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Best Tech Group of Companies is one of Singapore's leading corporations specialising in providing comprehensive air-conditioning and lighting services. Established in 2003 with a team of 7 providing commercial retail, wholesale and aire-conditioning related services at a shop in Ang Mo Kio, Best Tech has grown rapidly to occupy a multi-level warehouse spanning a total area of 8500 sq ft in Ubi, as well as 6 showrooms strategically located in prime areas of Singapore.

Holding steadfast of their work philosophy that also serves as a promise to our customers, Best Tech has managed to grow and establish a wide base of over 100,000 consumers, with clients ranging from public institutions, religious associations to food & beverage outlets.


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Best Tech Group
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by Kusanagi on Best Tech Group

whatever you do, don't go for best tech

by Nik TC on Best Tech Group

I just had my hse installed a Starmex Sys 3 from Best Tech for $2799 with installation and gst. The price was reasonable and I was convinced by the salesman good service. He was very patient and explain very clearly for all the details. He even took the initiative to come my house and explain how the piping should be and measured the floor area and recommended different models and I chose Starmex as there was a promotion price. The installation guys were also very experienced and did not make a mess on my place. They provided a 3 year workmanship warranty on top of the a/c 5 year warranty. Was very satisfied with their service!:D

by teck13 on Best Tech Group

Recently replaced my old sys 2 with MHI sys3. Share my experience. Yamato insulation is nice. But very disappointed with the workmanship of the installer. Tell then what I want when they arrived, everything can. Installing halfway, start to combine the 2 copper tubing into 1 insulator in order to squeeze thru' a box-up between 2 rooms. Ask them sure or not can put the gas and liquid tubes in 1 insulator.They said they had done it before and no complain.
Feedback on their wms guarantee card, no reply.
Although the air con is cold, but still fell not comfortable.

by gld998 on Best Tech Group

I looking for a system 3 that is long lasting. My current System 3 Mitsubishi Heavy Industry died on me and the current Mitsubishi Electric aka StarMex have condensation issues after 4~5yrs.. anything to recommend? I planning to replace the piping and everything.

My aircon guys wanna do system test again and it will take months to resolve as suspect leak on the piping. I just dont trust them and want the nightmare to end!

Btw Best Tech service SUCKS! The piping skill is rubbish... This is not the 1st time.

I thinking of Daikin but dunno the service is good with fair price.

by megaweb on Best Tech Group

My place just installed Mitsubishi Heavy System 4 Inverter + Bracket + Remove Old units & Pipes + Change new Pipes 1 month ago.
Total damage = $3.8k. The company is Best Tech @ TPY shop.

They took 8 hours to finish all the job from 11am till 7pm. So far the air-con has no issue , very quiet and cool fast. Very satisfied.

by kev1234 on Best Tech Group

Do not buy aircons from Best Tech and MitsubishiHi,

I am unable to recommend an aircon agent or brand to go for but i can certainly recommend that you do not go with Best Tech and Mitsubishi.

I got a Mitsubishi Inverter system 4 from Best Tech late last yr and only started using it when I got married early this year. Immediately, I realised that the aircon power was weak in all the rooms and in some rooms, the aircon would give a running water sound. In addition, when it rained hard, water would leak into my master bedroom through the conduit that connects the compressor unit to the aircons in my flat.

It took weeks before Best Tech and the Mitsubishi technicians would agree to change the compressor unit and put some sealant to the conduit.

But the problem was not solved. The aircon in my study room would blow hot and cold - literally! Somedays the aircon would be strong and other days, it would be weak. But it still produces the running water sound from time to time.

However, a new problem has emerged. A foul and pungent smell is released when I switch on the aircon in my master bedroom.

I keep getting problems from Best Tech and Mitsubishi despite paying thousands of dollars for their lousy product. I tell them to com down to solve my problem and till this day, nothing is solved. Bloody idiots they are!

by gld998 on Best Tech Group

Dont get Mitsubishi.. It will gives problems after 2 years plus of usages... Mine giving problems on a monthly basis... The problem is the Master Dealer! Avoid BestTech at all cost! They seem like they dunno what they are doing

by xtream on Best Tech Group

Finally decide to go for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries system 3 !!
SCM60/ 3 x SRK25

Any Mitsubishi heavy industry user here? Mind to share how good is it?

