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Since the founding of our company in 1918, we at Panasonic have been providing better living for our customers, always making "people" central to our activities, and thus focusing on "people's lives." Going forward as well, based on our innovative electronics technology, we will provide a wide variety of products, systems, and services, ranging from consumer electronics products to industrial devices, building products, and housing. In various spaces and areas, such as homes, communities, businesses, journeys and automobiles, we will continue to work hard to offer new value for better living, and help realize "A Better Life, A Better World" for each individual customer.


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My sister using Panasonic never heard her complain leh. Maybe she lucky or blur lor. But their function really good!

Panasonic, Europace are some 'bang for the bucks' brandsSent from my Rice phone using GAGT

I bought the new 4 tick model sys2 panasonic aircon from qoo10 after discount for $1849 with bracket and standard insulation. So far working well.

Fujitsu got some issue, please stay away it.If wanna cheaper now then go with Pana is the right choice.

I recently bought Panasonic system 4 from Gain City last month. Was given $200 NTUC voucher/$240 Gain city voucher and one panasonic microwave oven.Overall usage: Very cool. with just 26 degree, it already feels so cold that i have to wear T-shirt at home (usually i dun). With nanoe & Econavi Airpurifying feature, i also feels that i dun have sinus problem while using my old LG one.

To lightchaser,Can consider Panasonic, value for $.

Ya Pana more value for money

LG like a black mirror series of the design very cold and nice all flat.But realiable & long runs, still prefer you go with Daikin , Mit Starmex or Pana model.To be solve your trouble in future.

Hi guys i bit the bullet and got a Panasonic Inverter System 3.Total spent $3788I think this is on the high side.Breakdown:$3039 for 2x 9K BTU and 1x 12K BTU blower.$99 Extended Warranty$150 Steel Bracket$180 Upgrade to 1/2 insulation and 23 to 22 Copper piping.$320 installation of 15AMP Socket and Testing.I think the warranty and Upgrade could have been waived off on any given day. And the 15AMP socket is too expensive. I planned to spend $3.4 and ended up with $3.8. What do you guys think?

People say Panasonic. My Mitsubishi Electric aircon break down three times in last 4 weeks. After purchase Service also useless.

My 3 years old Panasonic Inverter CS-S9KKZW has been a constant nightmare. This is my first time using Panasonic and Inverter air-conditioning unit. It is a 18,000 BTU, 2 split system unit.1. Need help with Panasonic? Need to call them? Check out their website Panasonic Singapore and try to find their contact number. It cannot be found. There is no Contact Us on the main page. You gotta keep clicking in their product until you finally see the Contact Us icon. Salvation finally? NO. Click on it and it leads you back to their main page.2. You need to clean it almost every 3 months professionally (not taking out the filters to wash), or it won't be cold. You start to feel that 24degree isn't as cold, and you have to get the same temp at 23degree, then all the way till 21degree for the same coldness. I had never use an air-con that need to be clean so often.Is this a Panansonic issue or Inverter issue or e-ion issue? No one has an answer, just speculations through experiences.3. The freaking warranty is only for 1 year. Even a table fan has 1 year. But $2000 over dollars of air con system only 1 year?4. It a 2 split system. 1 unit is rarely use in the past 3 years (maybe a few times a month), 1 is used daily. Now I got an error code H36 "Outdoor gas pipe thermistor error". I google it and found quite a number of problem with this gas pipe and gas leak problem with Panansonic models.5. This is a common problem. Repairs and services. $40 for labour and $20 for transport. A minimum of $60 charge. Then it is subjected to their 3rd party contract to diagnose the problem. If tell you this gotta change and that gotta change. You LL pay for each part additionally.6. The earliest repair appointment is 8 days later. The call centre person still can say proudly that they are fully booked until next week. So I questioned, your air-con consumers are having so much problems that you are book for a week on repairs? She still got the cheek to ask 'Yes'.So to all prospective buyers, the decision is yours. A more reliable brand name is more important than fancy features and design. Most ppl don't use the new features, and even if they do, they feel minimum difference. You wouldn't want electronics in your home (new or not) to keep breaking down one by one, or have a lifespan only equivalent to its warranty.

some recommendations are biased,especially coming out from those you are buying from. because those they recommend give them the highest margin.i think i'm safe to say now the recommended inverted brands in sg are daikin and mitsubishi electric starmex. i'm using panasonic for about 4yrs+,only servicing once or i think panasonic is also ok.workmanship is impt as well,they must use thicker piping for 401a refrigerant else any inverter brand u buy also spoil easily.

