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Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Daikin Industries Ltd. As The Only Japanese Aircon Specialist, we apply cutting-edge technologies to enhance man's inner space, providing the comfort of sophisticated air conditioning systems to thousands of Singaporean home, educational and recreational needs, now and in the near future. Set up here in 1968, Daikin has mirrored the nation’s growth and gone on to achieve many firsts in Singapore. Daikin was the first to introduce multi-split air-conditioning systems to HDB homeowners. As businesses boomed, Daikin also introduced to the island in 1986, the world’s first super-efficient VRV® Systems for commercial buildings.


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My friend installed Daikin system 3 from Alexandra Proshop 2 days ago. No complaints from him.

Jus back from Fortuna Daikin at Alexandra Centre, its quite a new building, no crowd at all and comfortably discussing the unit details, as your above mention installation items are now quite standard i opt for 2x9btu , 1x12btu and Living hall 24btu, as comeressor of 24btu. no hidden cost, dispose old ones and installation at $4850 with steel bracket in.Happy with the deal and dot at the store.compressor- 5 yrs warranty by Daikinspare parts - 1+3yrs warranty by Daikin and addition 3 months warranty if bought frm Proshop.workmanship - 1 yr by Fortuna.No Fuss and straight to the point.

Cold Engine, 4k with upgraded materials for Daikin System 4, 3x9 and 1x18k and bracket.

aircon repair is never cheap. anything down will cost hundreds of dollar. the site visit alone for troubleshoot without any repair will cost around $100 per visit.daikin is the best buy now with the extra 2yrs warranty on parts and if add in the 1st year warranty total is 3yrs.mitshibishi was very popular largely due to the advertising and marketing. they got the most advertisement out of all brands.if pricing aside, i will pick daikin over mitshibishi follow by panasonic or toshiba.if go google or ask around all brands also got good and bad review. same brand some people using 8~10yrs or more without problem, some after the 1st warranty start to give problem and need to cough out hundred of dollar for repair so the best assurances is still the warranty. any issue we still can go back to manufacturer for repair work and that will save the cost alot.

My neighbour above my house using daikin aircon. The outdoor unit so loud I can hear it in my room with windows closed.

Go with daikin, my units 15yrs still runnning. Servicing only once after 9yrs of usage (too dirty, needs chemical wash). mid usage, everyday abt 8hrs.

I am a daikin users forever. No experience with this but I like their designs compared to others.As with all new tech, one need to try. If I am you I will go for it. If you dont then it will be years later before you will get a chance.

That's strange because I've met more aircon installers/maintenance guys telling me that Daikin is better than Mitsubishi.I guess everyone has different experiences.

LG like a black mirror series of the design very cold and nice all flat.But realiable & long runs, still prefer you go with Daikin , Mit Starmex or Pana model.To be solve your trouble in future.

today went to gain city and hooted a daikin sys 23mks50esg/ftks25dvm x2 @ $21993C70 & 4C40 cables included16mm drainage pipe included3 year workmanship includedss bracket @ $150upgrade armflx 1/2" class 1 & g22 copper pipe @ $120total 5 year gain city warranty @ $399total $2868not sure if tio chop coz looking around the upgrade item seem to be as what others said here just that didnt seem to see anyone getting extended warrantyhad a offer with mhi too with exact same pricing + free 32" led tv but decided to get daikin coz of a friend recommendation and my current spoilt one is mhi so try new brand

For that price range seriously i will take Daikin anytime..Happy user of Fujitsu for last 5 yrs + , will take Fujitsu over Mit Electric anytime (My current unit haven't been service at all in last 5 yrs lol)Anyway i opted for Daikin this time.. Piping installation Next Saturday.

Daikin is better .

Hi bros,Need your quick recommendations for aircon models/ brand.Am intending buy/ install aircon at my parent's place.(3 rooms: 2 beedrooms + living room).Preferably 3 ticks (4 ticks also ok).No need special features..Budget: Mid range budget as I'm paying for it lols. I do intend to get something could last long but most importantly it's economical (electricity friendly) as they pay their own bills.They usually need aircon when the weather is hot. Otherwise they would only use fan (i.e. don't on the aircon 24/7).I did my own recon at Best Denki and Courts but not sure what to pick.I browsed through most of the replies in this forum and I realised Mitsubishi is the preferred brand/ model? (I will avoid Daikin as this brand has failed us alot of times)I am clueless about aircon as I don't own one personally.Thanks so much for your inputs!

