung and their service team is really mediocre.
i really cannot tahan i finally got a mitsubishi inverter. Mitsubishi super good. aircon remote 27 degree as cold as samsung 16 degree

by richard_lim on Samsung Singapore

I was somewhat luckier. Bought Samsung System 4 in October, had it installed in last December. We usually used one 1 of 4 rooms at a time. In May, we discovered one of the room (which we used before) was no longer cool.
The service guy came and finally diagnose a mainboard problem. They have no parts on hand. After bugging them for 1~2 months, they finally offered to exchange my outdoor comopressor FOC.

Now OK. Was lucky the fault developed in the first year. Had the same expensive compressor trick happen in my last Daikin aircon - so I routinely decline the 5-year warranty as a gimmick. Daikin charged me $580 to change a compressor under their 5-year warranty also - some gobbledygook about free compressor but $500 labor!

In this regard, Samsung is no worse than the next guy. This time around, I figured I should convert my 5-year warranty to $300~400 cash discount and then pay for it upfront when the time comes... Did this at Gain City.

The only disadvantage to my Samsung is that the compressor is a bit taller than normal. Could pose a problem if you have extra low window sill - OK in my case. No problem with noise, even though the compressor is mounted immediately outside the MBR window.

by terumo on Samsung Singapore

To Printy,
I do not suggest Samsung aircon.

by shawnsoh80 on Samsung Singapore

I have very bad experience with Samsung aircon. The moment it was installed, the aircon is weak and compressor very noisy. My house was vacant for 3 months after aircon installation. Immediately 13 months after installation the aircon delay burnt (means I only use for 10 months actually). Samsung agent repair is very expensive so I got others to repair. 6 months after repair the capacitor and compressor spoil. Compressor got 5 years warranty so it's free but the checking fee and workmanship for changing compressor is $350 before GST! Including capacitor repair total is around $500! The Samsung agent seemed very honest and told me not worth it to get it repaired. What a lemon. Stay away from Samsung aircon. Now i'm going to buy Mit electric inverter.

by bravobb on Samsung Singapore

Just like to share my experience.
Bought Panasonic system 3 non-inverter from Gaincity almost 2 years liao.. bundled with 3 years half-yearly servicing.. so far so good. Price was around $2,100 that time. Total BTU is 18,000. Energy consumption is 2 ticks.

Recently installed a new Samsung system 1 inverter unit for living room from Courts. Costs me $1,700 with 5yrs extended warranty. BTU is 20,000. Can cool my 5-rm living room to 25 degree in less than an hour. Energy consumption is 4 ticks.

So in summary, total damage for 4 Aircon units and 2 compressor is close to 4K.

Have fun sourcing around !

by zen131 on Samsung Singapore

never use a samsung brand before...but heard that many bad feedbacks on condenser unit

by chercm on Samsung Singapore

crap is samsung air con , dun touch it

by Victor7296 on Samsung Singapore

Korean aircon technology has no comparison with the Japanese Aircon technology. Of course, the Korean price is cheaper than the Japanese for it to sell. I have suffered for 3 years with using LG System 3 non-inverter aircon. LG really CMI. LG really sucks.
Buy Korean aircon at your own risk.

by sunset73 on Samsung Singapore

Hi bro, you can try getting LG or samsung systems. Pretty cheap, and most people get it, when they are renting their flat out. Reliability wise, is another question.

by Innocast on Samsung Singapore

no good, want to buy, buy popular brand like mitsubishi or daikin better

by ginnah on Samsung Singapore

my samsung air con recently spoilt.
when i turn it on, it just off immediately. the LED light keep flashing. I call samsung service centre, they said the repair work may cost 100-200 + 50 for labour cost.

any recommended technician for repairing the aircon?