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the DOCTOR of Air-Conβ„’ in Singapore. We take care of your air conditioning equipment like a doctor taking care of his patients. Not only when its sick but also when in good health. We make sure that every parts are in its top working condition through quality aircon servicing and maintenance.

Set up in 1 DEC 1995 as an air condition sub contractor. Providing air conditioner installation and maintenance services. Today we have more than 50 staff to handle all your air conditioner requirement.


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Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering
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by lingcw on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

MHI System 2 with CoolServeMy installation with CoolServe was completed yesterday. A short recap:

1) Installation:
- Installer came on time (was scheduled 2-3pm and they arrive at 2pm sharp)
- Both of them are quite young (in their mid-twenties to thirties maybe?)
- They were polite and efficient as well as accomadating.
- They seem experience as both knew what needs to done and did them independently, e.g. 1 was fixing up the trunking while the other work on removing the old bracket.
- They clean up and remove the old air-con, sweep the floor and kept a clean working environment. This happen regularly throughout each small milestone of the installation.
- They also putty up the wall afterwards. e.g. the holes left by the old bracket, the discoloured wall left by the old trunking (cos the new trunking is slightly smaller).
- Afterwards, the guy briefly ran through the basic operation of the air-con with the remote
- Area was cleared of debris. Still dusty but definitely nothing to complain about.
- Total time taken was about 3-4 hours.

2) MHI System 2
- Compressor is quiet.
- Air-con is cold (no complain from my parents after using it last night although it started raining later in the night). Anyway, time will tell.
- The ability to direct the flow of the air from left to right (not just up and down) is useful as the blower is mounted at a corner of the room

Minor complain:
- The insulation for the outside pipe was slightly torn. According to them, it got caught on some sharp edges when they push it through the wall.
I brought this up to Coolserve and they will be arranging for someone to come down next week to wrap up the affected insulation with some insulation tape.
- Both blowers seems to be tilted but the installer says it is level. I don't have any equipment to check so will wait until next week for them to come down and check again.

Also, the invoice and warranty card will only be mailed to me when my cheque clear... not sure if this is the market practice.

Overall, I am satisfied with Coolserve apart from the 2 points above.

- They use a pipe-bender to bend the pipe.
- Just found out they use Sigma instead of Keystone cable.

Have escalated this to CoolServe.

by Ang Hui Ling on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Only 1 unit of our aircon is spoilt. Your guys came and told us that the wire connecting to that particular aircon is spolit. Actually we only need to change 1 wire but your guys advised to change 2. We said ok since the other wire is also old. So after changing the 2 wires, the spolit unit is working but another good unit ended up not working. Your guys told us the third wire is broken. But our third wire is NEW! We JUST changed it. Your guys said we have to fork out more money for the third wire if not our originally good unit will not work! What kind of bullshit this is?! I was not around and my mum went ahead to pay for the third wire as she doesnt know what to do. BAD SERVICE!

by Matthew Ang on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Saumun Foo on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Chan Adnan on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Jasmine Yang Cuishan on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

To Whom It May Concern,We would like to submit a complaint about your services for CFJ Management Pte Ltd.
Here are the facts of the matter as we know it:
1) Our old air-conditioner unit, registered in the old contract, was malfunctioning and we were advised that it was not cost effective to repair it. Hence, it was dismantled and no longer in use for a period of time.
2) When your service staff came to do the maintenance, we said they did not have to service the malfunctioning unit. However, they insisted they had to wash it, and could repair the unit but it required a special type of chemical wash that required us to pay an extra fee on top of it. We did not want to engage this service, but your staff kept insisting on it.
3) As per our contract, 2 more units on the 2nd floor were supposed to be serviced by your staff as well.
4) Since we did not want to engage the extra services for the malfunctioning unit, your staff refused to service the 2 units on the second floor and did not come for the past 2 scheduled dates as well.
5) We have since engaged another vendor to replace the malfunctioning unit.
Now, your staff are pestering my colleague to sign a new contract for the new air conditioning unit which replaced the old one, and an extra cash fee will have to be paid on top of the contractual fee.
At the current date, your company owes us
1) An apology for insisting on a service my company did not ask for.
2) Scheduled services for 6 airconditioning units (2 on the second floor, and 1 on the 3rd floor, for 2 visits)
How could you expect us to continue our contract with you in the light of such a turn of events?

