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Established in 1981, Gain City started out with a simple quest of improving lifestyles and a focused vision to be Singapore’s trusted air conditioner retailer. Today, renowned as Singapore’s largest air conditioner retailer, the brand is synonymous with excellent air conditioning installation and maintenance service provider, as well as the preferred go-to one-stop retailer for consumer electronics. With more than 750 staff, a pool of BCA-certified installation technicians and a fleet of 160 service vehicles, we are your trusted choice.  

Gain City deals with various Air Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation projects for the Residential, Commercial and Industrial sectors. We have successfully tendered for, and completed several projects.


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Dun ever get from Gain City to save headache n heartaches. Last yr i got from gain city n took leave for the installation. The ppl were late n i called up instead of the ops side calling me n say maybe tmr can do. They nv came. Next day they came n did a horrible trunking job and say its not possible to do it better. Today my neighbour was installing aircon from gain city as well. Instead of putting everything at the space of the neighbours corridor they placed everything in front of my house. I asked the teachnician whether they will mk sure its clean after which they say yes. when i left my house i saw cuts on my outside floor n they cut their planks n trunking outside. I asked the technicians n they say it always happen n that if i do not want the things outside my house i shud put up signages. Wtf?

Bad Experience with Gain CityIt clearly states Gauge 22 in the invoice, and the sales man ran through with me at the Store after the invoice was printed. Today during installation, they say the salesman typo it's Gauge 23 instead. "Standard Package etc". Seems like a standard Bait and switch tactic.Salesman also said I can either retain my current unit or they can help to dispose. No extra charges.Today during installation, installer says they will charge if we wish to retain the current unit.Be careful with unscrupulous salesmen with Gain City, run through and record the conversation with them and go through the invoice carefully. Eventually settled for keeping the air con without additional charges, but really disappointing to see this from an established big retailer.Just go with any small shops instead. I feel quite cheated..

I bought at GainCity Mitsubishi StarMex Sys 3, 9K BTU x 3 couple weeks ago where it comes with 5 years installation and spare parts warranty. Installation warranty covers water and gas leakage, and spare part capped at max amount SGD 1.8k if you top up SGD 99 then you get unlimited amount.I also top up to upgrade to Amarflex half inch and SWG 22 copper. Total i paid around 3.4k.Slightly higher than other shops but you get warranty for 5 years.After installation i just knew that if you submit the feedback form via their website you will get 3 years spare parts warranty automatically.Hope this helps.

Good Price ??Hello,I'm planning to buy aircon for my new BTO, so hoping any kind soul can help to recommend any good lobangs?My current aircon is Mitsubishi Starmex, have been using since 2005, and installed and setup by Gain City. I think in terms of workmanship and quality of the product, it's pretty reliable as I don't encounter big issues for the past 10 years of usage.I'm hoping anyone got any contacts with Gain CIty or any sales person working in Gain City, able to provide a very good quotation for the below:1. Mitsubishi Starmex Inverter System 5 (2 compressor)2. System 4 (1 compressor) please.Thanks!

had an installation by gain city 1 mth ago. rainwater will seep in from the condenser unit thru the gaps between the pipes. the technician came twice to add silicon but i doubt it will work as the pipes goes up to the connector where it is much higher. hence water will still flow down due to gravity. anyone faced this problem before ?

can anyone advise me regarding portable aircon? i got one from gain city few years back and its not cold anymore. i have extended warranty and gain city got their servicing guys to come down a couple of times. they just clean and vacuum the inside but its still not cold and they refuse to acknowledge any problem. they just say their job is only to ensure its working, if its gas or whatever problem its not covered in the warranty. if i want to do servicing its either i find people outside to do or pay to use theirs. what do i do?

I recently bought Panasonic system 4 from Gain City last month. Was given $200 NTUC voucher/$240 Gain city voucher and one panasonic microwave oven.Overall usage: Very cool. with just 26 degree, it already feels so cold that i have to wear T-shirt at home (usually i dun). With nanoe & Econavi Airpurifying feature, i also feels that i dun have sinus problem while using my old LG one.

