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Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.
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by victoryeo on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Read this.Fujitsu Aircon / Winfinity - Bad experience

by kimsim on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Fujitsu got some issue, please stay away it.If wanna cheaper now then go with Pana is the right choice.

by Netiya1987 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Anyone have issues with fujitsu?? My cousin brought a fujitsu sys 2 but realize that the fujitsu is not japan made anymore and it is made in china now.
Now the fancoil in the Master bedroom cannot even switch on. Their problem is at first very noise after that cannot power on the next day. Anyone have the same problem?

by kimsim on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Fujitsu / MIT Hvy Ind & Media not long lasting wow.
Even some Aircon shop they sell those brand but also never recommended.

by summerberries0 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

I am thinking about Daikin. People say standard is better than inverter
I am replacing my 2 years old Fujitsu aircon. Thinking to throw them away in front of their agent office

Please please AVOID FUJITSU AIRCON! at all cost I warn you already

by Happy Family on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Please be wary of Fujitsu service. They charged transport fees of S$80 for every trip.

by wilson8 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend me where to buy aircon from for good workmanship and installation. I am looking to buy Mitsubishi Electric starmex sys 3 as my current sys 3 master bedroom is no longer cold after 5 yrs.

Don't ever buy fujitsu, the aircon authorised company winfinity is dishonest, cut my wire and tell me pcb spoil, 3x eev coil n 2x thermistor need replacement, total damage $685 wo gst.
only my mbr aircon is not cold and yet need to replace so many parts. Fujitsu is not repair friendly accor2ding to another contractor that I engage, he said the pcb is not inverted and difficult to access.

any aircon expert please recommend me a good installer and company to get ME sys3 since everyone recommend ME.

Many thanks in advance.

by andykoh1981 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Dun waste your Money on Europace aircon.... If you are looking at max cooling for good price and after sales, get Fujitsu..
Approx same price and 2 years warranty on fancoil

by Cathrine on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Fujistu is a real nice product to use They provide very good service and the products are excellent. As far as mitsubishi starmex is concerned I have no idea about that. I hope this will help you out.

by DarkBlue on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Do not buy Fujitsu.
My Fujitsu Inverter broke so many times, the actual cost of the unit over 5 years costs more than $8K ! Sometimes blower working but not cold at all.

I think today it finally died.

by DarkBlue on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Better to buy proven brands, that has good track record.
Redo air-con piping & installation, need incur extra cost because my interior design specially designed with wood to cover up the piping. Imagine young couples getting need BTO with no experience.

No more penny wise, pounds foolish.

by Mclairs83 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

wah.. my Fujitsu inverter outdoor unit spoilt within first 3yrs. paying $3600 for everything last time.. den repair cost for the outdoor unit cost another $900...
so decided to scrapped everything and move to Daikin non-inverter.. till now not much problem.

by MoDiE on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

I just bought a Fujitsu System 3 Inverter from Courts. Hope its as good as my old Starmex non-inverter.
Price came with all pipings and 5 year extended warranty.

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

I used Fujitsu once, and had to repair it twice within 5 years. I posted it on this thread...
I had air-con installations thrice (incl. one by GC). IMO the GC technician really knew what he was doing.

by Mclairs83 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

I'm still using non-inverter.
Previously was using Fujitsu inverter a/c.. cost me around $3.4k.. spoilt at 3rd year.

Fujitsu technician came over, repair cost over $900.. saying outdoor unit spoil, need to replace board, compressor & other stupid components. all these components only warranty for 3mths.. after 3mths up lorry, u bear the cost again.

Gave up on Fujitsu, crap piece of aircon.. trusted my friend(working in winfinity) too much coz he guarantee me, inverter will save more money.. save my foot..

After using normally for 3mths.. bills still the same.. never drop, infact increase of electricity..

Now using Daikin non-inverter.. super happy wif it.

by Mclairs83 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

My outdoor unit spoilt after 3yrs+ of usage, repair cost is up to $900.. i immediately fug Fujitsu on their aircon quality..

After considering the cost, i immediately called my friend to quote me a Daikin non-inverter sys 4.. man.. after installation.. i felt so much better.. previously on my Fujitsu, i need to adjust my temperature on my a/c to my daikin is 25deg and my room felt much cooler.

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

hi, my Fujitsu (AOY36VMNM4) of less than 5 years is giving me problem again.
This time, it's the PCB. Now one of my FCU doesn't have any refrigerant pumped into it. Sianz.

