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We are an Air Conditioning Company based in Singapore doing aircon service, repair and sales of air-conditioning island-wide. Hintech AirCon Service Singapore provides one-stop air-conditioning services such as, air conditioning service, air conditioner repair, air conditioning maintenance, and installation for all types of air-conditioner units in Offices, Condos, Private Houses, Shops and HDB. All at reasonable rates!


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Hintech Engineering & Construction
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 9 reviews
by Thomas Ang on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Good service !!! Now mine aircon works like brand new

by Jimmy Chun Quan on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Gentle Reminder to all friends!I signed for a quarterly air-con servicing with this company HINTECH Engineering dated on 08/01/2014. Was suppose to end 1 year later which is Jan of 2015! Till today they have yet to come for the last servicing which was due long ago!
But i always have to call and beg them to come because every time when the person call to arrange he will only say that can he come now! I told him several times that we should arrange in advance so that i can arrange myself to be home. He told me he couldn't confirm for prearrange schedule! Best part of all was that only he can tell you on when he is available and you will have to accommodate to his time or else you just have to wait for MONTHS again!
For the past few months he didn't even try to contact me till today i called him up and his answer was that i was the one always not free!! Still can ask me DON'T TALK SO MUCH LA! I will do the last time for you Thursday Morning! I just find this RIDICULOUS!! Now I am wondering who is the consumer paying for the service? Anyway their service is bad too. Every time they came to service they will leave all the dirt in the washroom after washing the cover and filter of the air-con. I have to clean up the floor and wash the bathroom!
Since this is the way i am treated after paying full amount for the contract and get treated like this, i think i should warn everybody before engaging their service or even to commit with them for the yearly contract. - Hintech Air-Conditioning

by Robin Tan on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Quick, efficient and friendly. I have always only used their services, strongly recommended!

by Nicole Tsang on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Efficient and good!! Totally fuss free!!! We use them for both my current place and my mum's place

by John Yang XingGuang on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Reliable maintenance servicing, bookings were quick. Honest recommendations and pricing.

by Teo Shunlong on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Quick to response. Honest dealings. Thanks Hintech.

by David Teo on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Quick to respond, fast with their work and fuss free

by Grace Tan on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Reliable. Good service from them. Have attractive package/price for their aircon service. Lastly, they response fast when called.

by mcarolina on Hintech Engineering & Construction

Here you can't trust anyone. We used Hintech for the normal maintenance. We told them to come for the maintenance for 3 units AC, after he finished the cleaning, he checked the condensers and found they were dirty and he was offering us to do the service to the condensers too, so we accepted ( we knew exactly how much more we will have to pay him). Then he tested the gas in the condenser and told us that we needed to put more gas, he told us how much it would cost, so my husband told him please WAIT, let me check online if the price that you are telling me is correct or no, and in that specific moment the guy forgot he speaks English, while my husband was telling him that we will have to check first, the guy was putting the gas in the condenser without our approval, he was pretending he didn't understand what my husband told him, so for this reason I would not recommend to use them. He is the typical guy that will take advantage of you. They came to do a service for S$90 and we ended up paying them S$210.