Just an update. A technician came down on Sat 14/2/15 and left after 10mins saying to refer back to agent Mitsubishi for rectification and wait for their call.On Monday 16/2/15 I call Gain City up when i never receive any calls. This time round i request for a senior technician to come and check my installation thoroughly but after they check the service report from the technician on Sat. They claim and told me the it was not due to installation but the aircon unit and thus already refer to agent.I was pretty upset as i get some opinion from some of my company inhouse air con maintenance team and all told me its due to fault in installation. After numerous emails exchanges and phone with Gain City management, customer service and feedback department. I finally gotten a call at around 8pm with their installation manager who arrange for a technician to come down today.Technician came today and after some check and testing concluded its really due to mis connection to the outdoor compressor during the installation and thus resulting in the problem.After less than an hour of work. All my aircons now working as intended.But from this episode. I have lost my trust in Gain City. SO much for being professionalism as listed in their company core values and the way they trying to push the blame towards the Agent Mitsubishi initially till the honest technician send down tome as arrange by their manager admit to their mistake. This i must give them a thumb up.

Very very bad experience with Gain City.Bought Mitsubishi Starmex Sys 3 (2x9k and 1x12k) top up $120 for the upgrade insulation and also bought their extended warranty. System installed last friday 13/2/15.After installing on all 3 aircon for about an hour or so and surprisingly all 3 aircon start to give out normal temperature air (just like normal blower) thought as system is new thus need some "warm" up.Then on my master bed room throughout the night and can feels that its totally not giving out any cold air at all even when i put my hand near to the fin.The next morning 14/2/14. I on and check the aircon in my living room (12k BTU) and to my horror water start spraying out from the system NOT dripping but spraying... I immediately off the aircon.Called their service hotline the moment its available at 9am. And they arrange a technician to come down at around 11.30.The technician came empty handed. On the 3 aircons see the flow and open the filter for the system at the living room after seeing water still dripping and close back telling me they can't do anything now and will get back to me next monday which is today as of writing 16/2/15. Guess what he left after around 10mins or so..From some experience with aircon and getting a 2nd opinions from my renovation contractor. He feels the same as what i feels.... There's some wrong fittings of the inlet and outlet thus resulting in this scenario whereby on Aircon A its not cold but the cold air actually divert to B which is not on thus water condense. Or some major installation issues with the hoses. Nevertheless they suppose to call em back on monday 16/2/15 to get back to me on the solution but i got to email plus call their service line again and explain the whole situation again to the poor customer service guy and verdict is they told me got to wait for Mitsubishi to get back to me and arrange a date for the repair.My new year in my new house will be in a mess as they told me Mitsubishi will get back to me in 3 days then arrange a date in god knows how many days for technicians to come down at my place for surveying and god knows again when can the system be repair or replace..Told him my disappointment as firstly-I can't on any of my aircon now as water will start to drip after switching off unless i on all 3 which will not have this problems-Water will start to drip for a few hours whenever i on 1 or 2 aircon after switching off and thus inconvenience to my new house and also to my appliances.I request Gain City to send a senior technician to check the installation works as me and my contractor suspect its due to the installation and not the system or both...As of now still negotiating with the incharge who's handling my case. And most funny thing is he called and told me the guy on Sat 14/2/15 who left after around 10mins in his report that the installation work got no problem and i told the in charge on the phone how can he check the installation work by just opening the filter compartment of 1 unit and left after 10mins be consider a check. Just receive a call. Gain city say they don't have manpower to come down to check the installation work again as it seem likely they believe the Sat guy actually do a through check written in his report. And told me to continue waiting for Mitsubishi personnel to call me.Here's my plead for help and suggestions.What can i do now other than waiting for Mitsubishi?Should I request for 7 days money back guarantee? Writing on their facebook page, email to their seem to be fruitless. With the installation warranty, extended warranty what rights do i have as a consumer?Really regret getting from gain city even though i pay a higher price but thought their workmanship gonna be good.... Should have gotten from other retailer instead