Think I'm going to change it soon, coz as predicated by the Air-Con guy, things are slowly failing. double-sianz.

I thinking of Toshiba (coz my parent's place uses it for over 15 years! and it's still working! a bit rusted though), and apparently they're the only ones which still have their compressors made in Japan.

Anybody got good recommendation? Any other brands made in japan?

by KSM112 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

My Fujitusu aircon sucks!! The single split AOAR18JCC inverter in my bedroom broke down 2 times within the 1st yr. It was installed 1 and half yr ago. Now the mulit-split ASAA12JACM inverter in my other 2 rooms broke them last Friday. They are less than 2 yrs old. The service of the agent - Winfinity is real
disappointing. I'm always put on hold on the phone and they always say will call back and in the end i've
to keep calling to get to talk to their person in charge. Upon checking yesterday,the technician said both the PCB and 2 EEV coils need to be replaced....Sian.. It will cost me almost $600 including $80 transport. There is only 3 months' waranty after the replacement. I questioned them how can the air-con can break down so soon. They say other customers have no such problem. Last time my Toshiba air-cons lasted for more than 10 yrs without giving me much problem. I regret v. much changing to Fujitusu inverter thinking i can save on the electricity bill. I wonder if inverter air-cons are really less reliable or it all depends on the brand??? Should i get the replacement done ? Don't know how many months they can last and get another replacement again. I would rather change the whole air-con set. When air-con breaks down, it's not just money, but time to wait for them to come, this and that, and causing us such inconvenience - for the whole week my daughters have to sleep in my room, sian....

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

hm.. this is strictly my own views k?

i think the old Fujitsu had very slim/small FCU which impeded the the transfer of 'coolness' into the room. The result was cold gas in; cold gas out. And sweating was common, at least for me and another close friend.

GC told me that the newer Fujitsu model has oredi addressed this issue, and for what i see it is larger than the older one.

but one bad experience was enough for me... i went for Toshiba.

What about Daikin? Have you enquire the price for it?

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

nevertheless, impressive still! even without the compressor unit turned on, the FCU also consumes substantial energy...

btw, what's your air-con brand? maybe it's time for me to change after-all! My Fujitsu is only 2 ticks... and I'm spending >$300 on PUB bills! Most of it is electricity!

by sunshade on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

My Fujitsu aircon also sucks. PCB gone after 4 years. I've been unhappy with this aircon since day one.

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

my Fujitsu invertor system-4 just died on me... the monsterous 36k BTU compressor refuses to start... sigh!
only 4+ years of use... sianz... I'm thinking of replacing it liao

by Mclairs83 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

My outdoor unit is exactly the same model as yours. and somehow when i started to use this Fujitsu brand..all my trunking are sweating like nobody business.. Its either the insulation they used is crap or the gas escape like nobody business.

i didn't repaired mine.. the quotation they gave me was $900!+ i might as well get a Daikin!

by simmo2741 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

The Saga with Hong Tar continues... I have a questions at the end of it if anyone wants to skip the long story and just offer some advise on a different system you don't have to read my rant.

Saturday morning we called them up to see if the appointment was made... Told they will check and get back to us, no one did. Took another 4 calls and still surprise surprise they haven't arranged anything. The person we spoke to before who said he would sort it out for us (Sales Manager) has gone away for the long weekend and will not be back until Tuesday.

Asked to speak to that persons boss, was told there wasn't one, asked for the owner and told that was the sales manager and that there was no one who could help us. (Really unbelievable!! sales manager = owner. Wouldn't you call yourself the CEO/Director if you were really the owner) Told they will try to contact someone then call us back. No one did.

Called them back and told them we wanted the last payment back as they haven't provided a good enough aircon system for the place and that they are not taking any responsibility to resolve the issue. They kept telling us they can't do anything until Tuesday! & fujitsu would be closed until Monday so no appointment can be made.

Went down the shop to be pushy and demand someone sort it out and to request to speak with the owner. (we were told over the phone that there was no point coming down as they will still not help us or be able to return the money)

When we got there they had suddenly got their butts in gear and arranged an appointment with fujitsu for Monday 3-5pm. They told us Fujitsu will send down the Sales Manager & technicians to do the full tests (using a computer) and Hong Tar's engineers will also attend. They also agreed that the engineers will bring a check to return the last payment. Informed the lady serving us that it needs to be fixed by 8th Feb as all our furniture is arriving then and if they need to replace the system we will need to redo the renovation work/box up before the furniture arrives. They committed to providing a solution for us at the end of the Monday.