Thanks to the bros (terumo) here, managed to find a good installer who gave me competitive pricing and fit inside my budget. I tried going to courts this type, but the service was just atrocious and the salesman didn't know anything about aircon. Gain City wasn't that cheap and I heard some horror stories so was quite reluctant. Now v happy with my Daikin aircon. Got a System 2 inverter and a System 1 for MB room. PM me if you are keen on knowing the installerJust trying to return the favor to this thread. Cheers!

thanks for the info...prefers panasonic due to:- econavi function...wonders if it really helps to save power consumption and - the air vending flips...single flip...cos used dakin b4 and the 2 flips got spoilt.

for what i have heard, mitsubishi and daikin is better for now !alot of people would go for this two brands rather than others. Im thinking between this two brands too! need some advice too. Either Mitsubishi Easy Clean 3 System Inverter or Daikin 3MKS.

For Inverter air con Daikin still don't got so many problematic . The important part still is the workmanship .

For house Air con system 3 or 4 Daikin Inverter still is the best . coz u still can buy the spare part after 5-6 year .

Panasonic provides good quality air, Daikin provides durability. Mitsubishi and Samsung are ok as far as I can tell. I would recommend inverter units from Panasonic or Daikin. Courts and Gain City should be good places to look at. Coolserve is pretty good too.

no to York and mcquay. Me then Pana then dakin.

Hello Damnedegoist,For serviceability I would prefer Mitsubishi Electric Starmex or Daikin or Toshiba.Go get a few quotes and compare the pricing before deciding as certain companies might have promo for certain brands.Best Regards,Jason Tham

Actually when u r there they will give you contact of their sub contractors. Can be anyone from Gain City to Ah Seng AC.For me I don't take Daikin anymore due to the experience I had. Also the design of the blower unit is not simple enuff. Awhile back they used soft rubber or silicon for the wind vains... for what I wonder and the black mold attach to it like super glue. Hard plastic just wipe clean. Also inside all kinds of clips...if AH Seng AC come do...sure clips broken. Things like that.I would on other hand take Panasonic. Sometimes don't take what salesman say...they have commission and targets so depending when....they say diff things.

there are a few reputable brands, panasonic, daikin, mit, etc...However good or not is not the same to everyone, very much due to individual experience.for me:one house is using mitsubishi System 2, so far after 5 years, still working fine.another house has daikin installed in Living/Dining(system 2) and 3 bedrooms(System 3). after 12 years, the compressor in System 3 spoilt, so gotta change all...i changed to LG. now 3 years already, LG still ok. the diakin in living/dining is still working fine since 15 years ago.so my experience with mit, daikin, LG so far so good. but daikin has proven to run for more than 12 years...so for me, my preference is daikin.

Currently Daikin having promotion, you can check it out on their main site. I got my Daikin aircon fixed up by Cheng Coon Aircon works. In term of workmanship, I can say its pretty good & neat comparing to my previous Mitsubishi contractor. I got it for quite ex comparing to other brand. But the deal is 3.7k (300 Grocery Voucher, which i will definitely be using).System 3 Inverter Multi split (R-410A)2x 9000 BTU1x 12000 BTU1x Compressor

Thanks Terumo for your recommendation. I went for system 3 non inverter Daikin MA56 in the end after dragging for months. $1899 from Gain City. Installation took a day.

to nakashima_mika,If 3 rm or 4rm hdb, cant install 2 compressor.to motosies,I feel that non-inverter Daikin n Panasonic price similar, so get Daikin will be better.

for me 1st:daikin 2nd:mit 3rd:pana same like all senior say :how much you pay,what thing you get.

wah.. my Fujitsu inverter outdoor unit spoilt within first 3yrs. paying $3600 for everything last time.. den repair cost for the outdoor unit cost another $900...so decided to scrapped everything and move to Daikin non-inverter.. till now not much problem.

