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Hitachi believes in contributing through our Social Innovation Business. That means we study the problems that people face daily, assess how existing technology can be used to solve those problems, then anticipate and analyze the challenges ahead. Through careful, detailed research, Hitachi creates new technologies that not only make life better, but also make the world a better place to live in.

Hitachi Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Hitachi, Ltd. and established in Singapore in 1989, has offices across seven Asian countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam).


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Hitachi Asia Ltd.
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by Clarawuu on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

NEVER TRUST GAIN CITYI have bought a set of Hitachi inverter system 3 air-con last year for S$3,300 on their salesman's recommendation.

Actually, I wanted to buy Panasonic but the salesman serving me keep on pushing Hitachi. So, I bought a system 3. But after the installation I found that the air-con is not cold and only blow air. I then complaint to them and they sent the Hitachi technician down. The technician came down and gave the excuse of I have the air-con installed at the corner and then left.

Now, I do not use the system. I bought this system on credit card of 24 instalment payment and I'm still paying the monthly instalment. When the 24 month instalment is up I will throw away the Hitachi air-con and get a new system of another brand. Of course for one hundred and one per cent I will not go to Gain City.

They are only selling and pushing the brand that they have bought in big bulk at cheaper cost.

by Aresden on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

hey guys, my hitachi aircon just spoilt, using halfway the masterbed rm wan suddenly offed, other rm cannot turn on, last room can turn on but no cool air, machiam hot air fan liddat
Any idea wad could b the issue? Now my masterbed rm aircon like got water droplets liao, seems like it is still on but no light, and only got the cold air, no wind

by cal3135 on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

eventually did a quick decision on Hitachi Inverter system 3 with GC.
next day installation due slot avail. overall satis. GC comes with 36mths
workmanship warranty. also purchased the 5 years warranty.

pricing comes with some Ang Bao rebate also, abt $238

by chunlianghere on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

hitachi is not experience/specialist in manufacturing aircon.. hope this helps

by pegASUS7677 on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Some posts ago, I mentioned that I purchased a Hitachi aircon system from Gain City. Whatever good comments I made, I stand corrected.
It's only 6 months later and my air con no longer blows cold air for all the fan coil units.

I called Hitachi who immediately sent out a technician. He said that it was due to the installation and not the compressor unit. Gain City should check the connection to each fan coil to see if gas was leaking.

Well the team from Gain City came (after much shouting over the phone - they wanted to send a technician about 4 days later), they removed the trunking but couldn't find anything wrong. So they added coolant and the aircon was fine for about an hour, then I tried turning it on today and no cold air for all the units.

Sigh...they can only send a more experience team to test the gas pressure next week. If I want immediate service I will get the same inexperienced team.

And I paid extra for higher quality piping etc..

What crap. I did not have a problem at my old house where Natural Cool installed my LG which ran fine for 6 years.

No confidence in Gain city...and to some extent Hitachi as it is only sold through Gain City

by pegASUS7677 on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

I was faced with the same decision -- almost - Hitachi, Panasonic or Mitsubishi.

I like the cool blue light that emanates from the FCU but alas there is no SYS 4 for Panasonic. So left with Hitachi or Mitsubishi. Then Jack Neo's huge face was in my face at the Gain City showroom, so left with Hitachi.

BTW, Hitachi is assembled in Malaysia.

by terumo on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Hitachi noy well known in the aircon market. Take a look @ yr block. You see more Mit outdoor units or Hitachi?

by Anonymous on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

I think the price of Hitachi sys 4 invertor with installation is quite cheap ba, Hitachi equipment shld be cheaper then Mit or Daikin.

by pegASUS7677 on Hitachi Asia Ltd.

Okay. so everything is up and running. Hitachi air cons are freaking cold. Before I moved to my new house, I was using LG Inverter Gold System 4 at the old place and the Hitachi at my new place is definitely colder and more powerful than my LG.

The adhesive strip which has the HITACHI logo came off from one of my fan units and Hitachi sent out a service tehnician within hours to do a one to one swap of the panel.

Conclusion : Hitachi service is pretty good, and the aircon is good too.

I look out of my flat and see neighbours with Samsung, York, LG, Toshiba, Fujitsu, General, Mitsubishi, Panasonic and it appears I am the only one with a Hitachi.

But no regrets, just because it's not so popular doesn't mean its not good.