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Mitsubishi Electric Asia is a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a world leading manufacturer of products ranging from home electronics to satellite systems.

Since incorporation as Melco Sales Singapore in 1977, Mitsubishi Electric Asia has been providing reliable, high-quality products to homes, businesses and industries in Asia Pacific. Located in Singapore, Mitsubishi Electric Asia seeks to be established as a marketing and engineering hub with its well-networked and strategic presence in the region.

At Mitsubishi Electric Asia, we live by our pledged commitment to change for the better with every move we make.


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Mitsubishi Electric Asia
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by ktze1314 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Yeah, I got Mitsubishi electric system 3 for close to 2 years now. No problem so far. Still under warranty

by markz39 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

just got a new aircon installed.
mitsu starmex mxy 4g28va compressor, 3x msxy-fj10ve and 1x msxy-fj13ve. been using for a week. it feels really cold in my room with setting the temps to 25-26 degs.

is there any benefits of using the "i feel"/ auto mode on the aircon? and is it recommended to set to fan before turning off?

by pathfinder45 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

My Mitsubishi Starmax 5 tick aircon didn't last 6 months, broke down 6 times!! Always had to wait minimum of 1-2 weeks for repair. Now getting it removed. What a hassle with Mitsubishi. Was recommended wrong capacity and couldn't cool my apartment properly. I can't t recommend Mitsubishi Aircon at all but it was the quietest and most energy efficient in the time I had it... Since it barely worked

by Jan-97 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Installed Mitsubishi 3G28 with 2x FJ10VE and 1 x FJ13VE in the bedrooms and MUY-GE24/MSY-GE24 in the living room last week. Soft humming noise from the 3G28 compressor when running at full power, after rooms reached set temp., the noise is barely noticeable. Everything is cool, the indoor units are quiet and can cool the rooms fast, before 30 Deg C, after 10 mins, temp. dropped by 2 deg c. Default current limit is set at 8.5A can be changed by pushing 5th switch position on SW2 to off.

by guyferic on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

My ME(5 ticks) system 2, $2720 was installed by cool world on 8th Mar. Overall experience quite good. They came abt 15mins earlier than the scheduled time, took abt 3+hrs and everything is done. a difference of 100+kWh comparing Mar & Apr electric usage with 8-9hrs of every day usage for both aircon.

by shadow_allan on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Went with Starmex @GCThanks to this thread! This was really helpful now I want to pay it forward.

These 2 links helped me decide:

NEA link where you will see the ticks, efficiency and BTU/Kwh output

Starmex Catalogue

Our old Samsung 3 sys was busted due to a power trip a few days ago and had to be replaced. We used it for 3 years, the old house owners said they used it for 2 years, Twin City who services our AC units says the model can be as old as 13 years.

It has been difficult to sleep for a couple of nights now especially when you have 2 kids at home who are used to AC. Without AC, wifey was also hesitant to do the ahem as we both feel so sweaty and sticky

So buying a new AC is a must! After a few "lonely" nights through this thread and with Google's help I pulled the trigger on the following:


$4639 (retail) / $4230 (after CNY promo)

Piping upgrade - $240

New bracket - $150

+4 years warranty - $499

Total damage was $5119 - paid at 36 months 0% installment @GC

The house is more than 20 years old and condensation was evident on the old AC units so I decided to change the piping. If adding a bigger living room unit, you will anyhow also need to upgrade the piping as we cannot use the smaller pipes of the existing AC.

GC does not trust a bracket that was not installed by them so I was asked to change.

I went for the extended warranty as I will have peace of mind for the next 5 years for only $14 a month.

Compressor is small as we seldom turn on all units at the same time.
Salesman says the rooms may not be cool enough if we use all at the same time.

Upgraded my house to sys 4 from sys 3 wifey will now be more than happy.

I am also looking forward to the energy savings this 5 ticks unit will give me. Was wondering why our power bill cannot go below the neighbors average and I believe this is the answer.

Like if this post was helpful

by hanz170 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Replaced with Mitsubishi Starmex Inverter system from existing Daikin non-Inverter System, purchased the 2 tick older system, house was a mess... took an entire working day started at 10:00am and ended at 6:00pm.
System is really quiet which is what my main criteria is, had to removed small portion of false ceiling and replaced everything, wiring, piping (copper and pvc), mounted bracket, wood panel, new sealing everything.