Non inverter i will recommend Daikin ma56 model.

to ninja_turner,U may want to take a look @ the Daikin R410a series then.Or the R22 which is slightly cheaper by the R410 series.

I guess daikin is better cause they only sell aircon and nothing else. But make sure u hoot the onewith latest gas. Cause the older type will be phased out.

U did not say that. U just asked gd price anot.anyway, my guess what since u alr bought this mhi, unlikely u will be changing to other brands. Would only recommend mhi, ME and daikin.

i'm a Daikin user. I've called up Daikin service centre a few times end 2010 and early and late 2011. so far i can get through and i was given an appt date on the spot. just that will prob take a wk or so for service man to come take a look. My current Daikin's currently serviced by an ex-Daikin guy. If u like, i can pass u his contact no. u can have a talk with him, and then decide if u want to eventually use his service - no obligation on ur part.

My Daikin 7 years old inverter recently not working. I think the fan is not rotating the light keep blinking. Had tried to call 6 times to Daikin service centre but was put on hold for more than 45mins!I can understand that kind of hold up only happens to starhub/singtel but Daikin? Is Daikin service so bad? Anybody here have the same situation?

Send an email around early October to Daikin Singapore inquiring about aircon servicing, till date no reply

Hi all,My 8yrs old Dakin is inverter is now having this strange problem. One of the room's unit will automatically power on by itself. You cannot off it neither using the remote or the power button. You will have to off the aircon main power switch.My master bedroom when on will power off itself after sometime. You cannot on it again using the remote/power button on the condenser unit. Have to reset the main power switch.I got the feeling that the unit in my study room is the culprit. Whenever the master room unit power off itself, the unit in the study room will power on.Any kind advise what could be wrong? Can I just disconnect power on the problematic unit?THanks

wow, what a great thread, needs to be bookmarked for posterity! I didn't know about this thread and only chanced upon it late last night and has been reading it from last pg up to only Pg 100 now (at this moment i'm still at Yr 2009 posts). I hope to accomplish the humongous task of reading up to Pg 1 by tonight. So, i could then go down to the shops tomorrow to get quotes.I've learnt so much from chunlianghere, terumo (the professional expert) and 'cute' thesingingbard - tks, folks for making invaluable comments on this topic In the interest of time, I thought I should now post a few queries which i hope you experts could help enlighten in the meanwhile. But, first, some background. I bought my Daikin inverter system 4 eleven yrs ago. My fancoil model is Ftk25hve for 3 rooms and fancoil model Ftk50hve for living room aircon. We can't remember condensor model though. My other half wanted to get non-inverter aircon then but my contractor advised otherwise then. Nevertheless our Daikin has served us well these yrs.My parents have been using the aircon in their room for 1st 7 yrs during the nights (7-8 hrs). The one in my room has hardly been used until 3 yrs ago during the night (which means, i didn't use it for 1st 7 yrs as i didn't like to sleep in aircon previously). The condenser finally gave way in 2010. The Daikin repair man was an honest man. He asked me not to replace the PCB board as it costs about $750 and it made sense for us to buy a new aircon as my aircon is old. As the weather was a tad warm and we didn't want the hassle to source for a new aircon, we didn't heed his advice and the PCB board lasted a yr - a lesson learnt. The new board after a yr is now burnt beyond repair 3 wks ago so we need to get a new aircon now. I can still go without aircon in meanwhile due to cool weather.My other half's advice is to go for a non-inverter aircon, which concurs with chunlianghere and terumo's POVs. We will go for a Daikin System 2 this time as we realise we don't need 4 aircons (we hardly use the aircon in the study room and living room). Aircon in our room will be switched on daily for 7-8 hrs. The other aircon will be switched on minimally i.e. probably once a week. Seems both chunlianghere and terumo are advocators of Daikin too From a number of posts here, Toshiba seems not bad too but for peace of mind, i will go for Daikin since I've personally experienced this brand and i really like the Daikin repair team. Terumo has said G23 and 3/8 suffice so i will stick to that and not upgrade.A few qns :1) As my fan coils are still working, can i just replace my condenser with a System 2 and continue to use my existing pipings and trunkings bearing in mind they are already 11 yrs old? Or should i just get a new System 2?2) I read one very bad review here about Hong Tar and one other bad review about contractor Fairprice Xtra uses so I'm wary of going to these 2. Seems Gain City gets the most positive feedbacks so i will prob just settle for Gain City without shopping around as the analogy terumo gave about 'not being penny wise pound foolish' was very insightful. But, other than being nice to installers, there's no way i can ensure i get quality ones so i can only pray right? tks.