We walked over to IMM to check out the aircon shops to see if they have any demo sets, one shop had a demo of an older 9K Btu fujitsu model we turn it on and at a medium speed it had a stronger stength wind/airflow than the 18K Btu in our living room on high power. They showed us the specs and on paper it should be less powerful than a new 9 Btu model in our bedrooms. Really makes me think there is a problem with the amount of air coming out of our system.

Monday 1pm Hong Tar called and said engineers will arrive at 2pm & Fujitsu will arrive at 2:30pm. Hong Tar guys arrive on time & turned the aircon on then sat down and waited for fujitsu. Fujitsu arrive at 3:45pm Only person that shows up is the Sales Manager, he walks in feels the aircon by the fans and says all ok no problem!!! so annoyed!! walk away from the fan coil and it is still hot & humid you fool!! both wife and myself took leave for some guy to come and test it with his hand after it has been cooling a room for 1.5 hours!! We could have told him it was blowing out cold air, we want to know why is it not cooling our apartment adequately.

Phoned up Hong Tar and got told they will call us back. Wife got very angry tried calling the Hong Tar sales manager's handphone that he previous gave us, it was finally switched on and he answered, she went mad at him, why is her time being wasted again (she has a problem at work that needs to be fixed so shouldn't have really been taking leave), why are no tests being done, why are you not taking ownership of it like you told us you would before you went away. etc He told her he will find out what was happening then get back to her (he never did and never answered his phone for the rest of the day. So irresponsible if you are to believe he is meant to be the owner!!)

Spent the next hour arguing with the Fujitsu Sales guy, explaining what we did at IMM and why is an old 9K btu stronger than our new 18Kbtu. We get nonsense from him like, can't compare 9K with 18K have to compare 18K with 18K! He went off and made some phone calls and came back and said fujitsu can only do a test on Wednesday and they will need to test for 3-4 days.

The original Hong Tar lady finally called back and we ask why wasn't this all arranged before, how can they commit to providing a solution end of day Monday when fujistu need 3-4 days to test and why did they tell us more tests would be done today when nothing was planned by fujitsu. She kept saying have to test so no option, told her there is no way I could take 4 days leave for this and it would cause a problem with the furniture arriving & any possible reno work that needs to be redone. Reminded her that she had committed a solution to me today and that I would like one with in 30mins (5:30pm) (As they have already wasted another afternoon of our leave really do not want anymore of my time wasted)

Fujitsu guy then started saying the aircon was positioned in the wrong location (if it is why did Hong Tar advise the current locations)

red is current location, blue is fujitsu recommended location. Grey is the area being cooled to an ok level after 1-2 hours.

I could agree on the bedroom and understand why technically it might be better but wife doesn't want it blowing on the bed, and her view is it's only 3x4m room so should be cooling if the aircon was working properly.

For the living room, it seams a bit silly, it's an old flat with a low ceiling they want to mount it on a beam in the middle of the room between the living and dining pointing to the living room area. They also advise to boxup the beam to hide the trunking which would make it even lower. It wouldn't be facing the dining area at all. All you would really be doing is pointing it different so the 2 meter area that it currently cools is where you sit most of the time.

It got to 5:40pm and Hong Tar called, this time is was a different lady, (After checking with the engineers she turns out to be the 'lady boss')

She said there is nothing they can do so they will uninstall the system and take it back and return the price of the fan coil to us!!! They can't even come up with a solution!!

She said I have too much of a high expectation of what is cold and the fujitsu guy says his system is working correctly and there is no issue.

So frustrating, my wife, our contractor, friends that have popped by to take a look at the renovation work all agree that there is something not right with the aircon performance and their HDBs all cool within 15mins on low power.

I explained to her the test we did at IMM and how the air flow is alot less, reminded her that on the first visit her technicians also agreed it was not right to take so long to cool a room. (This visit they were saying it was an acceptable temp, today was cloudy and cooler than the previous day they tested, it took 1.5 hours on high power to get cold in the living room, and it was still hot and humid if you were not standing within the range of the blowing air. If you turned it to low power the living and master bedroom would start to heat up again) No additional tests had been done by Fujitsu to confirm the output of air was correct yet she was happy to take their word that it was working ok.