Very tired though but very happy that it went well and all done in one day.. will monitor.

by shaoyuan on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

hello, if you looking for more ticks, then suggest u get the 5 tick model from Mitsubishi. Probably courts did not take in the new Mitsubishi 5 tick model and push for LG and midea Instead. In the long run spare part and servicing, Mitsubishi will be better.
Your pipe is 15 years old, I suggest you to change new pipe to ensure your lifespan of your new aircon. And instead of hacking the wall, run the new pipes with trunking along the wall. It's ugly but got to live with it!


by Repsol_2 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Currently using Mitsubishi Inverter Starmex system 4 since 2009 replacing my 8 year old Daikin. Both brand I considered as excellent.
9x9x9x18 - configurations

My current starmex i think is the First Gen model, so far never break down. Did the usual maintenance over the years.

Moving on to my new BTO, I just purchased and installed the latest Mitsubishi System 4 starmex 5 ticks. Bought from Gain city, overall installation is fine. Some upgrades such as Armaflex, piping 16mm, copper 22. yet to move in to my new hse to test the actual power consumption.

Current config

As a heavy user, my AC is on almost 24/7 on daily basis. I hope Power consumption with 5 star ratings will help.

IMHO, its best to get a System 4 rather than a sys 3. Why? SG so hot. Living room sometimes need AC when me & wife hang around in the living room. It will be uncomfortable without AC. Pls I don't plan to install ceiling FAN. These fan won't help much to cool down the living room except blowing hot air.

I believe those that checked the first 20 pages in this thread will know the exact date I install my System 4 Starmex. Didn't expect this thread would grow to 446. hahaha

by chomechome on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I bought at GainCity Mitsubishi StarMex Sys 3, 9K BTU x 3 couple weeks ago where it comes with 5 years installation and spare parts warranty. Installation warranty covers water and gas leakage, and spare part capped at max amount SGD 1.8k if you top up SGD 99 then you get unlimited amount.
I also top up to upgrade to Amarflex half inch and SWG 22 copper. Total i paid around 3.4k.

Slightly higher than other shops but you get warranty for 5 years.

After installation i just knew that if you submit the feedback form via their website you will get 3 years spare parts warranty automatically.

Hope this helps.

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Damn my Starmex after adjusted current limitation into 11A Max. Now my room set on low fan is without sleep mode and set to 26C now my foot feels like very cold, can't tahan if my leg put on near to FCU when the air is blows out.
Dunno good or not good...
Even living room set to 25C with low fan speed too, in kitchen area can be feels it very cooling, unlike b4 like nothing.

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hi, Benlauhh
I not sure you'd previous Mit Starmex which model or non-inverter, if not inverter also has sometime ago..

Regarding the failed, I don't think any brand don't have it such issue, cause all mfgs products after QC and issue out..

Also like a Apple iPhone for some latest batch sure have the minor issue, after the mfg would be solve it out.

My Mit Starmex also 24k btu Already close to 6 yrs now, so far so good, if 1 days mine spoil also, I am worth it, cause I enjoy the comfort n energy saving too.

Anything just depend your luck.

by Jeremy1 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Moi now set to 25 degree fan blower 1 bar...........................
LG Artcool, my friend told me very hard if you want to clean yourself.

My sister buy thing need to think few months one.................

by Jeremy1 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Just install my Mit Sys 2 inverter and so far it's good.
I just set to 25 degree, it's so cold already and blower fan set at just 2 bars enough to cool the room within 45 mins.

The blower fan set at 2 bars is so quiet that it's feel the aircon was not on at all.

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Go for mitsubishi Starmex inverter.2 bedroom for 10k btu & living room for 12k btu.
Cause I have kitchen door then just installed with 12k btu.

Unless you let the kitchen door is open then go with 18k should be feel like ice cold.

by Jeremy1 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Panasonic spilt unit had more features and I guessed it's more prone to problem.
I would still go for Starmex as it's much safer following the majority and i like the easyclean feature.

by Netiya1987 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Why korea aircon no good? Our old LG aircon served us for more than 10years and it is still working fine. Only last 3year we change to japanese brand and the problem of dripping water and not cold happen. So which jap model will 100% no problem. My friend ME also having problem after 2years..Japan brand but made in China/Thailand/Malaysia.

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Look at specs of MHI maybe slightly better than ME, but in term of quality and realiable still on ME, even my friend was Aircon installer also saying on ME is a better Aircon than MHI & Daikin

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

LG like a black mirror series of the design very cold and nice all flat.
But realiable & long runs, still prefer you go with Daikin , Mit Starmex or Pana model.