by Alvin Yap on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Well i will be fair in my reviews. Have used them for about 02 years.So far, we like them for their punctuality as well as the cleaning of the air cons.
And therefore for the 2nd year, they had advised that we should increase the frequency to 6 times/year instead of 4. We took their advice.
Now that situation had changed and we had explained that we would like to reduce to 4 times/year but they adopted the High and Mighty stance: Either 6 times / year or no go despite the reasons we had given.
A 'Take it or Leave it' attitude.
And since this is the case and is not a willing buyer and willing seller situation, we have decided to stop using their service. Even though initially we were willing to pay for their services which is considered higher than the industry norm.
Such a pity and they WERE doing an above average job....

by Shannon Loh on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

This is the worse air con maintenance ever! Not only does the office have problems in coordinating their crew. The crew themselves are not professional.Air con was serviced at 1pm, water leakage started at 6pm!!!
They refuse to do chemical washing even though my contract clearly states that it is within my rights to request for it.
I will change contractor after my last servicing. It is such a disappointment. They used to be pretty good.
Do not sign any contract with them.

by Roger Koh on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Bad...very bad. Serviceman anyhow wash.. 5 units complete in 30minsCome again finds lots of reason to change this change that.
Got Contract also no use..

by Catherine Choo on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Really bad. Rob money of such services, I would like to put my one year of contract back off. Last washed them. Chemical Medicine, after that it's okay. Today's service personnel said that nothing is broken, barely an exaggeration to say that,Filter Sierra, you can't wash, to replace the whole, I'm mad, then say can fix it, then put it back together..

by Jocelyn Tan Ang on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Provides very reliable aircon service. Your aircon is in good hands.

by Alex Voon Teck Choi on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Star Chan on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Kenny Sen on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Bruce_Leong on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Panasonic provides good quality air, Daikin provides durability. Mitsubishi and Samsung are ok as far as I can tell. I would recommend inverter units from Panasonic or Daikin. Courts and Gain City should be good places to look at. Coolserve is pretty good too.

by Alex Soo on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by Don Tan on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

by nakorius on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Coming 7 years old.
The guys who helped me repair were from Cool Serve and they did a decent job. But one fan coil after another.. part after part... even they were not happy with it.

I am re-running the pipes, got mine from All Best last time and they messed up. Gotta tear down my wardrobe and re-assemble to settle it or the first fan coil cannot be taken down

by Victor7296 on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Yes, Coolserve charges S$300 for power point. I guess you can bargain with them for a better price. Coolserve has a pretty good website to check for brands, models and prices.
Their service team seems OK but their Sales people sucks. They send me an email quote for 2 options (ie quote on 2 brands) and never bother to follow-up with me even when I reply to their email for another brand option quote.

by Funkyjazz on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I used coolserve before. They use my bathroom to wash the filter and the stain was very difficult to remove. I request them next time to use the basement carpark car washing bay to wash the filter. But they refuse and said only two options: 1. wash at my bathroom, 2. they took back to wash at their office which take a few days and they charge double. With this poor service, I have replace them with another company who willing to wash at the car washing bay.

