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In air conditioners, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries establish its value to society by maintaining its aspects of operations including: technological capabilities, price competitiveness, and customer services. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries are continuously developing new technologies to help meet the cooling requirements as well as environmental objectives. They were the first manufacturer to invest in and develop the new CO2 refrigerant technology, and introduced the first full range of air-conditioning split systems that utilise high-efficiency and ozone-friendly R410a refrigerant market.

In Singapore, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioners has been distributed by the KM Capital Group companies - "KM Capital Group" over the last 25 years. The KM Capital Group pride itself as sole distributor for the MHI air conditioners and distribute its products thru an extensive network of Dealers/Resellers, and M&E contractors. KM Capital Group pledges quality assurance and satisfactory after-sale services. The KM Capital Group has won overwhelming trust and confidence from resellers and customers alike over the many years in the industry


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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
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by lingcw on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

MHI System 2 with CoolServeMy installation with CoolServe was completed yesterday. A short recap:

1) Installation:
- Installer came on time (was scheduled 2-3pm and they arrive at 2pm sharp)
- Both of them are quite young (in their mid-twenties to thirties maybe?)
- They were polite and efficient as well as accomadating.
- They seem experience as both knew what needs to done and did them independently, e.g. 1 was fixing up the trunking while the other work on removing the old bracket.
- They clean up and remove the old air-con, sweep the floor and kept a clean working environment. This happen regularly throughout each small milestone of the installation.
- They also putty up the wall afterwards. e.g. the holes left by the old bracket, the discoloured wall left by the old trunking (cos the new trunking is slightly smaller).
- Afterwards, the guy briefly ran through the basic operation of the air-con with the remote
- Area was cleared of debris. Still dusty but definitely nothing to complain about.
- Total time taken was about 3-4 hours.

2) MHI System 2
- Compressor is quiet.
- Air-con is cold (no complain from my parents after using it last night although it started raining later in the night). Anyway, time will tell.
- The ability to direct the flow of the air from left to right (not just up and down) is useful as the blower is mounted at a corner of the room

Minor complain:
- The insulation for the outside pipe was slightly torn. According to them, it got caught on some sharp edges when they push it through the wall.
I brought this up to Coolserve and they will be arranging for someone to come down next week to wrap up the affected insulation with some insulation tape.
- Both blowers seems to be tilted but the installer says it is level. I don't have any equipment to check so will wait until next week for them to come down and check again.

Also, the invoice and warranty card will only be mailed to me when my cheque clear... not sure if this is the market practice.

Overall, I am satisfied with Coolserve apart from the 2 points above.

- They use a pipe-bender to bend the pipe.
- Just found out they use Sigma instead of Keystone cable.

Have escalated this to CoolServe.

by TigerzBeer on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

First, like to thank this thread for the aircon info I got here last year.
I installed Mitsubishi Heavy System3 last Apr and happy with it. (~$2,880). From what I talked to installer, he told me that you will not go wrong with any of those "reliable" brand. Dun go for those China, local brand that use Japanese compressor or newly established Korean ones.

Reliable brand like Mitsubishi, Toshiba, Daikin tend to be better choices.

My Mitsubishi(MHI) came with a auto clean function which claim to save cleaning cost, but I have yet to use it since installed last year

by mkaung2000 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I have been using MHI System 3 Inverter for almost 6 years now.Very good system. Cool very fast and quiet.
Special features: 3D airflow and auto clean(leave the fan on for 2 hrs after air con has stopped to dry out the moisture).
I really like the design as every single pc of indoor unit can be dismantled very easily.

by ctrlplusf5 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Go with Starmex but stay away from MHI, aircon products they all have some problems at some point of time but MHI suppport is really really poor. Be warned.

by tk on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Yesterday just ordered Mitsubishi Heavy Industries System 4 (3x9k + 1x24k btu) at $3799.. which i think is good price.

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Fujitsu / MIT Hvy Ind & Media not long lasting wow.
Even some Aircon shop they sell those brand but also never recommended.

by wenguang on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Just bought a system 3 MHI SCM60ZJ-S + 3 x SRK25ZJ-S1
system: $2695
+ $150 bracket
+ $250 power point

by wohouboy on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

hi guys. I have a Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRK13YL-S Inverter model in my bedroom for around 6 months. Love it so far, super quiet.
However, recently, when i set the temperature to 20-22... the aircon will cool the room until around 24-25.. and then the compressor turns off and it just uses fan to maintain temperature. I have to wait till morning time (4-5am maybe) when it can reach the desired cool temperature.