She then said well we will give you that fujitsu model/system you tested in IMM then if it doesn't work there would be nothing more they can do. Told her to not be stupid and I wasn't here to do her job and come up with a sensible solution. They are the experts and should be able to make a judgment on what is the best options. I got a "we have already sold you our best solution and it isn't good enough for you"

In the end she called back and said upgrade to a MHI inverter system 4 compressor, put 9BTU in the study/small bedroom, 12BTU in the master bedroom and 24BTU in the living room and top up the difference of $800. There will be more cost if they relocate the fan coils to fujitsu's recommended positions due to piping and they will let us know that cost later. (Plus additional boxup cost by the contractor and redo current box up if they change that piping)

The most annoying thing that I have found from dealing with them has been the lack of service as it just frustrates you more and more.

1) When ever you try to talk they try to cut you off and talk over you, you then just end up raising your voice and have to shout firmly to get your point across, which makes you more angry and frustrated.

2) They will check and call you back..... Then never call you back. It just seams like a tactic to get you off the phone.

3) Time wasted with appointments where nothing will be tested.


I read a page or so back in this thread thexenomorph mentioned his MHI Inverter isn't that cold. If they are going to replace the system and install a more powerful one, what brands would people recommend?

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

i'm using Fujitsu Inventor system-4 now. The monsterous 36k BTU compressor one...
kinda regret now coz the compressor is too damn powerful (and uses lots of electricity) while i made the mistake of pairing them with relatively small 9k BTU fan-coil which IMO didn't efficiently channel the cold from the fins.

And that resulted in a lot of 'sweating' on the trunkings.

The experience from this is... no need to get too big a compressor not unless you need to cool all rooms all at the same time. Guess i was kia-su then...

Also, try to go for bigger Fan-Coil, that big it is more efficient.

Lastly, dun set both the temperature and fan-speed too low. It's silly

by thesingingbard on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

hm... perhaps Chunliang was right afterall... but then... my old Fujitsu was using R22... anyhow, that's in the past! yhew!

Daikin eh? hm... I guess i'd try Daikin next.... hopefully over 10 years later.

with regards to performance, any significant diff betw R22 & R410a? i've read claims that R410a is more efficient as a refridgerant, what's your opinion?
Chunliang, any thoughts on this?

by simmo2741 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

After reading the posts here I went with Hong Tar to do my aircon install due to all the positive comments on them.
So far I have been really disappointed by their service.

The only things they did good were

1) Showing the materials were the specs you had purchased
2) Laying the pipes

Stuff they have done badly...

1) Installing the fan coil (not enough gas, not tested properly)
2) Customer service (not returning calls, not arranging follow up appointments, avoiding answering questions and 'sing song')
3) Possibly under quoted the BTU (fujitsu claim this is the cause of the issue)
4) Explaining the difference between inverter and non inverter (just said saves electric as the compressor doesn't run on full power, after install they claim have to run fan coils on high power, takes a longer time to cool a room than non inverter)
5) Made what appears to be false statements (Inverter aircon has to run on high fan speed which fujistu disagree with, also checked with friends with inverter systems and they say low is fine. They will test a system for 3 hours to make sure no leaks but only tested for a short time to see if the fan coil blows out cold air)
6) Wasting our time (saying no need to attend an appointment with the fujitsu service guys, then saying fujitsu didn't do the right tests so 2nd appointment needed where Hong Tar will also attend)

Feeling very at them.

If anyone is interested the long story is below so you can make your own judgments....

They recommended a 9K BTU in both the bedrooms and 18K in the living room and suggested we go with either Fujitsu or MHI Inverter system 3. We went with fujitsu as it has a slightly shorter size fan coil and would fit better on the beam.

They came and did the piping without any issues then came and installed the fan coils. They then tested for 15-30mins (the sales person told me they would test for 3 hours) told my wife the fan coil is getting cold so is ok and asked for the money then left.

When I came home to test it and see what it was like. On high fan speed 18 degrees the master bedroom(3x4.4 meter room) took 1 hour to get cool, but still not near 'aircon cold' it still also felt humid in the room especially on the side furthest from the aircon. The living room after 2 hours was even worse only the area 2 meter around the fan coil was cool the rest of the room was very hot and humid still. I stay in a 3 room point block HDB , the rooms are not that big (but funny layout for living/dining & kitchen) In 8 years in Singapore I have never had to use aircon on anything more than low speed.