Fact:1) Used a system 3 Mitsubishi Heavy industries aircon for 10 years with only 1 minor break down where the aircon was not cold, but a normal service with gas top up brought it back to life. This is not mitsubishi electric that jack neo advertise so its cheaper.2) Shifted and change to Daikin system 3 inverter, within 1 month, problem started to arise from water leakage to a damaged compressor. Problem carried on for a year, during this time we have not paid the company that installed for us(don't ask me how we did it), we insisted that if they want the money, make sure the aircon dont give us problem. But every month or two, we had to get them down to fix the aircon leakage problem. This drag on for a year and finally they had enough and told us to either pay for it or they will remove the aircon, we opt the latter as there is no point in paying for a rubbish aircon.3) Called up the person that installed the MHI from 10 years ago and come over to our place to install another MHI inverter system 3. No problems so far and its much colder than the daikin one even when we set the same temp. Mitsubishi compressor pushes out air that is warmer compared that ****ty daikin and according to the foreman, the warmer it is, the better it is. This unit saves more energy too according to NEA.Verdict: The brand of the aircon is important, the aftersales is important but the most important is the installation process which can only be done by a trusted company with the right team of installers. They were around $30-$50 more than the lowest quote i got, but at least they didnt bring their team of bangras/ah nehs to install compared with my daikin installer. Well worth the extra $50 for a stress free night. And by stress free night i mean not have to wake up in the middle of the night hearing drips and running around getting cloths, pail and a mop to wipe the mess up. Go stingy on your purchase and it will eventually bite you back.. been there done that. Good luck.

The popular ones are Daikin and Mit. If you are talking about sys 4 (3 x 9, 1 x 18) 3 bedrooms and 1 living. Will be around $3.8-$4k.New brand Midea also have sys 4. Depends on whether you are open to Midea. Their sys 4 around 20-25% cheaper then most popular brands.Energy saving wise, i feel all brands inverter are energy saving, maybe difference of 5-10% in terms of amp consumption, which is not to big of a concern.

Daikin is the best bet.

Hi guys, i think daikin is still the best. after using it for the past 10years and its still working well with no adnormal noise cuming out from the compressor but of course i always do regular servicing ( 3monthly ).

Check it out with Aircon Designs Pte Ltd (AD). They have showrooms at Kaki Bukit Ave and Bedok North St 1. AD does not take credit cards but there prices are about $100 cheaper than at Coolserve. I bought Daikin System 3 inverter from AD recently. AD's Installation and support is also pretty good.

moi uncle's daikin's pcb dunno wat unit in e compressor just went kaput.the part alone costs about $300, then service another $80-90~ about 3 years old only leh and now daikin say might not have the part available

Daikin Aircons are indeed good... but just that the prices are very high... in fact the most expensive in market... I have been using it for 9 years and it nv give me any problem... I jus got a new Daikin Inverter and its performance is so far amazing

Forget about Toshiba. It is a tie between Daikin and Mitsubishi but I will buy Daikin because i can't stand jack Neo.

It is Daikin for me

I was told by a contractor friend whom I met furing Chinese New Year that Daikin is the recommended choice.

Get Daikin. I was deciding between Daikin and Panasonic but bought Panasonic instead because it was cheaper by a hundred dollars or more but it wasn't that cold and powerful.

Daikin should be a good buy. No wonder, it is so expensive but guess it is worth it. Only a hundred plus difference.

dun agree that penasounik is on par with daikin or mitsubishi....the choice is only between daikin or mitsubishi ONLY...both are good.but in terms of appearance, daikin looks better. i like the matt feel of the surface..

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