Could it be that the aircon is picking up on its own thermostat that it's already reached desired temperature, when the room is actually not that temp yet? Is this a piping issue?

Can anyone recommend any installers/contractors to help fix this?

by mrairc on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

So fast not much complaint in the Mitsubishi industrial air con

by mrairc on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Inv Sys 4 is better then LG sys 4 .

by megaweb on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

My place just installed Mitsubishi Heavy System 4 Inverter + Bracket + Remove Old units & Pipes + Change new Pipes 1 month ago.
Total damage = $3.8k. The company is Best Tech @ TPY shop.

They took 8 hours to finish all the job from 11am till 7pm. So far the air-con has no issue , very quiet and cool fast. Very satisfied.

by kev1234 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Do not buy aircons from Best Tech and MitsubishiHi,

I am unable to recommend an aircon agent or brand to go for but i can certainly recommend that you do not go with Best Tech and Mitsubishi.

I got a Mitsubishi Inverter system 4 from Best Tech late last yr and only started using it when I got married early this year. Immediately, I realised that the aircon power was weak in all the rooms and in some rooms, the aircon would give a running water sound. In addition, when it rained hard, water would leak into my master bedroom through the conduit that connects the compressor unit to the aircons in my flat.

It took weeks before Best Tech and the Mitsubishi technicians would agree to change the compressor unit and put some sealant to the conduit.

But the problem was not solved. The aircon in my study room would blow hot and cold - literally! Somedays the aircon would be strong and other days, it would be weak. But it still produces the running water sound from time to time.

However, a new problem has emerged. A foul and pungent smell is released when I switch on the aircon in my master bedroom.

I keep getting problems from Best Tech and Mitsubishi despite paying thousands of dollars for their lousy product. I tell them to com down to solve my problem and till this day, nothing is solved. Bloody idiots they are!

by hanoraptor on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

i just install Mitsubishi heavy industrial and work well for me. as for piping i use cooper 3/8" and bracket i think is all standard ba.

by spreeorganizer on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Just bought Mitsubishi hi from amk gaincity, spent $3339 for system 3 including $150 for bracket and $180 for thicker pipe. I know the price is not competitive but it includes 5years warranty if any spare part spoil and 3 years warranty on gas, water leakage.
Earliest installation date available is 12July though. A lot of people were looking at aircon. Waited quite sometime before someone can serve us.

by felali on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I bought MHI system 2 (SCM45 + 2x SRK25ZJ-S), one for my mom's room, the other for mine. Has been 1.5 years, and still works splendidly.
Really quiet, and cools well. As for energy consumption, hmmm maybe I should go ask my mom how the bills has been recently, since I've been turning them on almost every night this past few months.

The only irritating thing about Gain City's installers is that they never wrap the outdoor insulation with aluminum foil, and the insulation is now like peeling and deteriorating, due to exposure to the weather, I believe.

For my upcoming house, I used to want to get MHI from Best Tech, and yeah, Ken is pretty good on his service.

However, after talking to the manager at Creation last Saturday, I think I will buy from them, because:
1) Cheaper (around 3500 for Mitsubishi Electric Sys 4)
2) They wrap the insulation with aluminum
3) From year 2 onwards, you pay $252 annually for a Sys 4, for 3 visits, and this also covers all parts (including circuit board), labour, transport if anything breaks down

Not bad I feel, unless I'm missing something.

by felali on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Haven't decide, cos getting the HDB house 2nd half of the year...
My current house (parent's) sys2 air-con that I bought last January is a MHI, so far so good.

by ikingsleyu on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I recommend mitsubishi heavy because so far it did not bring any trouble for me,its very quiet and cool.
(7) Any recommended companies?
Before i want to purchase air con,i got compare price with gc,nc n ctaircon...finally i decide to purchase with ctaircon..because their salesman is very nice n keep following my quotation,pricing also quite far the workmanship also not bad..all touch up nicely..mine one is MHI system 3.

