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We are an air-con company based in Singapore that specializes in servicing and repairing all types of air-con
units. CT Air-Con offers the best prices on time deliveries, quality material and professional air-con service
and workmanship.

Our Mission is providing excellence and professionalism in rendering our air-con services to our customers.
CT Air-Con committed to provide the best price, promptly and reliable services to our valuable customers. 
All installations will be strictly carried out by our team of professional installers. Our installers are experienced
and professionally trained with installation licenses certified by BCA (Building and Construction Authority) 


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CT Air-con Pte Ltd
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 7 reviews
by JennyOng on CT Air-con Pte Ltd
Reasonable price Mitsubishi aircon and quality workmanship

Hi everyone, just want to share my parents's new aircon installed by CT. Their Mitsubishi aircon for 3 bedroom $2695 promo price. They told now special promo with free upgrade 3 unit blower from 9000btu to 12000btu without top up any amount. For others brand aircon need top up $100 for each blower. 3 Technician come early 20min and suggest my parents the blower where to put and discuss the aircon pipe how to run where to go. We are satisfied and happy these kind of service proveded by CT.

by st7707 on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

Hi guys, I just wanna share my this nightmare experience that I recently encounter with this aircon company name CT Aircon.
Long story cut short, couple of weeks back then, I went down to their Woodland showroom cum office to purchase a single split unit aircon for my living room. Upon order confirm, they request 80% deposit in order to arrange a installation date for me. However, I have manage to negotiate down to 50% instead. The appointment that I was given is almost like 2 weeks later. With recent hot weather, I have no choice but to accept it.

On the day of installation, the appointment time given was 1 to 3p.m. hence, I have took a half day leave from my work and be back home by 1p.m. to ensure that someone is home before they arrive. Guess what? My wait start from 1p.m. to 6p.m. Isn't it ridiculous??? In between, I have keep calling their office to check on the installer arrival status and their CS keeps telling me that they are unable to contact the installer, but rest assure me that they can install within the same day as this is only a single split unit. They had repeated these assurance to me each and every time I call. Their installer (different team from the one they initially plan) finally came at 6 p.m. After looking at my place, the installer told me that they are unable to install as it require to have drilling work which is not permitted by HDB at that hour.... ter.....

So, I decided to cancel my order with them and request for my deposit to be refund. Their CS told me it takes 7 working days to do so..... They are taking customer money to earn some interest or what? 7 working days??? This is really really ridiculous experience that I ever have. Bottom line, if you are thinking of buying a new aircon, please remember this name - CT AIRCON, never never buy from them unless you want to try my experience. Hope these info will help to save someone from falling into the same shitty situation. Cheers! FYI, I have yet to receive my refund till date and today is the 5th working day liao.

by mugen80 on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

Had a very bad experience with C.T aircon. Installed my Mitsubishi system 3 from them on 30/06/2014.
Purposely took a day leave on the day of installation which they promise to come at 10am. Instead, they called at 11am to say they will only come at 1pm. So no choice had to wait.

The whole installation took about 9hrs which only ended at 10+pm. Luckily it was done up.

Then after one week, on 6th July, noticed my master bedroom floor got a puddle of water. Realised that the leak was from the concealed trunking when the pipes are concealed and my wall was wet as well. Was surprised that it actually leaked only after one week.

Called them the next morning and explained the problem to them and asked to send their technician over to see. Was told they are only able to attend on earliest 21st July at 6-7pm. I was quite disappointed by their answer but no choice have to wait for two more weeks.

Then on 21st July, I purposely left my office to make myself available at home before 6pm in anticipation the technicians would turn up on time for the appointment and didn't even had my dinner. But to my disappointment, waited and waited no one called nor any technician turned up.

Feeling really pissed, I called their office the next morning to look for the lady who arranged my appointment on why no one called nor turn up as per her arrangements. Instead of apologizing, she even questioned me they didn't up? And told me why didn't I call yesterday to confirm the appointment? WTH, the date and time was arranged by them and they should be the one calling to remind or inform me.

Then, arranged another appointment today evening at 6-7pm for me again. As usual, I rushed home before 6pm to wait for them. No one turned up till 7.30pm I called their office. Another lady answered and told me their technician are on the way. I waited and didn't even dare to go out for my dinner. Guess what? They only arrived at 8.45pm and when I asked their technician why so late? One of them gave me an attitude and spoke to me rudely.

I showed them the leaking area. They opened up the pipe trunking and ask me for newspaper. Thought they are going to cover my cabinet to prevent them from getting wet.

Instead, the technician wanna squeeze the newspaper over the piping. I questioned him why is he doing that? He asked me do I only on one aircon every night. I say yes. He told thats why it leak and say it's normal. WTH.. So I asked him if buy system 3 I must on all three aircon so won't leak? Makes no logic at all. Trusted them to say such things and by squeezing the newspaper to cover the insulated pipes really makes them so unprofessional.

After saying that, I told him I don't want any newspaper to be squeeze into the insulated pipes since the pipes are are wet and water dripping. The newspaper will be wet and get contaminated in the concealed trunking. He gave me a fxxk up face and attitude and just cover back the trunking and just left.

Really very disappointed in their services. Is there any ways that I can lodge an complaint against them? Does lemon law apply since it's only installed for three weeks?

Hope to seek advices here.


by linusz on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

Go for case. Our small claims. My place was set up by ct too. The installer was not too bad. Was from another mass retailer but join them due to some unhappiness. My place had gap in the external unit wall. They didn't patch back properly. Had to get my own contractor to do it.

Think got 1 year on workmanship

by djunique on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

you guys can try CT aircon or airbuddies quite good

by ikingsleyu on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

Hi Misspeace,
For old flat HDB cannot install 2 single split because of the power supply,
is because one compressor need to use for one 15amp power point,
if you put two compressor mean you need to supply one more power point,

system 2 price maybe you can try to check with this company >> CT air-con
last time i also bought with them very cheap and good service,
and the salesman name is call KAVES.
i think the price just only around 1900+

by ikingsleyu on CT Air-con Pte Ltd

I recommend mitsubishi heavy because so far it did not bring any trouble for me,its very quiet and cool.
(7) Any recommended companies?
Before i want to purchase air con,i got compare price with gc,nc n ctaircon...finally i decide to purchase with ctaircon..because their salesman is very nice n keep following my quotation,pricing also quite competitive..so far the workmanship also not bad..all touch up nicely..mine one is MHI system 3.