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Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd
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by zkx1325 on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

Just an update:

My last post was about how the electrical wiring for two of my three aircon units had problems and had to rectify the problems.

Finally, the last unit also gave up. I couldn't switch it on one fine day. I used short-term solutions for the previous two units. This time I couldn't take it anymore. I told the repair guy that I wanted to redo the electrical wiring entirely. It involved opening up the trunking and replacing the entire network of aircon wiring.

It's all because Kaisoon chose to use lousy wires to cut down on costs during their installation.

As again, please do not go to Kaisoon. Pay a bit more for other more trust-worthy companies. I may have saved a little during the initial installation but over these 5+ years, I have incurred repair costs. So the total costs ended up the same.

by zkx1325 on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

After 3+ years of usage, I'm sad to say that I've encountered some problems with the aircon installation with Kaisoon. Few months ago, i couldn't switch on the aircon unit in one of my common rooms. I called Kaisoon and managed to get someone down to make some repairs to the electrical wiring. Just recently, I also could not switch on the aircon unit in my master-room. I suspected it was the same problem. True enough, it's because of the electrical wiring. I called them and they admitted that they have other customers who encountered the same problem. After consultation with a third-party, the conclusion i draw is that they have been using sub-standard electric wires to connect their aircon units to the compressor. In conclusion, I withdraw my recommendation for Kaisoon Group. They may offer competitive prices but it's not worth the risk of problems in the future. SAD TO SAY, DO NOT TRY THEM!!!

by weiyang76 on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

Contact Kaisoon Aircon. Look up for their contact on Google. They provided one of the best services in the open market today. Four years down, no issues. Cheers.
They will be frank with you when you decide to switch your parts to G22 or G23 or G24. Remember its always 16mm water drainage all the way from the aircon unit

by kohliandai on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

Hi garfieldhello,
Just read your post regarding kaisoon group. Unfortunately, my family also encounter the same case as your case. Not only their workmanship is bad, their customer service is also bad. Can't wait to tell the whole world about it!! I'm going to logged a complain against them and ask for compensation. Just wondering if it's possible to contact you?

by garfieldhello on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

Beware from buying from Kaisoon Air-con Avoid engaging "Kaisoon Aircond & Engrg Design Pte Ltd", ever since they installed my air-con on 7th Jun 2011, my nightmare began. Workmanship is poor, hurt my bedroom internal wiring which results in electrical trip, toilet wall tile is cracked, service balcony wall with few dented holes and compressor is spoilt too. Wasted a lot of time with them for many days threatening complaining to CASE and at last on 16th Jun 2011, they ask the 2 same guy to repair my electrical instead of promised a certified electrician uncle because i told them my certified electrician is charging me $200+ to mend their sh*t. The 2 air-con guy (YES, the same guy who install my air-con) removed the trunking and mend the wire by taping it properly. Worse, i had sweep and repaint the house twice already. What i am worried is, few months down the road, it will become my problem when the whole house electric trips again. My electrician recommend to change the whole wiring for the affected areas only but Kaisoon person (Angie) in charge say that this is what they have rectify for us and my electrician is too busybody. And now, my balcony light is affected which trip after the rectification but they mention they have never touched my balcony light. The compressor is spoilt and they asked Mitsubishi to arrange with me directly and the Mitsubishi guys to come down instead on 18th Jun 2011, the main component part is spoilt and they want to arrange again to replace the parts. After which, they can only determine if my compressor is working well. In other words, changing the parts might not solve the problem! My father is very angry with them and i asked them to change the whole compressor which they did. So we need to arrange another weekend for the installation again. How much time, effort and money is wasted on them? I strongly recommend you go to your trusted contractor whom will give you a better price as they will rectify for you immediately instead of Kaisoon telling you, they only specialize in air-con and damages in your house are part-and-parcel of air-con installation.

by eiffel76 on Kaisoon Airconditioning & Engineering Design Pte Ltd

ups for Kaisoon too. Parents home were done by them.