1st experience with GC's aircon installationhi all,Thank's Terumo guru, Kimsim & Zeppelin, others for your inputs, appreciate it..Finally decided for Panasonic sys-3 from GC for aircon replacement and here's my experience with GC's aircon installation :1. They quite punctual with the schedule(10am), just missed 5-10 mins.2. Since recently they're not too busy(maybe recently not so hot and not much installation going on) and asked for senior/experience team to come prev, we've short discussion with 1 senior technician before work start. Since it's replacement from old FCU and compressor, using same piping route is the best and can use old trunking and later they replaced(patch-up & touch up) nicely after the installation.3. Tried to be nice to them, prepared apple juice(in Jar)water and biscuits & try to be friendly and not rushing them at all since they've lot times to do the work all day long.4. 2 technicians came in the morning and prepared all the stuff and i can say they're very nice guy, i can discuss a lot things with them..They're from JB and have short chit chat abt their family doing, really warm hearted...5. Work starts and they split their works, one dismantled the compressor unit and the other one dismantle the current FCUs.6. During early discussion, very happy to hear that false ceiling no need to cut but after they tried hard to pull out the existing piping(since very bad leaking), decided to cut small hole at the false ceiling(cost $50 per hole)7. Before lunch time, the senior technician worried they can not complete their works so he asked help for 2 more technicians to help them.8. it's quite tough to dismantle the compressor especially and take it out from it place because the window from the ledge quite small so they have to bang here and there in order to pass the window, it's quite loud and inconvenience for neighbours but seems no choice then finally can take out the old/spoiled compressor without any major damage(salute them also)9.Lucky, the senior technician said can use existing bracket(old one daikin model) with adding small rubber so can seat properly for the Pana compressor. so again save another $150 from GC for the bracket , very nice & good work from the senior tech.10. Before the installation, the old technician suggested to upgrade the piping and insulation on the spot(before, we cancelled it by recommendation from Zeppelin) but after thinking and discussed with the team some while, due to urgency, we decided to upgrade one only for the master bedroom from 23 to 22 incl the insulation(i think), the rest is using 23 since not much bends and not go thru toilet and this upgrade was waived by them(thank's to them again).11. Installation started, 4 of them start working and if you've kids around, better relocate them temporary somewhere else(parent house, friend house, etc)because it's so messy and dusty everywhere, forgot also to covered all toys, kid books.12. They work quite efficient and fast(maybe they're experience), do that and here, some place is covered and some place is not, so dusty everywhere, this lack of them during installation, even offered them vacuum cleaner to use, they refused to use it.13. 4pm+ works completed and test run the aircon, they patch-up all existing trunking and false ceiling hole with white cements which is not really that bad, there's some small part is missing but overall quite ok.14. before leaving, came another senior technician to explain abt all works and what need to do in case any problem and the guy also nice & helpfull.15. One thing is missing here with them is cleaning parts, they just clean all major rubbish but not really that good in finishing, even offered them vacuum cleaner. The dust is everywhere but since consider their service is quite ok, not an issue to clean it and mop entire floor later, just take less than one hour to complete it.16. at nite till morning, tested and try all aircon feature, looks good and ok, not really bad and not so noisy... fiuhhh ....that's all folks, my experience with GC, hopefuly(touch wood) nothing wrong for next chapter is aircon maintenance, will browse at the aircon maintenance side in H/W zone so overall with GC, i can say not really that bad and need to consider or plan couple of major things before purchase and installation.

Hi guys,Just got a starmex sys 3 installed about a week ago. Good service by Gain City Changi. Does anyone know what the bundle of white tissue-like paper roll that comes with each remote control is for? I asked Gain City but they told me I can throw it away. It looks too nicely rolled up and taped to be a filler item. I unrolled it and it's like 1.5 metres long.

Installed a brand new system 1 by Gain City 2 weeks ago.Model: Mit Electric StarMex 12KToday morning woke up and found a small part of the pipe/trunking with condensation although it didn't drop on the floor but I smell trouble coming up.AC is still very powerful though. I set it to 19 Degree to sleep didn't notice any difference since day 1. Still as cold.Gave Gain City a call today and they will be sending down a technician to do a check on 291214.Very disappointed. AC is only 2 weeks old only and it is giving this kind of problem Material used for installation all is upgradedArmaflex - 1/2UPG Copper - G22Drainage Pipe 16mm

Hi terumo bro, I have bought the Mitsubishi starmex from gain city @changi city point... $2979 + $150(bracket) + $180(tube and insulation upgrade) + $129(additional insurance coverage with no limit cap) and they have 3yrs labour warranty, if their workmanship not good, it'll be covered ... Total bill to be $3438... the salesman very friendly too. It's a good experience to get from gain city

today went to gain city and hooted a daikin sys 23mks50esg/ftks25dvm x2 @ $21993C70 & 4C40 cables included16mm drainage pipe included3 year workmanship includedss bracket @ $150upgrade armflx 1/2" class 1 & g22 copper pipe @ $120total 5 year gain city warranty @ $399total $2868not sure if tio chop coz looking around the upgrade item seem to be as what others said here just that didnt seem to see anyone getting extended warrantyhad a offer with mhi too with exact same pricing + free 32" led tv but decided to get daikin coz of a friend recommendation and my current spoilt one is mhi so try new brand