To be solve your trouble in future.

by ReiszRie on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I was originally considering between Panasonic and Mitsubishi Electric as well and I went with ME because my old system was ME and it has performed admirably and also because Panasonic's main selling point is its ECONAVI which IMO, like all sophisticated electronics, have a higher tendency of failing.

by Obscurity on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Oh ic.. cos i just bought a fujitsu aircon + 5 years warranty for aircon unit, motor n compressor with removal of old unit and reroute casing. 3130 + 130 for bracket

I didn't take or even consider Mitsubishi cos of my experience with it. The aircon broke down on us twice in a span of 3 years n we still have to pay to repair it even though under warranty. Nt cheap either each repair costed nearly 1 k

by kimsim on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Share my used & experience
Mitsubishi electric Starmex really gave me really high rating.

So far my JB has been used over 4 years has not an issue even serving also by myself.. The air cooling still remain like when new bought, cold & quiet also easy to access blower that is the bonus for me.

So far I had bought a unit hdb resale flat in SG for my choice also back to Starmex inverter.

That is good brand for me and alway is high capacity to suit our need.

Photo taken for sg one, before install yet, due to weekend

by Fyero92 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I just had my air con newly installed by sin hou engineering system,

total was 3160.

Got tio carrot not?

by kendoarts on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I just bought my air con from All Best (Located at IMM). I bought Mitsubishi Starmex System 4.

Price is $3799, including 1 year warranty on parts and 5 years warranty on the condenser/motor, plus installation, trunking/piping.

by danxiaogui86 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Just buy Starmex at all best at imm. System 3.

by danxiaogui86 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

All those are good to have. But Mitsubishi Starmex quite popular. Changing out my 13 years fujitsu

by MrWhiteKnight on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Thanks! Have decided to go with Mitsubishi.
Like the slim design of panasonic but the flap looks ugly n casing more flimsy..

Btw, anybody know why on a system 4,only on 2 aircon. Then the Mbr not cold. Only when all others not on then the mbr aircon will be slightly cold.

by Aaron_soh80 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

aiyo y so sway.. my starmex amost 4 years still going strong.

by SuperFitFran on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Whatever you do, Mitsubishi Electric brand is bad . Bought unit 4 weeks ago, and spoilt 3 times already- every week once. Also got no contact email on website. Have to fill in form and when i hit 'send' button, never send. Email on service form got bounce back. Walau- bad product, worse service. Don't buy.

by sbv7230 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hi..FYI , just confirmed ME Starmex System 4 with GC .
Total Damage : $4119 nett with Bracket n the usual stuffs.
If u know your stuff , they will normally go down to their best price.

by terumo on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

To plasticpistola,
If non inverter, there is only 1 compressor serving all 3 rooms.
Most likely the compressor should be ok.
Maybe ur fancoil is having some issues.

To katoboy,
I will chose Mit Electric.

by naveen99 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I have 2 sets of System 3 Mitsubishi Starmex installed 11 yrs ago and to date only one repair done. I am not sure of the quality of the latest batch of ME Starmex but based on my experience I would recommend nothing else other than ME Starmex.

by maxicoolservices on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hello Gaurov_86,
If budget permits, I would prefer Mitsubishi Electric Starmex.
However this is up to your personal discretion as cost savings between the brands is almost 1.1K.

Do check on the extended warranty to find out what does it encompass and what are the actual material specs for the material used in the installation.
4 core wiring can come in many brands with Keystone being the more reputable brand in the market.

At the same time you might want to check if they include installation warranty which is an extra coverage for you as bad installation would most probably contribute to the most problems in the long run.

If you are not in a hurry to have the system fixed, you might want to get a few more quotation for comparison before deciding.

My personal opinion is that when we look at installing an aircon system, we should be looking at long term unless your purpose is for rental or short term stay. Not only are the materials used important, workmanship, but also the durability. A new set of aircon is expected to last at least 7 years with proper maintenance.

Say within this 7 years, if there are several breakdowns/repairs, you would also have to take into account these cost which is why warranty is important in certain aspects however most of the time these are either amortized into the cost of system purchased or sold as a separate package.

Another portion would be the hassle if there are constant repairs/replacement especially if you have concealed fixtures etc, the hacking and rework would be quite cumbersome.

There is no right or wrong on selecting a specific brand as we should always work within our budget. It would always be wise to consider carefully before selecting what is best for you and your pocket.

