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Hong Huat specialise in residential and commercial air-conditioners. Our promise is to give the best value and service to our customers.

Specialising in installation and servicing of residential and commercial air-conditioners, we promise to give the best value and service to our distinguish customers by providing the highest quality products and materials. We also promise to provide competitive prices for our home appliances products.

Hong Huat Electrical is also Imperial Distributors, and a subsidiary of Electrical Paradise Group with Electrical Paradise Pte Ltd.


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Hong Huat Electrical Pte Ltd
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by Ihavegotnosatisfaction on Hong Huat Electrical Pte Ltd

I just got sys 3 and sys 2 Mitsubishi electric from imperials distributors. New piping all concealed I would say I took almost 3 months to search around to find the best price and workmanship. After they complete thir I m one of their very satisfied customer. There's a guy name Tim very cool and helpful. 92321641 . If get a chance I'll post pics of their work cheers

by Victor7296 on Hong Huat Electrical Pte Ltd

I am not sure if its all the installer's problem. I have been suffering for the last 3 years with LG System 3 non-inverter air con. Less than 3 days after installation, the FCU started to leak water. Bought from Hong Huat. The installer came and tried to rectify the problem but the problem continue to happen at regular interval of less than 1 month. After 2 to 3 months, HH people told me that its not an installation problem and told me to contact LG. Contacted LG and it took them like a week to come down. The LG Technician came and inspected the FCUs and said that its an installation problem and tried to push it back to the installer. I told them that the installer said its LG. I told LG that the installer refused to response to my calls and I need to resolve my FCU water leakage. Its not just 1 FCU giving the problem but all 3 FCUs give the same problem at different intervals. I finally managed to convince LG to talk to the installer.
The installer later agreed to do a one last time re-installation provided LG technician are there to certify that they are doing the correct LG recommended installation. Thereafter, HH will not be responsible to the installation anymore.
This happened like 5 months after the original installation.

We continue to experience the FCU water leakage problem and we are always living in fear that the water leakage will damage our parquet flooring. Every time, we have the water leakage problem we have to wait for a few days for LG technician to service it. Less than a year after the original installation/purchase, LG technician said that all our FCUs and the condenser all very dirty and need chemical wash. The quote was $180.00 per FCU and $200 for the condenser for a total of $740.00. On top of that we have signed a LG service contract that charged more than $400.00 for 4 servicing a year. Imagine LG technician telling us that we need to do chemical wash for all our FCUs and the condenser every year. Is this the norm? I assumed that LG is the expert in their own products. They have put blame on the drainage blockage to dirts and also changing the thermisters and others. The problem refuse to get resolved.

My McQuay system 2 air con for my living and dinning halls have never ever need a chemical wash for the last 11 years. Regular servicing is more than adequate.

I noticed that the LG design has some serious flaw. The gap between the fins in the FCUs and the condenser are very narrow as compare to other brands like McQuay, Daikin, Tosihiba and etc. This narrow gap between the fan coil fins can easily trap dust and dirt resulting in the FCU being choke very easily. The same for the condenser. Therefore the need to do Chemical wash for the FCUs and condenser every year. This is a very big expense every year.

We continue to experience the water leakage for the last 3 years and I am now looking at replacing the LG System 3.

I am very disappointed with LG products and their customer service.