This year Panasonic Inverter Model got many complaint at the outdoor P.C.B . Better look for Daikin or Mit , Toshiba

Coz panasonic got give voucher to the contractor . For Panasonic invertor air con got many complaint at the outdoor P.C.B

Panasonic provides good quality air, Daikin provides durability. Mitsubishi and Samsung are ok as far as I can tell. I would recommend inverter units from Panasonic or Daikin. Courts and Gain City should be good places to look at. Coolserve is pretty good too.

no to York and mcquay. Me then Pana then dakin.

Actually when u r there they will give you contact of their sub contractors. Can be anyone from Gain City to Ah Seng AC.For me I don't take Daikin anymore due to the experience I had. Also the design of the blower unit is not simple enuff. Awhile back they used soft rubber or silicon for the wind vains... for what I wonder and the black mold attach to it like super glue. Hard plastic just wipe clean. Also inside all kinds of clips...if AH Seng AC come do...sure clips broken. Things like that.I would on other hand take Panasonic. Sometimes don't take what salesman say...they have commission and targets so depending when....they say diff things.

my pansonic inverter aircon still going strong ..its is 13years old now !!

Saw on papers courts have this Panasonic 3199 including 5yr extended warranty and 100 grocery voucher. Good deal for those who want peace of minf

Came back to this thread to take a look on behalf of a friend. Just realised it's been about 2.5 years since I changed to my Panasonic non-inverter system 3 from Natural Cool (my previous post is somewhere here). Other than routine filter and fan self cleaning, haven't had the aircon maintained or washed since then (certain family issues, my parent doesn't like outsiders in my home). I made the mistake of accidentally spraying water into the circuit board area of my FCU and now the Eco Patrol LED no longer works, but the operation is not affected and the unit seems to be going strong.If there is anything that Panasonic could do better, it could be fan cleaning. The fan is a b**ch to clean.On the strength of my recommendation, my gf also had slightly newer system 2 version of my aircon (this one has Eco Navi) installed by same company last year.Our systems are configured to only 9k BTU for our rooms but both have no problem freezing the room within 15 mins even on this sunny afternoon.So, yes, if anyone asks about either of those 2 brand names I mentioned, I would recommend.

Thank for your reply I read and found out that quite a lot of Panasonic user complaining so I skip that brand out. So Sharp not good?

for me 1st:daikin 2nd:mit 3rd:pana same like all senior say :how much you pay,what thing you get.

To itsmylife82,If u r considering LG, i will suggest Panasonic within the same price range which is better in terms of qualtiy. (IMO)

Piping if there is no leaking (gas) and water condensation issues, i feel that you can use back.MHI n Panasonic, I prefer Panasonic in terms of price/quality.

to ninja_tuner,Panasonic not bad. A value for money aircon brand.missyevo, average lifespan around 5 to 7 years.

$2.5k, u may consider Panasonic. Maybe maybe exceed ur budget by $200+, but IMO is better then e brand u intend to purchase.

Just like to share my experience.Bought Panasonic system 3 non-inverter from Gaincity almost 2 years liao.. bundled with 3 years half-yearly servicing.. so far so good. Price was around $2,100 that time. Total BTU is 18,000. Energy consumption is 2 ticks.Recently installed a new Samsung system 1 inverter unit for living room from Courts. Costs me $1,700 with 5yrs extended warranty. BTU is 20,000. Can cool my 5-rm living room to 25 degree in less than an hour. Energy consumption is 4 ticks.So in summary, total damage for 4 Aircon units and 2 compressor is close to 4K.Have fun sourcing around !

I would recommend Daikin, MIT Electric and Panasonic. Panasonic is cost effective among the 3 brands.

I get bothI stick to Panasonic econavi inverter.

sorry juz to correct TS.. national is panasonic previous name those working in panasonic will know if they undergo their orentation which they intro their company history.. Panasonic Corporation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaNational i heard from alot of my friend is a good aircon.. can last pretty long.. U saw those old model aircon in those shop houses.. some of them are national and still working.

