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CREATION AIR has been in the business for over 26 years and we've been lucky enough to learn a thing or two over those years. We've even worked hard to  make sure that our staff knows the most up-to-date information about all of your cooling needs. Keeping you cool and hassle free is our goal!


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I previously did my aircon for 3.6k panasonic sys 4 (18k plus 3x9k). Got200 dollar ntuc vouchers also. From Aktiff engrgI need air con for my mums flat again, anyone has any recommendations? If not ill probably go back to the same company. Looking for mitsu sys 4 inverter. Has to use good thicker pipes and excellent worksmanship. Saw creations on fb but they have atrocious reviews.Thanks

I bought MHI system 2 (SCM45 + 2x SRK25ZJ-S), one for my mom's room, the other for mine. Has been 1.5 years, and still works splendidly. Really quiet, and cools well. As for energy consumption, hmmm maybe I should go ask my mom how the bills has been recently, since I've been turning them on almost every night this past few months.The only irritating thing about Gain City's installers is that they never wrap the outdoor insulation with aluminum foil, and the insulation is now like peeling and deteriorating, due to exposure to the weather, I believe.For my upcoming house, I used to want to get MHI from Best Tech, and yeah, Ken is pretty good on his service.However, after talking to the manager at Creation last Saturday, I think I will buy from them, because:1) Cheaper (around 3500 for Mitsubishi Electric Sys 4)2) They wrap the insulation with aluminum3) From year 2 onwards, you pay $252 annually for a Sys 4, for 3 visits, and this also covers all parts (including circuit board), labour, transport if anything breaks downNot bad I feel, unless I'm missing something.

<**On 10/30/2011 at 7:54 PM, mdemisha said: Hi guys, need help here.. Bought mitsubishi starmex single split system non-inverter with crea*** air for my 3rm for my master room. i think i'm misleaded and was given the wrong model by the salesperson intentionally. i realise the model number on my invoice is MS-E10VC (a r22 model which is not stated as starmex in mitsubishi website), i suppose the STARMEX model should be MS-AD10VB, a r410 model. Hence my question is, is MS-E10VC part of the starmex system? cause the website didnt say so. other question is, they claim that aluminium pipe is an upgrade to the copper pipe, so i choose alu. the invoice written is stated as *free upgrade* to alu piping, is this consider upgrade or downgrade? for those looking for single split, my price was $795 + $100 (bracket).**> MSE10VC is a R22 gas single split from mitsubishi starmex. Aluminium pipe is a 2nd grade piping. It cannot even compare with the thin G24 copper pipe. To prolong the life span of the air-con piping, it is suggested to go for either a G23 or G22 copper piping. aron (

I got mine from Creation air pte ltd. The guy that serve us was Zen. Contact no: 9009-0202, ofc: 6250-0339. My toshiba system 4 inverter cost $3399 and the models are: (1) RAS4M26SACV (2) RASM22SKCV (3) RASM10SKCV x 3

Got a Toshiba system 4 inverter aircon, think was 9+9+9+22 for $3399 by Creation Air Pte Ltd. Their Mitsubishi heavy industries system 4 inverter is also at $3399.

If you have engage Creation for your aircon installation, then it is good luck to you.Check with them regarding your workmanship warranty, these guy will not honour it if you did not sign up their servicing package.I have a very bad experencence with tham recently, their services man are like gangster. I have to get in the police to settle a dispute.Advoid this company CREATION!!!

I would recommend following Company.Creation Air Conditioning Services Add: 586 Balestier Rd #01-02 Eastpac Bldg Singapore 329898 Tel: (65) - 62566163