Actually my wife and i decide to go GC for our aircon. But the salesperson at Best Tech really impress both my wife and i. I read some negative feedback about this company before but the salesperson, Ken really so helpful and knowledgeable in term of explaining the running of piping and run through the floor plan with us.

After a chit chat with him realize that he is not a indoor salesperson. He is a outdoor salesperson. He just happen to be drop by at IMM outlet on the day we purchased No wonder he is so familiar with the floor plan stuff and even pass us his mobile no to let us contact him when we need him to come down for some site view as we have a built in wardrobe in MBR which might block the way of the piping.

After compare few brand, realize that Mitsubishi Heavy Industry is the most power saving aircon in the market now. So we happily go for it.

But we have a headache now.. He offer us 2 type of insulation which is YAMATO and K-Flex class "0"... According to him, YAMATO is much more better as the insulation is largely use at JAPAN and big project such as landed and condo at singapore. I went back and check with one of my friend who run a construction company, he told me that he did saw some project is using this YAMATO piping. But not sure how good it is...

Anyone ever use this YAMATO insulation and any feedback on it?? I Need to decide which one to use before the installation date

by smoothtalker on Best Tech Group

hahaha I went to best tech before too. I personally don't like their service...
They show the insulation kflex is more of a rubber finish. The armaflex the more foam feeling right? If they tell you 3/8 and 1/2 no diff. then ask if 2 pipe press against each other until tight tight sure won't have condensation?

Last time i went wanted to buy aircon they keep pushing mitsubishi heavy industry and not willing to tell me the price unless i buying only say can give very good price..

I ask them some technical question and they can't answer. i know liao... i don't trust them already. Ask them about cooper gauge, insulation and the r410 refrigerant. all give me funny reply. of course i know my things before i go to test their service. end up i buy from other people.

by smoothtalker on Best Tech Group

Google is your friend..
I visited their show room before and i spoke to their staff too and was not impressed. Try asking them technical questions and if they impress you, close the deal, if they don't.... ahahaha

by kezman on Best Tech Group

<**On 7/31/2011 at 9:55 PM, henrywoo1978 said: Hi, I was quoted $3688 for Toshiba Invertor sys 3 (12 + 9 + 9), upgraded to 12 inch, and the 5 years extended warranty. Well they throwing in $200 gain city voucher @ IMM Gain City. Well still sourcing for better offers. Best Regards**> i got my toshiba invertor 3 at Best Tech @ $2970....

by Yurikaze on Best Tech Group

Haha, keep thinking of the more popular brands and forgot I type "top 3" Hehe..
Anyway, just installed my sys 3 MHI 2day by best tech and they just took 2 hrs to install and fix the fcus, compressor and started up for testing. Even thou they're late by an hr [due to unable to secure the release of goods], they are still fast and focus. Have to say it's nicely done up and the aircon cool the room very fast! Due to new HDB flats being smaller and smaller by the day.

by tellim on Best Tech Group

although process is not smooth but it just some hiccup on the installation date. i think if u request for ur deposit back, u gonna bring more headache for yrself haha.
i gotten my aircon from best tech and no hiccup encountered. aircon is still working fine few mths after installation.

by tnk001 on Best Tech Group

I just want to share my bad experience with Best Tech in IMM. I ordered a ME Sys 4 from them on 20/12/09 and paid a deposit of 700+. The installation was supposed to be on 2 Jan and the guy promised me the workers will come in the morning as it will take quite long.
A few days before that, the guy called and tell me that there are no stocks for the aircon I want. He said that new stocks will only be available later and we agreed to move the installation to 16 Jan.

On 15 Jan, they called me to confirm installation on 16 Jan ard noon time. I was a little puzzled as based on their sales guy when I signed, the project cannot be completed in half a day. But the guy on the phone was confident and said at most they work till late in the night. Although I wasn't very happy, I said ok.

Then on 16 Jan, my family and I moved everything away early in the morning to facilitate the installation. Then we waited till around 1pm and nobody turned up. We finally called the office and the lady said the workers cannot make it. Also, she said dun call back after 1 as nobody is in office.

