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Some questions you may have:

What happens after filling up the form?

We will post a quotation request on TenderBoard, a platform that serves businesses in Singapore. Once the deadline is up, we will send you the bids by Air-con companies via email. Do keep a look out for the email in your inbox! After you have made your choice, contact the company directly and get in touch with them. Don’t forget to leave a review on our site, we would really appreciate your help in enabling others to make better decisions.

How is it competitive?

Our quotation request system is powered by TenderBoard. Your quotation request appears as a tender that Air-con companies can submit bids on. These bids are then sent back to you via email for evaluation. By utilizing a tendering system to receive bids, we ensure that you get the best possible price and value.

Are the prices quoted guaranteed?

Providing us with as much details and pictures of the problem as possible allows the Air-con companies and services to prepare accurate proposals. However, the quotations provided by the companies are not guaranteed, they may require a proper inspection on-site to assess the situation better. For example, there may be other issues that may not be obvious . The Air-con company you select will perform a site survey and inform you if an adjustment in price is necessary. Of course, you are also free to request for more than 1 company to perform the site survey. If you feel that any company has misrepresented their quotations severely, please let us know.

Do I need to pay for this service?

Nope, it is free for you to request for quotations through us! Do remember to leave a review and let us know how the company you engaged did.

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