Just to share my bad bad bad experience.Hi All, I purchased MHI system 4 from GC at Changi Expo during promotion. Sales did not bother to check where I stay.On installation day, technician found the compressor can not fit to MBR windows aircon ledge. Tried to call sales, no luck. Called and spoke with CS, they told me sales was off duty, and they end up pushed me to change with Panasonic brand, and told me, if I don't confirm on immediate, they will need to charge $150 for delaying installation.I went to GC Sengkang for reporting the problem. One staff helped to make some call, and next day, sales called and arranged to change the aircon with Starmex system 4. I requested to change the technician with more senior one.However, the next technician came even worst.They did not cover my parquet floor, causing lots of scratches.They also made one side of work desk in my common room broken on the alignment due to kena heavy pressure. And they also joint the cooper pipe, reasoning pipe already more than 15m. And worst, they did not bother to do vacuum for the piping. I called the sales and only being told to submit the feedback by email, which I did.Different supervisor came to my house, to check and only apology for all the problem and promised to follow up with office today.Just to share, so if you intend to get GC for your aircon, think twice. I am very disappointed.

NEVER TRUST GAIN CITYI have bought a set of Hitachi inverter system 3 air-con last year for S$3,300 on their salesman's recommendation. Actually, I wanted to buy Panasonic but the salesman serving me keep on pushing Hitachi. So, I bought a system 3. But after the installation I found that the air-con is not cold and only blow air. I then complaint to them and they sent the Hitachi technician down. The technician came down and gave the excuse of I have the air-con installed at the corner and then left.Now, I do not use the system. I bought this system on credit card of 24 instalment payment and I'm still paying the monthly instalment. When the 24 month instalment is up I will throw away the Hitachi air-con and get a new system of another brand. Of course for one hundred and one per cent I will not go to Gain City. They are only selling and pushing the brand that they have bought in big bulk at cheaper cost.

Hi..FYI , just confirmed ME Starmex System 4 with GC .Total Damage : $4119 nett with Bracket n the usual stuffs.If u know your stuff , they will normally go down to their best price.Thanks.

For installing workmanship Gain city still is the best team in Sg ....but after sales and service ...hehe

Allbest boss and besttech boss are brothers. GainCity are cousin. It is best to go to gaincity to install aircon.Allbest use lousy quality. They tell you use 16mm drainage pipe but only at the toilet where you can see.In the trunking they use 13mm. Wire they use do not come with PSB approve. Without PSB approve cost less than $15 per 50 yard.PSB approve singapore cable cost $50 per 50 yard. That is why their price is so cheap.

any idea why aircon price differ so much?Decided to buy toshiba aircon.Gain city-3100 for sys 3Natural cool-$4000 for sys 3Best Tech- $3900 for sys 4 Anyway the natural cool person sounded very unfriendly over the line. Gain city best, 2am ask for quote over email and 9am send me price

Panasonic provides good quality air, Daikin provides durability. Mitsubishi and Samsung are ok as far as I can tell. I would recommend inverter units from Panasonic or Daikin. Courts and Gain City should be good places to look at. Coolserve is pretty good too.

Yup, they can be trusted.

been using Gaincity pass 3 air-con system, so far so good.3rd air-con not cool after 1 years, within warranty, changed PCB board, no charges.will chose installer 1st then brand to use.2cents

to Oakhub :I bought from GC during the GetIT show @Expo end Sept'12 ME Sys 3 inverter :1. MXY3A28VA x1 2. MSYGE10VA x23. MSYGE13VA x1Price : $3039 ($2989 if you replace MSYGE13VA with MSYGE10VA) + $ 150 bracket + Dismantle/trade in. 3/8" Armaflex + G23 copper pipe. I did not want the upgrade to 1/2" insulation ($180). 1 year manufacturer warranty + 4 yrs extended warranty (by GC : All indoor + outdoor unit mechanical + electronic parts excl remote control and outer plastic+removal plastic part of the indoor unit ) + 3 yrs GC installation warranty (need to go GC website to register to get this Installation warranty). Condition : unauthorised repair or service render warranty null n void etc....Experience : Good with the sales but bad with the installation technician. Technician did not make big enough wall opening size. Insulation tube was forced thru the rough edge of the wall causing torn surface on abt 2m length. Technician kept saying it was fine. Only upon my insistence that he changed the tube. Insulation are also compressed at this tight wall opening. OWNER BEWARE!!!!!Terumo, I did not check if technician did a thorough replacement for every inch of torn insulation surface. So far, room temperature in 3 rooms is satisfactory and no condensation or water leak at any part of the trunking in the past 2 wks . But I am worry about condensation at the compressed and torn surface. Had complained to GC. Any advice and comment on detection and estimate how long should I monitor before I can safely say that condensation is not going to be a problem. Thank you in advance.Other info to share : Power consumption (purely Air-cond usage) drop by close to 50% after I replaced my 15 yrs old National Sys 3 non inverter to ME Sys 3 inverter. [10 kWhr to 5 kWhr for 2 rooms turn on from ~8 pm to ~7 am]