She then offered me to re-arrange another installation date. After some discussion with my family, I decided not to proceed as I have lost confidence in the company. I am now in discussion with Best Tech to get my money back.

It has just been a very bad experience with them. Now, I will probably have to wait till after CNY to look for another company again. When I signed with them, they promised me the stars and the moon and all I got was this kind of rubbish.

by cueball1981 on Best Tech Group

Wow... honestly if i remember no wrong my Ac is also from them.. same problem arise.. say what AC fell on main con foot and AC is dmg.. and no stock.. Waste me one day of leave.. then i dulan.. i check with i tink renotalk and it seem this thing happen before .. so i told the lady on the line that i make the whole issue big if i dont get it install in the same week.. Next i know.. they got it install

by tellim on Best Tech Group

1 week after installing MHI inverter by Best Tech....all still working fine.
yes...MHI can go up down left right.

Btw, my MHI aircon unit labelled as MADE IN THAILAND.

by Incidental Singaporean on Best Tech Group

My MHI system 3 inverter installed by Best Tech.
The "tau chiu" doing the installation is abit unfriendly, but after packing lunch and a packet cigarettes for him and his "kah kia", they did a pretty good job.

Have not try their after sales service yet.

MHI compressor is freaking huge. There is only a 2 inch clearance between the window panel and the top of the compressor, when the window is open.

Do take note when installing.

by sgstab on Best Tech Group

Finally order my sys4 r410a mitsubish heavy industry inverter from besttech, which is 32k BTU, bigger than 28k BTU starmex and 26K BTU toshiba, that is main reason i choose mitsubish heavy industry.
1) copper 23

2) k-flex class 0 1/2 inchi which is upgrading cost me 200, each FCU 50;

3) 16mm drainage pipe

4) old aircon dismantling and unlimited piping;

5) 5 yrs extrended warranty labour and parts, total cost 3900, if bracket need to change then 150 more, think still ok for me.

So ur guys any comment on MITSUBISHI heavy industry?

by thexenomorph on Best Tech Group

Mine done today too. 4 techs came in 9.30 chop chop 1.30pm done liao. Fast but workmanship wise is still quite good. The copper pipe used is Totaline. Insulation is K-Flex. Removed all existing trunking ducts and replace new one. Best Tech does everything as promised and nothing to complain indeed. Now finger cross it will last for years to come. But...
the MHI does not live up to my expectation. First, it wasn't as cool as my old Hitachi non-invertor. Is that because Invertor type energy saving actually come from the "not so cold" gimmick? I remember read from some forums a user complained about her ME "not cold enough" - I cannot understand back then but i do now. The aircon just don't give me the "Wow! Cold sial" feeling. Instead, it just like "ah, at least here cooler than outside" nia.

2nd, the MHI when turned on, has a high frequency "yink yink" noise like motor lack lubrication. The noise come from the FCU as 3 of them exhibit the same. It is very irritating. I am not sure if the noise will go away when the FCU run in, or not. I may wait for few day to see if it settle down. Else I will feedback to Best Tech to get MHI come down.

3rd, very funny when i turn on the vertical swing, the fin do not swing fully from top-most position to bottom-most position. It only swing down half way then go up again!? So the area direct under the FCU is not "blown". It is not as cold as other area of the room. 🙁 Don't know why the design like that haiz...

Btw, in case you ask, the MHI are made in Thailand not China. But so what...with the above problems...haiz

by jmr123 on Best Tech Group

So anyone get the Panasonic units? They seem to be heavily promoted by everyone right now.
I went to Best Tech and they told me to avoid Panasonic. They recommended either Sanyo or LG. Best Tech seemed pretty knowledgeable but not sure about their installation since several people here have complained. Anyone else use them recently?

