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Our humble roots started in 1976 when neighbours started lamenting about family health problems caused by filthy air-con equipment and the sweltering heat in our tropical environment. What started out as a small family trade helping households in the neighbourhood, later evolved into a large-scale goal where we wanted to eliminate these problems everywhere, for as long as possible, to boost the health of others. We figured, what we have, others can also get and benefit from if we reached out to them. To date, we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers over the course of 38 years, including multiple homes and organisations like the People’s Association of Singapore, National Marine Board (now Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore), Port of Singapore Authority and SBS. And on countless occasions, our services have proved to be one of the best in Singapore.

At Allied Aircon, we also seek to constantly improve. As the world advances with technology and research, we believe that there are newer, more efficient ways to keep aircon problems at bay for a longer period of time. Hence, we commit to provide unparalleled service to our customers, through the use of new equipment and chemicals that kills 99% bacteria and virus from your air-con systems. Tapping on our varied 38-year experience and skillful team, we trust that our invaluable insights will solve your air-con woes conclusively.


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Very professional service from Michelle and Jason. HIGHLY Recommended

Looking around getting air con in my home. The price and product provided by them is one of best and service they provided. Thanks for the efforts.

Superb services provided by AAE. My air conditioning problems are a thing of the past now, amazing!

The AAE team services man were friendly and on time, I've had an old unit serviced and it's now as good as new. The price is reasonable too

Recommended to me by a friend. A wide variety of supplies to choose from with unlimited possibilities. Service was not bad. Delivery was efficient.

Had a look at various companies before calling up AAE. gave me a quote for servicing of my 3 split unit a/c. Price quoted by them Is worth every cent. Air con now as good as new, if not better!!

Very prompt service. Efficient in their set up and delivery. Very friendly service. I made many enquires and they were very patient with me.

Thank allied for solving my home air conditioner problem.My 5 year old air con have been having water leaking issue for the pass few month, after the flushing servicing everything was smooth.

I always choose AAE for the health of my family.Their professional steam servicing kills germs and mold, providing my family with a better,healthier environment

Excellent service with excellent installation of air conditional units in my hdb flat. Serviceman were friendly and approachable. Reasonable price!

Speedy repair work that guarantees lasting quality.

Thank you for the good service provided. Price is good and reasonable. Would really recommend people to try our their services.

I experience water leakage problems with my air-con system frequently, and previous technicians only managed to provide temporal solutions. AAE solved my problems permanently with just one visit.

Their quick,detailed response and explanation of the air conditioner problem came at no hidden charges! They on fix and replace what is damaged.