by ikingsleyu on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

To: SWQ1621
For Inverter System 3 Below 2.5k can try mitsubishi heavy industries

by felali on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Uh, based on my layman research comparing Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Panasonic,
For 9k BTU units, the MHI is much much quieter than the Pansonic. (MHI 21-34 dbA vs Pana 29-40 dbA)

For 21k BTU units, they are both similarly noisy under load. (MHI 26 - 46 dBA vs Pana 38 - 47 dBA)

(based on downloadable pdf brochures from their sites, I pasted the links a few posts above)

by cyberian on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Sorry for the late reply. My new aircon is install and damage is $3k (w/o bracket as the old bracket still can be use). Following are the details:
Brand: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Compressor Model: SCM60ZJ-S1
FCU : Can't remember the model but is 1 x 12000BTU and 2 x 9000BTU

The workmanship is good installer did a good job.

by PC_Dreamer on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I read that MHI's pretty good. But the power saving, according to the salesman, is calculated only via the power consumption of the compressor.
So if you use a weaker compressor, definitely the "annual cost" is lower since /hr is lower.

But using a stronger compressor might also mean that usage i.e. hr lower.

by Yurikaze on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

U did not say that. U just asked gd price anot.anyway, my guess what since u alr bought this mhi, unlikely u will be changing to other brands.
Would only recommend mhi, ME and daikin.

by SOS9112001 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

mhi cheaper than mit by 100, you may want to consider mhi.

by SOS9112001 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I am in the same dilemma which of the above 3 models to purchase. In the end I opted for MHI. I had no regrets so far, though I have yet to receive my PUB bill to validate if it is indeed an energy saver.
I had struck Midea Luna out for the savings from Midea was not fantastic, and my new Midea washing machine was so super loud that I would now only wash my laundry during day time. It's not worth taking the risk for the potential savings of $300.

It was a tough choice between ME and MHI. Though both are 4 stars energy saver, from specifications MHI is more energy efficient, MHI is more energy efficient as compare to Daikin too [for my Inverter System 2].

The MHI was super quiet.

Brand Model Type Green Ticks Cooling Capacity (kW) COP* Part Load COP#

Annual Energy Consumption (kWh)1
Estimated Energy Cost ($)2
Full Load Part Load Full Load Part Load
LG A3UQ186FA2 Multi-split (inverter) 4 5.38 4.83 5.59 3270 1372 996 418
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SRC40ZHX-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.17 4.49 6.04 2716 934 827 285
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SCM45ZJ-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.49 4.41 5.47 2978 1226 907 373
Daikin 3MKS50ESG, 3MKS50ESGE Multi-split (inverter) 4 4.97 4.25 5.16 3416 1460 1040 445
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd SCM60ZJ-S Multi-split (inverter) 4 6.17 4.24 5.74 4263 1548 1298 471

by tay76101 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Hi X18,
Yes, you should show concerns to our mother earth. I am using R410A. I bought the new Mitsubishi Heavy SCM60ZJ-S / SRK25ZJ-S x 2 instead of Daikin. I am quite happy with it. Becaause it has less noisy and allow comfortable cool. Thanks to my parent for fixed choosing the Mitsubishi Heavy.

Sorry for my bad english.

by NobleGrp on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

1) Used a system 3 Mitsubishi Heavy industries aircon for 10 years with only 1 minor break down where the aircon was not cold, but a normal service with gas top up brought it back to life. This is not mitsubishi electric that jack neo advertise so its cheaper.

2) Shifted and change to Daikin system 3 inverter, within 1 month, problem started to arise from water leakage to a damaged compressor. Problem carried on for a year, during this time we have not paid the company that installed for us(don't ask me how we did it), we insisted that if they want the money, make sure the aircon dont give us problem. But every month or two, we had to get them down to fix the aircon leakage problem. This drag on for a year and finally they had enough and told us to either pay for it or they will remove the aircon, we opt the latter as there is no point in paying for a rubbish aircon.

3) Called up the person that installed the MHI from 10 years ago and come over to our place to install another MHI inverter system 3. No problems so far and its much colder than the daikin one even when we set the same temp. Mitsubishi compressor pushes out air that is warmer compared that ****ty daikin and according to the foreman, the warmer it is, the better it is. This unit saves more energy too according to NEA.

