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From its establishment in 1968, Midea has developed into the world’s largest producer of consumer appliances (according to Euromonitor International’s 2012 new Consumer Appliances Trade Statistics database). After 40 years of relentless growth with business ventures covering HVAC, appliances, lighting, industrial components, logistics, and real estate, Midea achieved global sales revenue of over $22 billion USD in 2011. Midea is proud to partner Toshiba in opening the Midea-Toshiba Carrier Inverter joint research and development (R&D) centre to share state-of-the-art technology that will be used in a range of applications worldwide, becoming the first Chinese company to gain access to inverter technologies and develop its own inverter control modules and chips. As a responsible corporate citizen, Midea consistently seeks for excellence and provides affordable high-quality products and services to consumers worldwide while creating over 180,000 jobs globally. In addition, it engages in environmental conservation and gives back to local societies.


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Midea Singapore
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by gentoro on Midea Singapore

haha - what a joke. Your salesman must be a joker. I encountered many salesman recently to ask about A/C. 8/10 of them warned me a "no no"
Not much comment but reliability & efficiency - I rather spend more on Starmex or Daikin.

by Samng369 on Midea Singapore

My midea aircon the one with wifi. No cold at all now (cannot feel the aircon is cold enough only like fan when it blow to us the we can feel the aircon and the trucking have condensation how? (21k btu condenser unit with 9k btu for my 3 rooms). Fancoil and condenser unit is very noisy, may i know what wrong with my aircon? Buy just a few month problem come in no wonder selling so cheap.

by kimsim on Midea Singapore

Seriously why go for media? For most Aircon seller they not recommend, unless you wanna going for budget.

by kimsim on Midea Singapore

Fujitsu / MIT Hvy Ind & Media not long lasting wow.
Even some Aircon shop they sell those brand but also never recommended.

by terumo on Midea Singapore

To Ramaswamy,

Experts, please help.

I wanted to buy Air-con System 3 and visited couple of shops and confused.

I want to install in 3 rooms. Most likely I turn on only two air-cons as third room is a guest room.

Typical usage is as follows.

Master room (3.3 x 4.2 meter), On between 11.30 pm to 6 am
Bedroom 2(3.3 x 4.2 meter), On between 8 pm to 5.30 am
Bedroom 3(4.0 x 4.2 meter). Seldom on. May be monthly once.
All 3 rooms, 9k btu will be sufficient.

1) What is full load? Full load is when the compressor is running @ 100% capacity. (When on all 3 units)
2) What is part load? Part load is when the compressor is running @ 50% capacity. (When on 1-2 units)
3) I want to buy ME Starmex but Sales man suggested MHI. He says MHI is new and low power consumption compare to ME which is 8 year old technology. I looked at energy star and but confused

Full Load:2.18
Part Load:0.72
Cooling capacity 7.31 Kw

Full Load:1.48
Part Load:0.58
Cooling Capacity:6.19 Kw

Since the cooling capacity for Both Aircon is different, How to determine? If Cooling Capacity of MHI is increased to 7.31 kw then what will be the Full Load and Part Load of MHI Air-Con? Can some one help me to understand?

ME full load is higher as their KW output is higher, MHI has a lower KW output thus load rating is lower.
Each bedroom fcu is 2.5KW, 3 is 7.5KW, Thus ME compressor is balanced, but for MHI, the compressor KW is only 6.19KW, the total btu output is smaller then ME.
But does not affect u, as u seldom on all 3 units @ the same time.

4) MHI - Is Auto cleaning but ME is manual cleaning which we can open and clean. How critical is this feature? What you recommend?
Not important. (IMO)

5) Anyone have experience with Midea? Is it reliable? How about cooling ?
Not recommended (IMO)

Thank you in advance for your help.

by esibuyer on Midea Singapore

Hi, just to share. I bought Midea system 4, breakdown 4 times due to wire break, as they using a lower grade wiring. Agent service was very bad. My advise is purchase extended warranty if you are going for Midea, or go for another brand.

by mrairc on Midea Singapore

Midea is a good brand in china ...so fast already in sg few year not much complaint . but is only scare after few year can t find the air con s/part . if Courts got give u 5 years all s/part warranty can be consider

Enjoy your new air con

by andykoh1981 on Midea Singapore

Looks cheap! But end of the day, it is the installer... Find out more about their company. And true, dun take mide*.

by almightyad on Midea Singapore

my experience with Mideainverter system 3 from courts installed in 31 may 2012.
2 stop cooling now

about the aircon
there are 4 modes, auto, cool, dry, fan
if you lower the temperature on cool, you will hear some noises.
normally it is quite one and cold enough for a 4NG GDB flat's master bedroom.
It is cheap but better choose Japanese brand if you can afford.

by SOS9112001 on Midea Singapore

Luckily I didn't opt for the Midea air con. My new Midea washing machine, after 2 washes, has now started to give me problem. Thought I can just live with the 'super loud' noise, I now got the problem that at the end wash, the door just could not open, and I am not able to retrieve my laundry. I had to start the wash again. Think hard!

by spyder79 on Midea Singapore

i saw the internal of the unit, so poorly done. the air filter look like a toy model. the edges are not done properly. avoid this brand at all cost.