My AirCon servicing company recommended Panasonic (which they sell) so not sure what to think.

by thexenomorph on Best Tech Group

I signed up with them too and installation this Saturday. But they give me K-Flex. Which system you get? Mine will be Mit Heavy Industries.
Anyone using Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Aircon? Any comment?

by Repsol_2 on Best Tech Group

I finally made my deposit with best Tech, This saturday they will be setting the aircon up. Package quite reasonable....and they will be using armaflex for my insulation.

by hulk1010 on Best Tech Group

Dear all, We have just bought a system 3 Inverter Air-con (Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial) from Best****. After done some reading on this particular air-con, we will sort of regret as the parts are not easily available. The salesman in Best**** has misrepresented and very pushy over this brand. They claim to use superior material and skillful workmanship.... but is not truth. Pls. watch up.

by jon32 on Best Tech Group

I've personally used best tech 2 times' one for my mum's place and second on my own house. 2 sets inverter air-con for 2 seperated units. Previously we hired another air-con company located in the west, they came see the place and says that the piping was too long and they left the place, we were left unfolded until a friend of mine recommended me them which was located at IMM,the salesman was very experience and the salesperson offered me an insulation from italy name K flex, this insulation actually help to stop our long years with problem of insulation.My second set of air-con was just installed 1 week ago, very satisfied with their workmanship and most important pricing. I would rate them 4.5/5.

by nomoney25 on Best Tech Group

I always feel that Hong tar aircon is more expensive than other...they will never reduce the price even u told them some other shops are selling cheaper, but i still choose to buy it from hong tar cause they are the company where i seldom see any complaints from other internet forumers.Buying aircon not just the brand but the workmanship and the installation are very important!! Initially i intend to get Gain city but i heard someone that they will sell the aircon as 1 time installation only,in the end i choose hong tar...i never give damm to this allbest and best tech as complaint to them are super high.
hong tar tech will be coming to new home later to do the first installation, do take note abt term and condition, some shops can give cheaper price cause they using smaller 3/8 insulation and G24 (thiner) copper pipe and will do in 1 time installation only ,usually it cost $150-$200 to upgrade the material,

by weiht on Best Tech Group

Thats why i leaning towards best tech who give standard 5yr for compressor n 1yr for parts, BUT 3yr for installation. Recently, i went to buy a LCD n the sales guy wanted to ask me to extend warrranty to 5yrs just in case any damage. I was thinking maybe get lah for peace of mind, but then my gf said something power man, "why must extend warranty? U mean the LCD u sell so fast n easy to spoil meh?" Not that she dun wanna extend, but the guy was like keep pyschoing me to extend, to the pt he keep saying when the thing spoil n all then jialat. So thats when she step in n said, u mean to tell me u sell things that spoil v easily? THANK GOD FOR HER, if not i kana con $300... Likewise for aircon, most ppl at gc will push us for the extended warranty, n they will calculate the charges of servicing if not under warranty, n it can be scary. But when i asked abt extending the parts warranty at Best tech, the salesman told me not necessary lah. More impt is the workmanship during installation, n for the amount of my usage, i wont really stress the aircon to give up. As long as i do the simple cleaning n all, should not be a problem. But then again, i still may pay for it... singaporean syndrome LOL OH YEAH, the very impt point is the ppl at best tech do 2 trips for installation, which is gd. Cuz they can do the piping n all first, then after u paint the hse then they come in to install the aircon. others do 1 trip onli, n say they will cover the aircon to prevent paint stains. Now, i do sound a best tech salesman :jawdrop:

by franklin on Best Tech Group

received call fron contractor that hv to get air-con fast, so today finally bot a non inverter carrier system 3 from best tech at imm. Chose carrier over toshiba cos they are almost exactly the same specs (according to the sales person since carrier and toshiba are from the same company). Total cost $1819, with $120 servicing voucher, free cooker and class 0 insulation. btw, toshiba costs $1860.

by ekardo on Best Tech Group

I think weather becoming more and more aircon price also go up..
I went to IMM last weekend and checked on Allbest and also Besttech, price is around $1838 (gst not in yet)

but after reading singaporebride....I think I better avoid them..haha

as for Mitsubishi...come to think of you really clean the aircon yourself? so what if it's easy clean ?

I think most of us wouldn't bother to clean the aircon until something wrong, and when something wrong, it's too late to clean yourself also...haha

I am thinking of Daikin now...(Daikin makes only Aircon..think about it...)
any review on Daikin ??
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