Verdict: The brand of the aircon is important, the aftersales is important but the most important is the installation process which can only be done by a trusted company with the right team of installers. They were around $30-$50 more than the lowest quote i got, but at least they didnt bring their team of bangras/ah nehs to install compared with my daikin installer. Well worth the extra $50 for a stress free night. And by stress free night i mean not have to wake up in the middle of the night hearing drips and running around getting cloths, pail and a mop to wipe the mess up. Go stingy on your purchase and it will eventually bite you back.. been there done that. Good luck.

by eugene260880 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

was looking at non inverter Sanyo or toshiba, but sanyo bought over by panaso ended up looking at toshiba noninverter, but cost ard $2k
which make me ended up getting mitsubishi heavy industries sys3 inverter with ion function

inverter vs non inverter

by sentosaubin on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

For anyone using panasonic, how is the noise level of the compressor (those staying in master bedroom)? If the sound level is within tolerance level, i might want to purchase system 2 or system 3 of this..

I consult with coolserve and they say that Mitsubishi is still the most quiet compressor among all brands. I have verified this when I visit my friends place, ME and MHI has a very quiet compressor. You almost hear nothing... at most you hear your upstairs neighbor's noisy compressor

by sentosaubin on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Daikin Inverter seems to have very low BTU power.. not worth it...
I suggest you take Mitsubishi Heavy Industries or Mitsubishi Electric

For MHI, you can go for this (id = 2077 in coolserve website, i cant post link)
SCM80ZG-S / 2 x SKM28ZG-S / SKM35ZG-S
2 x 8,189Btu/hr + 10,236Btu/hr
$2,938.00 (before GST)

For ME, you can use this (id = 2764 in coolserve web):
MXY-3A28VA / MSY-GE10VA x 2 / MSY-GE13VA
7,540 Btu/hr x 2 + 10,508 Btu/hr
$2,770.00 (before GST)

Daikin low power will make it non-sensical to use Inverter Aircon. Inverter works best when you use long hour and enough power to cool your room

by Yurikaze on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Agreed. Well said.

Personally using a MHI inverter and pretty happy with it too.

by jasonho26 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

MHI is a good brand, they are different company from mit electric.MHI is made in Thailand. if u drive a mitsubishi car, like the aircon. you will like MHI.

fujitsu, panasonic, MHI is all making its own compressor.

toshiba, daikin does not make own compressor brand, they probably buy from panasonic compressor. if u buy toshiba and daikin paying more than panasonic, you probably better get panasonic instead.

by Yurikaze on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Sorry to hear that, if it's too expensive to repair, would suggest to get a new 1 instead of hanging on to it. I almost made my decision to get a sanyo for my new hse also but last min changed my mind to a MHI. Now very satisfied with it. Hope no problems with it and happy many years to come provided with good servicing from SM.

by Yurikaze on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Haha, keep thinking of the more popular brands and forgot I type "top 3" Hehe..

Anyway, just installed my sys 3 MHI 2day by best tech and they just took 2 hrs to install and fix the fcus, compressor and started up for testing. Even thou they're late by an hr [due to unable to secure the release of goods], they are still fast and focus. Have to say it's nicely done up and the aircon cool the room very fast! Due to new HDB flats being smaller and smaller by the day.

by Yurikaze on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Good choice, can see the top 3 popular choice are Mitsu MHI or Electric, Toshiba, Panasonic and daikin.

by tellim on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

I just received my latest utilities bill for Oct to Nov. I was surprised the electricity consumption has dropped by half (892 to 384 kWh)! that is after I have installed the MHI inverter aircons.
As per the histogram in Singpower bill, during the mths (before Oct) when I was still using my old aircons, the electricty usage hover around 800 kWh +-.

This came as a surprise to my family as we always pay about $300 for utilities bill but for this mth, it is $170+. we will monitor the bill for next mth and see if the electrcity usage is maintain at 400kWh+-.

by RoLanTo on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

The MHI aircon you get is a single unit or system 2? may i ask how much u got it?

care to share your usage pattern n bill?

Im currently looking for a system 2 aircon for my parents house.

by tellim on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

1 week after installing MHI inverter by Best Tech....all still working fine.
yes...MHI can go up down left right.

Btw, my MHI aircon unit labelled as MADE IN THAILAND.

by chunlianghere on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

wow!! congrats!

oh no..never take pics?

haha...yup, surely will cold when on 3 fcu together.. becos, each fcu gets 8666BTU/hr ma, which is close to 9000BTU/hr. so u hav choose the rite condenser!

normally majority inverter hav left rite swing

by Mugen on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Yours quite a good price...