by Synchron on Midea Singapore

mine is working very well. nv give me any headache, moreover it reduced lots of electrical bills for me

by chase79 on Midea Singapore

Give Midea a miss, within 1 month the service crew have already came down 5 times. Really is the worst aircon i have use

by chase79 on Midea Singapore

Just to keep u update on my Midea sys 2 aircon.Pls DONT BUY THIS CHINA Brand!
Only after 2 months, the service crew have aleady come down 5 times and have aleady change 1 unit of my single split unit.
After which air con some time cold some time not cold.
Ask the guy to come down check, set at 17 deg, room temp can only hit 25 and the F**ker dare to tell me it is cold.
All the excuses starts to come out

Dont even touch this Brand

by zen131 on Midea Singapore

Hi allHi...

sorry been kinda busy this few weeks...
i have read comments about midea from other users...thanks for the advices...
i have the trust in the brand...its up to each individual perspective..
so far my midea aircon is do well...
electrical bills down by about 40%
usuage 6-8 hrs
cooling temp around 23-24...
not noisey from fancoil and cu...
just the self- clean and led light need to get used to it...

Thanks everyone for advices...
will update more on the midea in the future

by chase79 on Midea Singapore

China brand, inverter. Cheaper than jap n korean brand.After 2 days of using, my power usage is 50% less than my old national non invertor ac

by chase79 on Midea Singapore

Just brought Midea sys 2, hopefully it will be gd. Installing either this wkend or next week.

by Stevensan on Midea Singapore

Is this warranty from Courts? Anyone know how the Courts extended warranty works? Cover parts and labour?Just to share, I bought the Midea sys 3 inverter aircon with upgrade to 28k (12k +9k +9k) from Courts last weekend and it came with free 3 years extended warranty. Total cost is $2,168 with installation and delivery.

by HarmanK on Midea Singapore

System 3. So far so good.

by zen131 on Midea Singapore

hi all, seen alot of feedbacks...but seriously speakin...i seen comments like getting the japanese brand of aircon...today i went to my good friend work place,to enquire more about aircon...finally i decided to place an order on midea sys 3 28k.
actually,i found a few pointers from my friend...

1.air con technologhy and home appliance tech are quite stagnant over the last few yrs...thats why brands start to input air purifilying into aircon to increase their USP and features,even his china engineer told him if it is IT and audio video sector...it would be more realible to purchase product from big companys in the industry...

2.japanese brand are not longer made in country of origin...mostly made in china,thailand and vietnam...comparing china,thai and the viets, china have better technology...even now china can sent astronaut up to moon,not every other asia countries can follow..

3.Midea is the biggest manufacturer and exporter for H.A and Aircon in china and also 5th biggest in the world...for my friends who visited china,vietnam,australia and K.L they have seen this brand either in hotels or offices and even big advertisment on streets.
Midea is entering Singapore with their series of H.A products at a very affordable prices...
Midea main stream business is actually manufacturer...or wat we call O.E.M...so actually their products ranged from aircon,fans to H.A products are already in SG but under a different brand...
i thinks spare parts and after sales should be available on large scales,and also the brands they manufacturer for are reputable brands from jap,european and local brands...which my friend told me not to tell ppl...sorry on this part...
4.he also inform me a most important part...Midea is adjusting the price higher from next week onwards,as the launch promo end in conjuction with GSS...

so after all the considerations, i bought the air con from my friend, as i dont want to buy when the price go up...

For ur considerations...:

this is wat i bought.installation earliest available 05/08/11

outdoor unit 28k BTU = 12k + 9k + 9k indoor units @ $2168
extend warranty from courts 2+3 yrs @ $299
bracket $130
dismantle FOC
free piping up to 10m per blower...

i think its quite a good deal.

by sinori80 on Midea Singapore

OK finally it was installed today,took almost the whole day because the old setup and my current trunking route is different.
heard from my family member that it is also delayed due to the 2 installer argued and 1 left.

when using the old system my parents always set it to 18 degree Celsius and still feel that is not cold, as this new system they only needs to set it to 23 degree Celsius its cold enough for them.

of cos i am not saying that this aircon is good cos it is still new.

anyway the reasons why I am changing is due to the high electrical bill, so its my main concern.
Looking at the meter rotation so far, i think it better definitely.

will update when the bill comes

by HarmanK on Midea Singapore

Enjoying my Midea aircon,
newly installed today. I am only running when weather gets a little out of hand and a couple hours at nite before sleep..

by sentosaubin on Midea Singapore

Cooling capacity of 21,000 BTU for system 3 is rather sucks dude.. for panasonic/ mitsubishi, you got 25,000 BTU which is more decent... I just check the Database of http://els.nea.gov.sg/mels/aircon.asp, and apparently, the Efficiency Ratio of this brand is rather sucks compared to Mitsubishi and Panasonic...
For aircon, I still trust Japanese technology.. China and Korea has a lot to catch on... There is no point buying cheap but paying it heavy in the usage and maintenance... I learnt the hard lesson using LG for only 2.5years

by zen131 on Midea Singapore

hmmm....you are right, its from china...frankly speaking now everything is from china already...
you go search for reviews...its seem very like a mnc company world wide...and with quite alot of good reviews...

i read an article quote them as the biggest Home appliance and
aircon manufacturer in china and top 5 world wide...

i also heard midea has a office here and is invading sg with its home appliance and air con products...
if anyone has bought their products...pls feed back....
i seriously thinking about this brand...but not sure can they bring their stability and good reviews to sg