Price not so competitive but friendlier to the wallet with monthly installmentThey are also professional enough to discuss about the installation and giving recommendation

Good experience with Gain CityBought a sys2 ME Starmex from Gain City IMM and the whole experience from purchase to installation was a smooth and pleasant one. The salesman was not pushy and explained patiently to us the various models available and pricing. The installation guys were very professional, punctual, neat and obliging. They even painted our walls when we asked though they didn't have to. We were initially afraid of the mess of installation but the GC guys cleaned up every time they finished up a portion of the job. The air con feels great, no regrets in my purchase!

Just ordered my Mitsubishi System 3 inverter from Gain City that comes with the 5 years extended warranty. But the waiting time for installation is quite long, around 18 days. Can't wait for my new inverter system as my current same brand system 3 non inverter is getting old and keep biting on my monthly electricity bill.Have read from the thread here and decided to go for one of Bro Terumo recommendation, thats why I go for Mitsubishi.Anyone know of any shop that buy 2nd hand aircon inclusive of dismantling my existing units? Hope to fetch some $$ back if possible. Current unit is still working and service every quarterly.

Just like to share my experience.Bought Panasonic system 3 non-inverter from Gaincity almost 2 years liao.. bundled with 3 years half-yearly servicing.. so far so good. Price was around $2,100 that time. Total BTU is 18,000. Energy consumption is 2 ticks.Recently installed a new Samsung system 1 inverter unit for living room from Courts. Costs me $1,700 with 5yrs extended warranty. BTU is 20,000. Can cool my 5-rm living room to 25 degree in less than an hour. Energy consumption is 4 ticks.So in summary, total damage for 4 Aircon units and 2 compressor is close to 4K.Have fun sourcing around !

Get out it show gain city quote Mitsubishi electric system 2 inverter at $2339. Salesman suxk told me all aircon brand same and good, like don't wan sell. Which aircon company recommended to buy?

Retrospective Report on Mitsubishi Electric Gain City installer has done a perfect job on 01-08-2011 to install my Mitsubishi Inverter System 3. But happiness doesn’t last long. 2 days later, the aircon has not functioning well and having intermittently cooling problem which were not cold in the 2 rooms. Call Gain City on 10-08-2011 and the installer response within 24 hours to check the gas pressure and certified there is no leakage. On 12-08-2011, the Mitsubishi technician came and didn’t detect any fault and they left. Over the few days the problem happened again, causing disturbance to me and my family in the sleep because the aircon becomes very stuffy. Call the service centre again and they said they will send a supervisor, Mr Leong to install a data logger to my aircon. Appointment was made on 19-08-2011 morning. Mr Leong forgotten about the appointment until I call the service centre to check. He later called admitted and apologize for he has forgotten about the appointment. Later he came and installed the 2 logger to the 2 bedrooms. On 22-08-2011, The technician came and collect back the logger to upload data. Call the service centre in afternoon for results, the receptionist contact Mr Leong and promise that he will contact me around 5pm. But he never call at all. On 23-08-2011, call service centre several times to insist someone to call me (that include Mr Karlos, the service manager)and no response from anyone. At about 3pm, Mr Lee from service centre called and said that according to the logger results, my aircon was working fine. I asked him how about the data on Sunday night (21-08-2011), and he said that the logger didn’t record on Sunday night. (Which the problem happened to the MBR on that night until Monday morning, where the other room the logger did recorded) I asked him then what should we do now. He answer that “IF I WANT THEN I SHOULD CALL THE CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER TO BOOK ANOTHER APPOINTMENT TO INSTALL THE LOGGER AGAIN!! then he hang up on me. I think he should as least help in the arrangement not asking me to call myself and also not to hang up on me. I was very unhappy so I called to meet the General Manager, and appointment was confirm as the receptionist said that he was in the office. I went to the service centre to look for the General Manager, the service reception said he was on the phone and ask me take a seat. 10 minutes later, she told me that he was not around. Ask me to proceed to the Asia Office (next building) to see the General Manager there. So I went over, the receptionist said there were too many General Manager around and which one I would like to see. I told her I would like to see the Service or Sales General Manager, she told me then both also not around. Later she called several times to the service centre just to get service manager to come over and talk to me, but after waiting for 45 minutes then Mr Karlos and Mr Joe came and they also admitted that the aircon was not able to cool the room according to the logger data. I made my proposal to them as follows; 1. To replace my aircon system with a NEW one, or 2. To return the product, or 3. We will settle the dispute with Consumer Association. Mr Joe promised to reply me with a favourable reply by 24-08-2011 5pm and Mr Karlos said if they need more time they will definitely call me. Today until 5pm, nobody call me (empty promises again). So I call Mr Karlos and he said he need more time, and request that he may need to send their engineer down to my place again. I rejected his request and informed him that I still stick to the proposal as mentioned above.