Good Luck.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

by Joevyis^^ on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Prefer Mitsubishi ^^For installer, it's up to you. Private supplier will quote you a cheaper price than GC but must find a reliable one.


by evoram on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

their profit margin on Mitsubishi is pretty low which is why they do not recommend Mitsubishi. personally using mitsubishi starmex inverter, awesome aircon. using for 6 months plus no servicing was needed. You also need to get good installers who do a really good job with good materials. This will ensure aircon does not leak

by maxicoolservices on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hello TSPT88,
1) Yes MIT Elec boasts a "Cleaning Free Pipe Reuse" technology whereby existing R-22 pipings can be reused with MIT Elec R410A Inverter system.

This is an excellent technology from MIT which reduces wastes and also promotes the use of the more environmental friendly R410A gas.

However there are several points that you might want to note.

- Even though the original pipings that you have is leak free (hopefully pressure tested to be sure), they are already 10 years of age. You will be installing a new unit that would last you for a minimum of 7 years which would mean that your existing pipings will have to last for 17 years minimum. That is a rather long time for pipings to hold even though it is still possible. However this would still be a risk that you would have to weigh.

- In my opinion, it is still encouraged to Flush with Nitrogen and Vacuum before installation as an added precaution as any residue left in the pipes might cause unwanted chemical reaction which could cause premature breakdown of your unit. Prior to that, it is important to ensure that the pump-down process is done in order to recover the refrigerant in the system.

- As R410A gas has a higher running pressure, the pipes used are generally thicker therefore it is important to ensure that your current existing piping flare/diameter/thickness matches MIT specs for your model MXY-4A28VA. Your installer should be able to help you with this part.

2) Both MIT Elec and MHI are good brands. Personally I would prefer the MIT ELEC over the MHI

My take is that there is no right or wrong for the re-use of existing pipings. Most importantly is to ensure that the piping specifications meet your newly selected system requirements and also do a proper/thorough flushing of your exisitng pipings.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

by Joevyis on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Prefer Mitsubishi if there is only $20 difference between Panasonic Inverter & Mitsubishi Starmex.

by Cathrine on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

I dont know the ranking part, but I had a very good experience with mistibushi. There service and the equipment they have are very nice and effective.

by maxicoolservices on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hello Lvsaint,
You might want To consider the Mitsubishi Electric for your case as it would be easier to do your own cleaning of filters due to the ease of servicibility of the Mitsubishi Electric.

In my opinion regardless of what filters a brand boasts, without proper maintainence and cleaning, eventually it will still lead to asthmatic and sinus issues due to mold, mites, dusts.

Hence most importantly is to get the one that is easily servicable when it comes to washing of filters and other then washing the filters yourself bi-weekly, coupled up with regular servicing by your aircon contractor, the unit will be kept in optimal condition and lessen the chances of asthmatic/sinus attacks due to dirty airconditioning.

Good Luck in finding the system that suits you the most.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

by Joevyis on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Prefer Mitsubishi..

by Season. on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

for what i have heard, mitsubishi and daikin is better for now !alot of people would go for this two brands rather than others.
Im thinking between this two brands too! need some advice too.
Either Mitsubishi Easy Clean 3 System Inverter or Daikin 3MKS.

by Bieffe on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

no to York and mcquay. Me then Pana then dakin.

by maxicoolservices on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Hello Damnedegoist,
For serviceability I would prefer Mitsubishi Electric Starmex or Daikin or Toshiba.
Go get a few quotes and compare the pricing before deciding as certain companies might have promo for certain brands.

Best Regards,

Jason Tham

by dreamer75 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

always tot that Mit Electric > Panasonic?

by Spooni on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Mit starmex around $2200

by gld998 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Dont get Mitsubishi.. It will gives problems after 2 years plus of usages... Mine giving problems on a monthly basis... The problem is the Master Dealer! Avoid BestTech at all cost! They seem like they dunno what they are doing

by terumo on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Daikin also have 24k btu for sys 4.I will suggest MEX.

by Rizsa31 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

All brand of air-conditioning systems nowadays are just abt the same.... Their lifespan are abt 5-7 years... regular maintenance is really important to know ur air con unit's performance and electrical consumption. Personally, i've been using Mitsubishi Electric for 7 years plus... everything seem ok

by Repsol_2 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

Get mainstream model such as mit starmex or daikin. Cfm will last. My daikin lasted for 9 years before i get it replaced to it looks really old and eye sore and mainboard burnt i guess due to old age, starmex coming to 6 far yet to breakdown. Really heavyduty.

by yong5103 on Mitsubishi Electric Asia

for me 1st:daikin 2nd:mit 3rd:pana same like all senior say :how much you pay,what thing you get.

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