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Natural Cool Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1993. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Natural Cool Holdings Limited, which is listed on Catalist in the Singapore Exchange.

A leading authorised dealer, The Group carries renowned brands for electrical appliances and air-conditioning systems, which include major brand names like Daikin, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Panasonic, Sanyo, Samsung and Toshiba.

Natural Cool also provides installation, maintenance, repair and replacement services for air-conditioning systems to public and private residences, as well as commercial sectors. The commercial sector includes factories, offices, condominium projects, schools and hospitals in Singapore.


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Natural Cool
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by lipo99 on Natural Cool

any idea why aircon price differ so much?
Decided to buy toshiba aircon.

Gain city-3100 for sys 3
Natural cool-$4000 for sys 3
Best Tech- $3900 for sys 4

Anyway the natural cool person sounded very unfriendly over the line. Gain city best, 2am ask for quote over email and 9am send me price

by joanlee on Natural Cool

I decided to use natural cool to replace my mum's aircon and its a nightmare experience. Will update with details later.. still trying to rectify..
Want to ask, can trunking be redo with the fan coils in place??

by duhster on Natural Cool

Came back to this thread to take a look on behalf of a friend.
Just realised it's been about 2.5 years since I changed to my Panasonic non-inverter system 3 from Natural Cool (my previous post is somewhere here). Other than routine filter and fan self cleaning, haven't had the aircon maintained or washed since then (certain family issues, my parent doesn't like outsiders in my home). I made the mistake of accidentally spraying water into the circuit board area of my FCU and now the Eco Patrol LED no longer works, but the operation is not affected and the unit seems to be going strong.
If there is anything that Panasonic could do better, it could be fan cleaning. The fan is a b**ch to clean.

On the strength of my recommendation, my gf also had slightly newer system 2 version of my aircon (this one has Eco Navi) installed by same company last year.

Our systems are configured to only 9k BTU for our rooms but both have no problem freezing the room within 15 mins even on this sunny afternoon.

So, yes, if anyone asks about either of those 2 brand names I mentioned, I would recommend.

by oakhub on Natural Cool

Thanks for the review Chiach. This is my experience.

Got mine from Natural Cool
Mitsubishi MXY-3A28VA / MSY-GE10VAx3 =$3099 [$2899 after Less S$200/- discount] inclusive of upgraded materials;
Remove old system & Trade-in $50
Total paid is $2849/-.

When the 2 technicians came I noticed that they were not from Natural Cool. So I believe that Natural Cool outsource the installation work. They came at 2 p.m. and left at 6 p.m. In 4 hours they dismantled my old National System 3 and removed all the trunkings, copper pipes and drainage pipes (except the drainage pipes at the air-con ledge which were reused) and installed the new system.

I noticed that they did not use any pipe bender to bend the copper pipes when installing. They in fact put the insulation through the copper pipes outside my house and then came in and slot it into the trunkings and bend it by hand.

I also noticed that they used 3C x 40 wires from the power switch at the air-con ledge to the air-con compressor. I understand that from reading the forums they are supposed to use 3C x 70 for the wire to the compressor while from blower to compressor 3C x 40 is fine.

So far no issues with the installation but I think they did a rush job so I’m kind off worried that after sometime the problems might show up.

These are my issues with the installation:
- Not removing the drainage pipes at the air-con ledge leading to the toilet about 3 meters distance in all. My old pipes have been in use for 12.5 years.
- Using 3C x 40 wire instead of 3C x 70 wire from power point to compressor.
- Re-using the old rubber shoes from my old air-con to fix on to the new one.
- They also did not top-up any gas into the pipes and did not use anything to weld the connections. Is it supposed to be like that.

Terumo, do you think I should take this up with Natural Cool.

Just sharing my experience so that those who install air-cons will know what to expect during installation.

by hwaa on Natural Cool

siao ah so ex. market rate the econavi sys3 inverter is going for ard 2500-2600. can try gaincity or actually alot took from allbest cos of their pricings.
can recommend u go natural cool also, their panasonic price quite cheap.

by duhster on Natural Cool

Hi all, just sharing my experiences.
For months I was looking for a suitable unit to replace my 8-year old Fujitsu which finally broke down last yr.

After doing a ton of research, I finally settled on a non-inverter model. (My sis and I may be moving out in a few yrs and we don't wish to spend $3-4k on inverter whose savings we are unlikely to recoup. Also, I eventually found that Panasonic uses 2 compressors, which will help reduce the bill for my usage pattern - see below)

I visited the following stores:
Everjoint at AMK - despite all the good comments about them, I was unimpressed with the way they handle customers. Boss/owner didn't even know the prices of the aircons. Tried to upsell me from Toshiba ($18xx) to Daikin ($21xx).
Gain City - the experience was what I had expected from a chain store. Salesman tried to upsell from Samsung to inverter models straightaway, but when he saw what a cheapo I was, he couldn't be bothered...
Kun Seng - went on a Saturday after seeing ads in newspapers, turned out that prices didn't include GST nor installation. I was quoted $17xx for a Panasonic, was about to commit but thankfully didn't as later I found out it was the older CU-3C20EKH model. Tried to upsell me to a Daikin with one energy tick...
Aircon Designs - Recommended by friend. They were the ones who did my Fujitsu, but it seems they now only do industrial installations. They only recommended me inverter models, and prices not competitive also. Sales rep was pleasant and responded quickly though.
Natural Cool - Decided to go with them in the end. I was quoted $15xx for the latest model Panasonic (CU-3C20KKZ) incl. GST, dismantling of old Fujitsu, and new bracket. Insulation would be Nyflex 1/4" thick. Salesman was pleasant and not pushy, didn't try to upsell anything.