I just bought mine at GC...

MHI sys 3 = $2699 free $200 NTUC voucher

Upgrade to Armaflex 1/2" and copper 22 with 16mm drain pipe = $180

Add 2 yrs service contract = $350

Extend to 5 yrs warranty = $359

S/S bracket = $150

Trade-In old sys 3 = -$150

Total = $3588

by tellim on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

just purchased a MHI inverter system 3 aircon from Best Tech w extended warranty purchased.
going to scrap my 10yr old National aircon. Actually 2 units are working ok except the one in master room not cooling properly (due to daily usage) so decided to change all.

hope the installation will be good. heard good and bad things about Best Tech To be fair, other coys have their bad installations too. just pray mine will be ok.

by Incidental Singaporean on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

My MHI system 3 inverter installed by Best Tech.

The "tau chiu" doing the installation is abit unfriendly, but after packing lunch and a packet cigarettes for him and his "kah kia", they did a pretty good job.

Have not try their after sales service yet.

MHI compressor is freaking huge. There is only a 2 inch clearance between the window panel and the top of the compressor, when the window is open.

Do take note when installing.

by vsml on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

hi allesgute

MHI is great, no regrets! It have the self-cleaning dryer feature and the left/right air flap control which are what i wanted. ME dun have these two features and daikin only have the dryer feature. I choose MHI is becos it's the 2nd most energy saving among the 3 brands.

When i was doing my research, i consider that mechanical features was more important than those filters features as i could buy a seperate air purifier, but flap control and dryer feature can't be bought seperately.

I did a energy comparision for toshiba single split. Full load energy cost $ 470(ACV model), $458(AV-E)

Daikin $404, MHI $392, ME $331

by mypj_88 on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Thanks for your help, ChunLiang.

Initially, GC quoted ME sys4, with 5yrs warranty + upgrade + 1yr servicing $4.7.
Last 2wks I passby GC CCK to look look see see wash machine, lcd..., Same sale man told me GC has promotion on 22nd-23 Aug, free 5yrs warranty. He quoted me MHI, sys4, with 5warranty + upgrade, $3999 with interest free installment. Compare to ME & MHI, around $500 difference, so I purchased MHI. Installation, mid Sept.

Current national sys3 Aircon (i think it's non inverter, from previous owner), I switched to fan mode around 8+, then my wife will off it around 10.

by vsml on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

For system 1, only MHI and Daikin have auto fan drying mode. Daikin will fan dry for 1 hour, and MHI will fan drying for 2 hours after u switch off the aircon, all automatically. Other brands like ME, Panasonic dun have this feature, not too sure about Toshiba

by thexenomorph on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mine done today too. 4 techs came in 9.30 chop chop 1.30pm done liao. Fast but workmanship wise is still quite good. The copper pipe used is Totaline. Insulation is K-Flex. Removed all existing trunking ducts and replace new one. Best Tech does everything as promised and nothing to complain indeed. Now finger cross it will last for years to come. But...
the MHI does not live up to my expectation. First, it wasn't as cool as my old Hitachi non-invertor. Is that because Invertor type energy saving actually come from the "not so cold" gimmick? I remember read from some forums a user complained about her ME "not cold enough" - I cannot understand back then but i do now. The aircon just don't give me the "Wow! Cold sial" feeling. Instead, it just like "ah, at least here cooler than outside" nia.

2nd, the MHI when turned on, has a high frequency "yink yink" noise like motor lack lubrication. The noise come from the FCU as 3 of them exhibit the same. It is very irritating. I am not sure if the noise will go away when the FCU run in, or not. I may wait for few day to see if it settle down. Else I will feedback to Best Tech to get MHI come down.

3rd, very funny when i turn on the vertical swing, the fin do not swing fully from top-most position to bottom-most position. It only swing down half way then go up again!? So the area direct under the FCU is not "blown". It is not as cold as other area of the room. 🙁 Don't know why the design like that haiz...

Btw, in case you ask, the MHI are made in Thailand not China. But so what...with the above problems...haiz

by Nakedtoes on Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Mitsubishi heavy industries one is not really saving energy... dun buy.. if u getting single split no point getting inverter type unless 3 room and above and everynight at least on 2 room