by sunset73 on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Yes, those are considered bigger companies. Price wise, I personally compared and found that Coolserve has a better pricing than Gain City. Installation work wise, not too sure about Coolserve. Gain City installation work, you need to get the right technicians. Some of them are really good, but some..
*cough cough*

by kimsim on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Can be try at coolserve.Model for system 3 or 4 can go for Mitsubishi starmex inverter.
system 3 - 10x3 (3A28VA)
system 4 - 10x3+18 (4A28VA)
system 4 - 10x3+24 or 26 (4A38VA)

by sentosaubin on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

hey bro.. that is the most absurd thing I ever heard...
Inverter supposed to be quiet, I'm not sure whether yours are caused by LG brand or lousy Gaincity people... Anyway I have banned Gaincity for aircon related matters.. They are very unprofessional, unreachable and 1 month in advance for any aircon service.... They still owe me 40 dollars for "service fee" that spoilt my 2.5y aircon eventually....

Now I am using Panasonice System 2 installed by Coolserve, and I have never been happier

by martin1023 on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I have used coolserve at least 4 times for the past 5 years and all I can say is they are professional, reliable and friendly with competitive charges. I believe many people engage their service as their schedule is quite tight. Normally have to wait 2-4 days for available slot.

by tuteee on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

<**shalom73 said: Hi, I am looking around for aircon servicing contractor, my friend introduce me to Coolserver. Has anyone use their service and any recommendation for aircon servicing contractor? Cheers Bernard**> Not bad I used them before, lately i used another company, where I found the the pamphlets from my mailbox. Guess what during the servicing, they screwup my compressor. And now I have to change the whole UNIT. And when I spoke to their operational Manager and company directory, I thought they would charge me cheaper for new aircon, but their prices is more expensive then other company. Actually thought of reporting to case, but doesn't want to waste my time on them. But for sure Im going to blacklist them in my mind.

by sentosaubin on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Panasonic System 2 Inverter CU2S-18KKZ

I have called Coolserve to install this system 2 inverter from Panasonic with $150 NTUC Voucher. Anybody using this particular brand? Any feedback before I go ahead with this aircon?

According to NEA website, the kWh should only be around 114-334kWh for 8 hour usage everyday

by Asdracles on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I use Coolserve ( Around 40 SGD/visit if Im not wrong, serious, trustful, even one time problem was so small that didn't charge me at all.Very happy with their service in these 3 years!

by gentoro on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

For new AC user, please do monthly basic cleaning of your blower's filter etc. Leave the blower dry by using "High" in fan mode if your filter is wet for 3 hours before setting to your AC cooling mode. Generally if lucky, you wont need any servicing for 5-8yrs. My wife's house never did any servicing but regular cleaning since 8yrs of usage and still blowing cool and strong! Surprisingly for me.
Unlike my house and those who having regular servicing every 6 months or so, continue doing so unless if after servicing chemical wash and still blower working fine but giving warm air (blowing efficiently) despite in cold mode, then ask the AC guy to look into your compressor. Its either leakage or fan inefficient. Usually in servicing case, its usually the blower fins gettin clotted/choke with geling, dirt and icing. Dun top-up gas or check compressor unnecessarily, a simple twit in ur copper seal will cause leakage and serviceman will earn more next time.

No need to disconnect any piping during normal/chemical wash. If needed, they are doing extra work whereby compromising your copper pipe sealing which in turn cause leakage. Why would they do extra work? With proper equipments, they can clean each unit without any removal of any piping in 15-20mins or lesser. They can even clear your choke water pipe just removing the flexible water piping and clear the choke. Still doesn't need to remove or touch the copper piping.

In reputated company such as Doctor AC or Coolserve, they do full takedown washing and clean for blower unit which is ($200+) per unit. Can call up to check if you need. I did my checking thou but pretty un-necessary unless your blower fan is not moving AT ALL aka jammed beyond normal/chemical washing needed. Most time in this case, I would prefer to replace a new blower myself.

by steven0608 on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Hi,Go to web search under "coolserve" is a air-con company. All the quotes are for reference. In fact, you can get cheaper by $200+ outside BUT not sure what constraint they have. Treat it as a guildline for price between models and makes.