Installation was done by Natural Cool's own guys, a team of 2 M'sians who were friendly and easygoing, and were careful not to make a mess despite the cramped working area due to many furniture not being movable.

They used brand-new and shiny copper pipe, also Nyflex branded, sealed in bags. The Nyflex insulation appears to be of pretty good quality compared to the one at a certain chain store which was so weak I was able to tear off a piece with 2 fingers

Work was started at 11am and finished at around 6pm.

As stated this Panny (CU-3C20KKZ) has 2 compressors, a 12,000 BTU one shared by 2 rooms and a 9,000 BTU one for 1 room. I assigned the 9K BTU one to my sister's room as she has a habit of leaving her aircon on at lowest temp all day when friends come round. That way, the maximum power consumption will only be "9K" rather than "12K".

There were 2 negative areas:
1. They had to reuse old trunking in the bathroom as it appeared to be "glued" to the tiles and they claimed pulling it off might damage the tiles. I didn't want to take the risk, so I agreed.
2. After mounting the FCU in my master bedroom, they found that the airflow flap would hit the curtain rail when opened. The only solution was to adjust part of the curtain rail downwards. This is also partly my fault, as I should have checked rather than blindly reuse the old FCU location.

Anyway I am now enjoying my new and freezing cold room after more than 6 mths of tiring research. No more noisy window aircon!

Hope this experience is useful to some ppl. If anyone wants reviews on the aircon itself, please let me know.

P.S. For those worried about noise, the condensing unit is very quiet. I can hardly hear it even when I am standing at my window next to it. Of course, things might change down the road if either Panny or NC have done a crap job...

by Yuen08 on Natural Cool

Need your advice urgently.Natural Cool has replaced to Daikin MA56EV16 and FT50FVM (non-inverter) from previous inverter series in my living/dining area and the results have been disappointing.
Though i set it at the min 18 degree but it wasn't cold. Natural Cool salesman Tommy claimed that it's not their problem if air was not cold, i have to contact Daikin directly.
Daikin servicemen came 3 times - 1st group said it's like that (not super cold) because it's non inverter and top up the gas. 2nd group came and changed the "?board" but no cold air after 1 week and same group came for 3rd time - said that the gas may have leak so top up gas again and the valve cover. Now it's blowing cold air but it's not super cold even though it is set at 18 degrees. The coldness is like 25 degrees.
Have anyone has this problem? Why is aircon behaving this way?
Who is responsible for this? Natural Cool or Daikin?
I am trying to resolve this before my warranty expires in Dec.
Paid $1.9k and super disappointed with the product.
Wanted to buy Panasonic but Natural Cool claimed the piping size is different so must stick back to Daikin.

by streamrsz on Natural Cool

I've checked with Natural Cool before. From what I read in the forums and hear from my aircon servicing company, their service and installation is good and recommended. Their price however is on a higher side. For me in the end, I went with my ID's recommendation but the payment/dealing is direct with Pure Airconditioning (bypassing my ID's company). Their service and workmanship is highly recommended. Pricing wise, very competitive.

by terumo on Natural Cool

<**Klatzz wrote:Hi all,

went to hong tar and best tech for mitsubishi electric aircon

Shop 1, Hong Tar
a) Brand, model and thickness of the insulation.
thermoflex, class 0, 1/2 inch thick.
b) Brand and thickness of the copper pipe.
gauge 23
c) Installation warranty period where labour, transportation and parts
are inclusive.
1 Year warranty for parts and workmanship, compressor got 5 years warranty.
d) Brand and model of the air conditioner.
Mitsubishi Electric, MXY4A28 / MSXYGA10(3units) / MSXY6A26 (9K+9K+9K+26K)
e) Price quoted.
f) Any other services they are providing or you have requested.
dismantling of 3 old window units, they insist to take the old
air-cons with them.

Shop 2, BestTech
a) Brand, model and thickness of the insulation.
K-flex, class 1, 3/8 inch thick.
b) Brand and thickness of the copper pipe.
gauge 23
c) Installation warranty period where labour, transportation and parts
are inclusive.
1 Year warranty for parts and workmanship, compressor got 5 years
warranty, plus $160 bucks servicing voucher.
d) Brand and model of the air conditioner.
Mitsubishi Electric, MXY4A28 (9K+9K+9K+18K)
Try Natural Cool.

by priyalok on Natural Cool

A better rate for Panasonic sys3 non-inv CU-3C20EKH, CS-C9EKZW x 3 rom Natural Cool. S$1499 include GST and HDB installation (adv in ST on Oct 31) If u see my previous post, HN promotion was 1599. I am going with this.

by ekardo on Natural Cool

went to so many places recommended by friends...natural cool..hongtar...and some no company one..their quotation is scary..

and know what? I ordered from All best (sharp system 3)...

wish me "all the best" ??