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Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service is an established since year 2011 as aircon service company/contractor based in Singapore and our principal have more than 15 years of experience that specializes in various aircon services e.g air-conditioning service, yearly maintenance, repair, chemical O/H, troubleshooting, installation and more. We are well trained in different brands of air conditioning service and our clients both from residential, commercial premises and project.

Our ethic is honestly, loyalty & healthy living. We believe we are only as good as what we breathe. Our team become worthy of acknowledgement and praise of a large group of loyalty clients.

We were also launched on new service to our clients which is “safe” and “health” e.g dust mite cleaning for our bed, sofa or carpet and air-conditioning steamer cleaning for those clients which is pregnant , children or sensitive for chemical clean.

We believe in offering the best services to our customers while maintaining competitive pricing with the market. Our vast experience throughout the years of specialising in the air-conditioning field also enable us educate our technicians with the best practices, which then benefits our customers with our timely and cost effective services.




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Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service
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by NoiRequiem on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

After multiple mentions of Cold Engine here, I got my system 3 installed yesterday by them as well. It was a team of 3, although two of them couldn't speak very much English (my Chinese is quite bad) so I could really only converse with one who was also the team leader I think. Workmanship is decent from what I can tell and they do offer 2 year warranty on that, although the second year excludes insulation problems. All the relevant checks and procedures were also performed, though I can't say how well it was done as I'm not an expert. They did clean up most of the debris although thorough cleaning still had to be done as there was plenty of fine plaster. Registered warranty online with no problems as well (extra 3 months on top of the promotion). Overall, very satisfied with the purchase.

by carlover76 on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

Here is my review of the installation :

Fancoil and compressor arrived around 11plus. The installers who are brothers arrived before 11.30am and started the dismantling of my old Aircon and piping.

I have a small chat with the main installer who is the elder brother, he commented that his boss do not overcharge customer and looking for long term business. He also mentioned that their schedule are quite full as many customers will recommend them to their friends so I dun think they are stuck up but too busy.

They mentioned that my Silver Envi are the 2nd sets which they just installed so they are still not very familiar with the fancoil and the installation are a bit difficult to install compared to the older models.

The overall installation ended around 8pm with a little help from another of their 2 friends around 4pm.

The installer provides a good advice on how the piping should run even though it is different from what the boss, Scott mentioned.

I must say that the workmanship are very good and they really concealed every single holes etc, there are some left out portion which they will cover up after I told them.

Overall, the workmanship are good, professional and neat. They even help to sweep up all the dusts and rubbish before they left my flat. Before they left, they did a test on all the fancoils to ensure all are working well. They commented that Silver Envi is very nice with the led light on the right bottom of the fancoil, the remote control also comes with led backlit which is very useful.

As my flat has not connect internet so unable to test out the D-Mobile, I will definitely engage them for my regular servicing since the pricing for each fancoil is not very expensive as well.

by wwh5210 on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

U can try to call or text Air Connection, Fortuna (Daikin only) or Cold Engine.

by Pathfinder on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

Cold Engine, 4k with upgraded materials for Daikin System 4, 3x9 and 1x18k and bracket.

by benyaminrw on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

Hi, I just wanted to share my experience with Cold Engine. I contacted them after coming across their thread My first point of contact was Chris and he was more than helpful. Their price was competitive compared to other vendors with a 2x installation included. I decided to go ahead with a no obligation assessment where Scott came down to take a look at our place and I decided to take a Panasonic system 3 from them.

The installations went through without a hitch, on time and nicely done. After installing, they made sure to clean up afterwards. I've only used the aircon for a few weeks now but I can say I am a satisfied customer.

by Norman Lee on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

Just engaged them for my AC.

They were the only one whom even bothered to double check with HDB for my 2 compressors' placements even b4 I commit.

Went to 1 at IMM, said they install, HDB kpkb, my problem... the usual upsize from others offering a promo price....

my regular aircon guy for my office... matched their prices... but sama sama.. never informed me about the 2 compressor issues..

Just installed my wiring/trunking at short notice. Committed Sunday, work Tues.... 5 guys turned up for the work, with Scott personally climbing over the ledge for the removal of old compressor

I was wishy washy with a trunking, Scott offered to rehack for a reroute. interesting... but my glass works was hampering routing for electrical as well... what to do...

Pricewise, competitive, Chris/Scott straight forward, no come from behind yet. LOL. in fact asking me to go easy on BTU to save some $$

Waiting for FCU once my main-con settled their stuffs, hopefully next week

by MSTan on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

Hi Rob,

I had engaged Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service last year December for my new house. Yes, agree with you...Scott are super friendly and he is not a hard sales person,he give me a honest advise. His price is reasonable,the most important is their skill is nice. My husband and me very satisfied with his service provided.

by stephanie87 on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

I had engaged with Mr Chua few times for my aircon servicing, I quite satisfied of his service as he did a very good servicing and had gave a very kind advise on how to maintain the aircon in good condition. Indeed, he is a very nice person.

by Jessie Chan on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service

by Grace Y. Pan on Cold Engine Air-Conditioning Service