Fyi.Went GC IMM for a sys 3 inverter. They are throwing in 4 yrs additional warranty this weekend. Dismantle old set is FOC. Piping no extra charge.Courts charged me $100 for dismantle. Piping-every feet $8 after 15 metres.

SHARP SYS 3 - INVERTERJust to put some info on the web for people interested...Bought at Gaincity Expo sales on 03 Jul 2011.Purchased1x AUX3M24LV (the outdoor unit)2x AHXPC9LV (2x 9000btu indoor unit)1x AHXPC12LV (1x 12000btu indoor unit) ... all 4 items for $2839Outdoor Unit Bracket ... $150Upgrade to thicker insulation ... $180Total paid including GST$3169 (bao ka liao, include running of pipes, remove old unit/bracket etc)Freebies5 years warranty (1 + 4 covers electrical and mechanical parts, labor and transport, exclude servicing and remote control).Philips Micro Ipod Docking station (DCM292)Info sure if I got a good deal as I'm not really into air-con, picked this because it's all aluminium, got the ion thingy built-in which my mom really like, and it's got 4 ticks, full load 2.07 and partial load 0.67 if I'm not wrong.They will be installing on 20 July.By the way, the salesperson Mr. Roy Lim was very patient, friendly and knowledgeable, he really took his time to explain to us, clear our doubts and even demonstrated the functionalities of the air-con thoroughly, I think all salesperson should learn from him, not like the earlier guy so impatient, ask him something his face like want to fall asleep, yeah, he even open his mouth and yawn like nobody business when my mom asked him a question haha... Later ask him what about our old air-con if we buy new, he say they can un-install and remove for us but we say what if we want to keep (my mom want to give to uncle), he very straightforward say then you un-install the air-con and the bracket yourself then call us to install, wah lao eh, like that also can lol... think he really F-care liao, stand so many days sibei sian liao lol

Just had mine Starmex System 3 Inverter installed today by Gaincity! Happy user now, aircon damn cold... + it rained today.. maybe that's why...That guy spent 5 hours just dismantling and assembling my system 3 without doing any piping because I have built in wardrobes...The technicians were very careful and meticulous in their workmanship and acceded to all my requests, changing insulations for existing pipes, careful with moving of stuffs, flushing the pipes etc.And he even has to go out in the rain this morning about 11am when there was a heavy downpour... end up both of them totally drenched despite me asking them not to go out then... But of course... I paid a premium for it... >.

thanks bro yes going for gaincity. going for the mitsubishi model at $2880++. i will also probably purchase the additional 4 years warranty for $399. hopefully everything goes well cause currently some parts of the trunking concealed by previous renovation works(false ceiling/toilet wooden cupboards. asked and they are using g23 copper pipes and amarflex insulation.just to check is it Amaflex, Amarflex or Armaflex? seen a few variations here and googling seems to lead me to Armaflex insulation. haha duno whether they are the same thing. gaincity spelt it out to me as Amarflex.was thinking whether to upgrade the master bedroom unit to 12000btu which cost around $100+ more and two common rooms as per normal 9000btu.though gaincity advice dont need to upgrade 9000btu x 3 should be okbut thinking since master bedroom has a toilet and a slight "corridor" which makes it abit bigger. dont want to over work the 9000btu unit in the master bedroom.which model did you go for and overall cost?