Should be same model. I can't find the thread now at RT which a forumer complains abt this brand inverter type also installed by GC last year. I hv noise issues with the Pana non-inverter system and need to replace with another brands. Their technicians and staffs asked me not to choose that brand lor. Well if the compressor not installed outside your window or near to your bed, maybe no big issue. And if they send you qualified experience & responsible technicians who are able to do an excellent installation then i think should be quite safe too.Good Luck!

Are you using Panasonic Inverter?I have no problem with Panasonic, and I find them very good to use

I also feel that my Panasonic is not that cold or powerful as compared with Mitsubishi. This would mean switching to lower temperature to get more colling which in turn leads to higher consumption.So all in all, I should have decided on the Mitsubishi in the first place.....sigh.

i nvt trust pxnx, a lot of ppl still choose it becos of the reputation of nxtionxl brand last time. but the quality of p and n now are not the same

told ya, pana cmi.more nitemare waiting for u.

My friend has a Panasonic. After a while, it gave away some smell. Terrible smell.

It seems like it is awlays a choice between daikin, mitsubishi and panansonic. And daikin though expensive seems to have many fans.

Panasonic is giving NTUC Voucher now, so it should be the better choice during promotion time

I am using non-inverter CU-20KKZ system 3 and since i only on masterbedroom daily at night. Previously was using Carrier non-inverter for ard 5 years plus and compressor not noisy at all. Even their fancoil also quiet as compared to the Panasonic one. But for the panasonic fancoil the sound still acceptable but i cannot tahan the compressor drumming sound even can hear clearly after the window is closed.

Sigh..... Gain City installation again? Me also got noisy compressor since Day 1 but panasonic brand. Are you re-using existing piping or new pipe installed by them? Not sure if you got the same installation group as me, the senior one call Ah Yong.

hey bro.. that is the most absurd thing I ever heard...Inverter supposed to be quiet, I'm not sure whether yours are caused by LG brand or lousy Gaincity people... Anyway I have banned Gaincity for aircon related matters.. They are very unprofessional, unreachable and 1 month in advance for any aircon service.... They still owe me 40 dollars for "service fee" that spoilt my 2.5y aircon eventually.... Now I am using Panasonice System 2 installed by Coolserve, and I have never been happier

Hmmm..... last time i using Carrier non-inverter i think it is fixed temp & i do not experience the cut in & out at all. It is also very quiet during operation for both indoor & outdoor unit. So not sure why panasonic set are like that & rather disappointing.

Panasonic Inverster System 2 InstalledPrevious LG usage: 16 - 20kW every nightCurrent usage: 5-7kW every nightExpected savings: 60% electric bill! Woohoo!!!

I really regretted choosing Panasonic non-inverter aircon! It is so noisy as compared to my previous 5 years plus Carrier brand.

My aircon man told me the Korean brands are not reliable and they get very noisy after two years. Panasonic is made in Malaysia. Go for Daikin or Mitsubishi as they are renowned for aircon.

To be honest, it is very difficult to guage. Last time, I was using a casement aircon but 4 months ago, I changed to a non-inverter Panasonic. The electricity bills did go down by a hundred dollars or so, taking into account that I switched on everyday for at least 8 hours compared to 5 hours last time with the fan as well.

I am using Panasonic non-inverter. Not fantastic. My friends told me to use Daikin and I have also heard favorable things about Daikin form my colleagues. I will get that for my new house

Daikin, Mitsubishi, Pansonic or nothing.

I got a System-2 4 months ago and I went for Panasonic. I did some price comparisons and went to many places. Courts offered very good deal but i chose Etronin, a HDB electrical shop at Bedok that offered me good price. So far, I felt that it could be better. Sometimes, when I turned it on at 16 degree, it was not cold after a while. i wondered whether I have bought the wrong brand.

Panasonic is a good brand I feel. Used to own a lot of National products which is a sub brand of Panasonic and they are known to be of good quality and are very durable.As for choosing a non-invertor is cos we dun have the habit of switching on the aircon everyday. Old folks cannot take the coldness and I'm not home half of the month. While there will be definitely savings in terms of electricity in the long term if I picked the invertor, I'm not sure if my family can recoup the start-up costs b4 the aircon up lorry. An invertor aircon's price is still quite high compared to non-invertor models.In terms of the aircon, it's very quiet which is impt to me as I'm a light sleeper. I set the temperature at 25 degrees when I sleep at nite and its sufficiently cold to give me a comfortable night of rest. Just nice with my comforter over me

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