Called them up and asked them to send people down again, they told us it was likely due to 'Singapore has been hot recently!' and that they will get back to us. They never did, it took 4 phone calls and asking to speak to a manager to get someone to come and check the installation. At first they told us it would be 3-4 days before someone can come. Had to get angry and push for someone to come at the end of the day as they didn't test properly during the install. Still had to phone back to chase them to get the confirmation.

The same guys who installed it came down that evening and said gas pressure was on the low range. They topped it up and the fan coils did seam a bit more cooler but still didn't cool the rooms fully.

When I asked why it was this bad on high power, they told us that inverter aircon is like that and you have to use high power all the time. They also said it will take a lot longer to cool a room than a non inverter system. If this is true and they had made this clear when I was buying it I would have never picked a inverter system as it would keep me awake a night and be to loud when watching TV. If it's hot in the night and you cant sleep you wouldn't want to wait an hour for it to cool the room to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

They agreed it didn't seam right that it wasn't cooling the rooms and said they will arrange for fujitsu to come and check.

We ask if they could also be present when Fujitsu come but they insisted there was no need.

Fujitsu came and did some tests (checked gas and fan coil, off fan coil and room temp) and said everything is fine, fan coil is cold enough, pressure is right, air flow normal. I asked them why is it this bad on high power and is it true what Hong Tar said about inverter has to be on high all the time. They said this was not true and can be used on any speed, they said it was not enough BTU for the room space. (but wouldn't write this on the report when I asked)

We went back to Hong Tar office and asked to speak to a manager, a guy came out and each time I asked him a question he would 'sing song', talk over me when I started to speak and not give direct answers. He push the blame back to fujitsu and said they didn't test properly and that they need to plug in a computer to test. He said he will arrange a 2nd visit where Hong Tar will also attend (couldn't they have done this when we asked the first time and not waste my leave again!) they would not commit to a date for the next visit, saying it also depends on fujitsu and wouldn't give a clear answer on what options were available if they had under quoted the BTU. To give them credit they did say that if fujistu system is working correctly they will replace it with a different system. I asked 'if fujitsu system is working isn't there a risk they worked out the BTU wrong (especially in the living room with the funny layout) and the other system will make no difference' They responded with 'we would not get it wrong as we install 100s of aircon' & some aircons brands are not good for Singapore weather (if fujitsu is one of those why recommend to us!!)

Thursday they never called to confirm that the 2nd appointment has been made. We now have to go chase them again.

For a company that is meant to be good, I am really surprised at how bad their service has been if you face a problem.

Will post a update if they resolve the issue and if their level of service improves...

by Mclairs83 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Fixed up Daikin MA56EV1 and 4 FCU yesterday.. used back all the drainage and piping..
frankly speaking i feel its way better than Fujitsu.. though now it takes longer time to cool the entire room.. nevertheless the money its well spent.

by nomoney25 on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

Actually this is the first time i buying a aircon for my new home, Until now there is no aircon in my current home which my parent bought 15 years ago.I always believe that in regardless of the brand ,all air con will be no good if the installation and workmanship are poorly done.
As the shop does not carry mitsubishi 30k btu single spilt (some shop do carry stock for this ) , i 'm willing to settle for this fujitsu brand as that is highest wall mounted 30k btu unit.I do not wish to buy a 24k or 26k btu as i worried that will be no cold enough for my living room.The price for non-inverter and inverter fujitsu 30k btu is $2150 and $2350 which that why i choose the inverter.

I got most of the aircon info from singapore aircon blogspot website, ,for my usage pattern ,only masterbed room will be on every day for 7 hrs and the rest of will be very rare occasion...which mean at most i only on the air con for the masterbed room only, from what i heard is better to choose the inverter if two bed rooms will be switching i also quite confused that inverter also save cost even u only on one aircon for a sys 3.

For my non inverter system 3, there is only one "compressor" outside but inside there are actually 2 motors,one motor connect to master bed room and the other motor being shared by 2 bedrooms, so my non inverter aircon will stil workl to the max like 3 air con turn even though only masterbed room switch on only?

by steventay on Fujitsu General (Asia) Pte. Ltd.

i am told fujitsu brand not good..
woh.. yr living room need 30 btu......

actually living room should get non invertor and bedroom get invertor... this will save cost...

if bedroom use non invertor, on 1 bedroom is as good on all room.... since non invertor is single speed..

for invertor.. eg 28K Compressor... bedroom 10K each... so switch on 1 room use only 10K speed and not 20K. non invetor will operate at 28K...