my 1st Toshiba Inverter lasted for ~8years, installer is GC.just installed another inverter sys3 by GC. wat i like abt GC is i can purchase another 4years of warranty, henceno big shock on repair bill next 5 years.also the workmanship is warrant for 36months. hope i need not usethis warrantytotal spent abt $3k, break it down to 5 years, abt $600/year.if it survive >5years, i be happier; else again will be another aircon system change. by then should be able save enough.lastly when GC install new sys3, all old trunking n pipes n wiring, removed and new installed...PS: not really buying an aircon, but is like buying insurance for aircon next 5 years..... hope this help u when deciding on your purchase... happY shopping

I used Fujitsu once, and had to repair it twice within 5 years. I posted it on this thread...I had air-con installations thrice (incl. one by GC). IMO the GC technician really knew what he was doing.

eventually did a quick decision on Hitachi Inverter system 3 with day installation due slot avail. overall satis. GC comes with 36mths workmanship warranty. also purchased the 5 years warranty.pricing comes with some Ang Bao rebate also, abt $238

When I bought my aircon at GC last month, I asked the salesman would he give some discounts if I pay by cash. He said all mode of payment would be the same, including installment. At the end, I chose the installment

Yes, those are considered bigger companies. Price wise, I personally compared and found that Coolserve has a better pricing than Gain City. Installation work wise, not too sure about Coolserve. Gain City installation work, you need to get the right technicians. Some of them are really good, but some.. *cough cough*

Just bought Mistubishi System 4 Inverter @ Gaincity Marina served by Din .. total damage 4k MXY4A28VA, 10+10+10+13 with free 5yr warranty upgraded to G22 ,1/2 inch and bracket asked for 1hr to get free gift and vouchers in the end get nothing 🙁 .. I think free 5yr warranty is quite worth it .. 2nd lowest quotation with same spec $3890 from HongTar.. but 5yr free warranty i cant resist, in the end go for GC .. hope ll get good technician

I really got bad luck.. today another new error appeared on my LG wall unit. Error code CH02. Cannot even start the wall unit .... sigh.. got to call them for repair.. 6 months and dun know come my place like so many times already Wrote a long complaint letter to LG and Gain City but got no response (expected lah )Update: Must admit quite impressed.. called up GC in the morning and less than 1 hour later, LG called to said they coming today. Came at 2 pm and then replaced (yet another) sensor in the wall unit. Said that a particular batch of air cons made in Korea (during a harsh winter) had some problems with sensor.. so hence my issue... oh well. just my luck

Use my combi then! GainCity @ IMM - $4,340 Mistubishi System 4 Inverter with MXY4A28VA, MSY-GE10 *2, GE13 *2 Paid $150 to upgrade 1/2" insulator armaflex, and $494 of 4 years warranty for parts. However if urs is a new flat, u can try toshiba. Made in Japan. If u want to know if u can do it, call Coolserve and give them ur block number. They are able to check that for u. My system 4 from Coolserve will be $3899, GainCity gave an initial price of 3994. In the end, it becomes 3794. that why i went with GC. Yday bought it, today dismantle. Came @ 11am sharp. Good!

Yes Gain City technicians are no good at all for solving aircon related problems. You asked them questions they will like show a question mark face to you. For us, we re-using existing pipings and they mention it is ok no problem one. But now the problem is previously aircon fancoil is 12,000 btu which i did highlighted to the sales person and he mention no problem too. On the day of installation, the technicians also never say anything. Now panasonic fancoil is 9,000 btu & copper pipe size is different fm our existing. So they say must change pipings and each room charge is S$200. Not sure if it is the main source of sound problems. But we only getting $50 rebate each room for re-using existing pipings and now they are trying to shove the responsibilities back to us as old pipings not covered under warranty.

Sigh..... Gain City installation again? Me also got noisy compressor since Day 1 but panasonic brand. Are you re-using existing piping or new pipe installed by them? Not sure if you got the same installation group as me, the senior one call Ah Yong.

if you do google search about gaincity installation, a lot of people has complained. Me Included.... NEVER NEVER EVER use them.... you can see their technician attitudes and non-responsive customer service. I learn the hard way.. and I guess you too

Thanks Bro Kimsim.Anyway, yesterday went to GC IMM and close the deal.Mitsubishi inverter sys 3 + upgrade insulation & copper + s/s bracket + extended warranty.The damage: $3398.Lucky can pay by cc installment.