I did ask them to service my air con before, and their service is "very very good". I will buy my air-con from them if their prices are lower BUT, with all the additional cost eg. $100 to remove my old air-con etc. all-in-all, i need to pay an additional $300+ as compared to G...C..., so I go toward G...C.

Hope this help.

by Anarchy on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I bought from coolserve few weeks ago. No complains. They comes with default armaflex. Anyway I'm using Daikin non-inverter system 3.
Site survey is free meaning they will send someone down before you decide to buy.

by poseidon_gal on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I did consider coolserve..and even went down to their showroom to take a look. The sales person is very patient and show me different a/c. Price is very transparent coz everything is on internet.. I would have taken them but then my ID air con guy beat them by 50 bucks..

by ksanty on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Thanks so much for this. I will contact him this week. Btw, just to share some info, I called Cool Serve and they came and did a free check yesterday. As suspected, I was advised to get a chemical wash for the master bedroom unit plus the the 2 outdoor condenser units, totalling up to SGD 350 for the job. The staff & aircon guys were all nice and polite but I don't think I'm going to go with their recommendation after reading all the posts here.

by cjwee on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

got my A/C installed on Thursday 29th May 08 by ppl from Coolserve. add addtional S$160 for the stainless steel bracket. I must say they were very professional. Came at 10.30 am in the morning and left at 6.30pm. Everything was ok except after the installation the pipes started to leak water ... luckily the installer was still ard and they had it fixed - problem ? they forgot to connect the pipes .. after the connection ... all was ok .. I rate the A/C - 9/10 .... very cold and efficient - a happy customer. The coolserve staff even called to check if everthing was ok during the installation. Insulation type - Armaflex 3/8 However i must add that Kaisoon offered me the ame model at $2370(excluding stainless steel brackets) However they offered with 1/2 insulations .. Decided to go with coolserve as i already verbally confirmed order. Kaisoon's servicing package is $240/yr compared to coolserves S$321 per year both offering quarterly servicing

by EugeneSim on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

guess if since its the company paying then cost won't be a major concern. companies like coolserve or other aircon servicing business can solve your problems. my aircon units are done by an old man, excellant service and really cheap too. only problem is think he doesn't issue receipts. 😳

by jendome on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

U can try cool sxrvx ??? can replace the xx with ee

by ridhwan82 on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

hi D3, i would say that the price would be okay, but you can scout around first try HonX TaY replace the X with g and the Y with r . c o m . s g and find their location they have several branches. or even with "s e r v e" " c o o l" . c o m . s g swap the words above

by my_rock_baby on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

Hi, For the last 4 years, I have sign air-con servicing contracts with CoolS*rve (replace * with e) and I must say I am very PLEASED with their service. First the receptionist is very friendly and willing to listen to the problem of your air-con and do not mind helping you to arrange a most convenient time for their servicemen to do the cleaning. Their servicemen also very professional. Sometimes they are late (due to previous appointment takes longer time to do or whatever), they will call you to inform you that they will be late. From the way u see how they clean the air-con, etc, they really make sure they minimise the "dirt" left in your house πŸ˜€ , the only thing u need to provide for them is some old newspaper :D. And the "machine" they use to wash the air-con also pretty high tech :D. The contract I sign with them is $100 for 1 aircon unit (since I have 3 units, it will be $300). They will come 4 times per year. And if they found out that your air-com needs chemical washing, it is TOTALLY FREE (but for chemical washing they will arrange another date to wash it, since they normally do not tag their chemical washing machine everywhere they goes... and also chemical washing last for 2 hours). And during these 4 years, all 3 of my aircon unit already had chemical wash once each, so you can see how much I have save πŸ˜€ I will be renovating my new house soon and I will for sure get them to install the aircon for me.

by edgin on Coolserve Air-Condition Engineering

I find that their sales service (C00lServe) is responsive. I emailed them several questions and they were very prompt in their reply. Personally, i think they're quite competitive