Ask u all something.. amazing i heard today.. i have a (very new) LG system 2 inverter. Endless troubles since day 1 (noisy compressor etc etc).. Anyway, got a new problem this week... got wetness on my box near to the air con unit (where the pipes make a L shaped turn)... then got squeaking noise come out from the same wet area..So I called Gain City contractor to come take a look.. guess what he said ? He said my aircon switch on to 21 degree is too low. Must switch to 23 degree... nothing to do with tube or the gas.. just that invertor air cons are like that, cannot switch too cold cause the gas will be 'stuck' at the L shaped turn and make noise..Argued for 15 mins also useless. he said not happy, then he will ask his supervisor come and explain to me..Dun know what logic.. sigh..

Bought a mitsubishi electric inverter system 3 + system 2 from GC @ quite a good price imho. Total cost is $6750 inclusive of concealed copper piping (3/4 inches iirc) and 5 years warranty.

Hi all, just sharing my experiences.For months I was looking for a suitable unit to replace my 8-year old Fujitsu which finally broke down last yr.After doing a ton of research, I finally settled on a non-inverter model. (My sis and I may be moving out in a few yrs and we don't wish to spend $3-4k on inverter whose savings we are unlikely to recoup. Also, I eventually found that Panasonic uses 2 compressors, which will help reduce the bill for my usage pattern - see below) I visited the following stores:Everjoint at AMK - despite all the good comments about them, I was unimpressed with the way they handle customers. Boss/owner didn't even know the prices of the aircons. Tried to upsell me from Toshiba ($18xx) to Daikin ($21xx).Gain City - the experience was what I had expected from a chain store. Salesman tried to upsell from Samsung to inverter models straightaway, but when he saw what a cheapo I was, he couldn't be bothered... Kun Seng - went on a Saturday after seeing ads in newspapers, turned out that prices didn't include GST nor installation. I was quoted $17xx for a Panasonic, was about to commit but thankfully didn't as later I found out it was the older CU-3C20EKH model. Tried to upsell me to a Daikin with one energy tick...Aircon Designs - Recommended by friend. They were the ones who did my Fujitsu, but it seems they now only do industrial installations. They only recommended me inverter models, and prices not competitive also. Sales rep was pleasant and responded quickly though.Natural Cool - Decided to go with them in the end. I was quoted $15xx for the latest model Panasonic (CU-3C20KKZ) incl. GST, dismantling of old Fujitsu, and new bracket. Insulation would be Nyflex 1/4" thick. Salesman was pleasant and not pushy, didn't try to upsell anything. Installation was done by Natural Cool's own guys, a team of 2 M'sians who were friendly and easygoing, and were careful not to make a mess despite the cramped working area due to many furniture not being movable.They used brand-new and shiny copper pipe, also Nyflex branded, sealed in bags. The Nyflex insulation appears to be of pretty good quality compared to the one at a certain chain store which was so weak I was able to tear off a piece with 2 fingers Work was started at 11am and finished at around 6pm. As stated this Panny (CU-3C20KKZ) has 2 compressors, a 12,000 BTU one shared by 2 rooms and a 9,000 BTU one for 1 room. I assigned the 9K BTU one to my sister's room as she has a habit of leaving her aircon on at lowest temp all day when friends come round. That way, the maximum power consumption will only be "9K" rather than "12K".There were 2 negative areas:1. They had to reuse old trunking in the bathroom as it appeared to be "glued" to the tiles and they claimed pulling it off might damage the tiles. I didn't want to take the risk, so I agreed.2. After mounting the FCU in my master bedroom, they found that the airflow flap would hit the curtain rail when opened. The only solution was to adjust part of the curtain rail downwards. This is also partly my fault, as I should have checked rather than blindly reuse the old FCU location.Anyway I am now enjoying my new and freezing cold room after more than 6 mths of tiring research. No more noisy window aircon!Hope this experience is useful to some ppl. If anyone wants reviews on the aircon itself, please let me know.P.S. For those worried about noise, the condensing unit is very quiet. I can hardly hear it even when I am standing at my window next to it. Of course, things might change down the road if either Panny or NC have done a crap job...

Our A/C installed by Gain City this week. They came on time at 9.40am & finishes the work at 2.00pm. We thought they will go for lunch at 12pm but when we ask them they say nevermind, they will lunch after completion of job. Total 3 technicians came. One of them a bit rough & seem not too experienced. Luckily the other 2 more professionals and they will always double-check on the procedures. The not so experienced technician did clean up the mess from time to time in the middle of the job. But he did borrow the broom set from us but we don't mind it. At the end of the installation, they did clear up the mess & debris. So far, they are quite friendly & did follow our instructions. We are pleased with the installation job. Hopefully no further issues. Will monitor & feedback here.

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