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All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd
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by precise on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Got my toshiba system 4 installed y'day by All best.
Overall experience is good. Installer is very experience. He told me he has 20+ yr exp. Did the installation from 1030 to 1500 hrs including dismantle my old system 3. Very fast and very neatly done. The only thing he uses 13mm instead of 16mm drainage pipe which differ from my sales contract.he told me 16mm cannot lay tilt properly. He mentioned my old one is 16mm and there is water retain in the pipe when he dismantle. Quite true as there was a time I experience water leakage from one of the fcu.

Toshiba is quite powerful and able to cool the room and hall very fast. Outdoor unit is quiet too.

So far happy with the purchase. Total damage include 5 yrs extended warranty is 4500 with new bracket.

by SGkaki on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

ALL BEST Air Conditioning Experience AUG 2015Hello sis and bros,

It's my first post here.

I don't usually post but after my recent exp with All Best Air Conditioning Electric Pte Ltd, I want to share my bad exp with everyone and hopefully no one kena the **** i got from them.

We ordered and bought a new Toshiba System 3 from their branch at Tampines Century Square.
The deal looks pretty good with gift vouchers and the salesman assured that Toshiba was the best choice.
We were inclining towards Mitsubishi but he kept on going about how Toshiba is waay better and how it's made in Japan and Mitsubushi in Thailand. I checked immediately upon returning home and it appears that Mistsubishi Units are indeed Assembled in Thailand, but it's parts are all made in Japan. Toshiba has also withdrawn its operations from Singapore and the repairs will also be undertaken by a third party company Carrier. But he assured us it'll be fine. The salesman scheduled us for installation within 2 weeks; very systematic, experienced and professional.

However, I personally think he receives more commission from selling of Toshiba units. I've checked online and found other people with similar encounters.

The installation did not live up to standard. 2 staff from Allbest came to install. The main guy was experienced but rough with his work.
For example, he could've measured and trace out the exact size of the hole for the casing but he just drilled and hammered roughly a large one (Hole was 4cm radius extra all around the casing) only to cover up the extra space he excavated with quick dry silicone sealant.

However, the main problem was the one who tagged along as the assistant. His attitude and performance was subpar. Him blasting music during work was still tolerable but there're quite a few things he disappointed us.
He lays his phone and belongings on our bed without seeking permission(Hello, you think this is your house?!).
Secondly, he "forgot" to clear the last of the old aircon piping, didn't even bother to seal up the reopened old piping casings until we asked him about it. There 're water leaks and he didn't even bother to wipe it up.
Also, the way he hammered nails into the wall for the remote mounting frame is totally that of a beginner; instead of going straight in, the nails are crooked and twisted. Worst thing is, he didn't even bother to remove the ugly traces of his previous 2 attempts. He just left them there. The final one isn't any better.

Within a day of installation, one of the blowers started to leak water everywhere. JUST ONE DAY. Seriously??

We recontacted the salesman and fortunately he was professional and got us a service team over within a day. Thankfully the other 2 blowers were okay.

Allbest i suggest you better retrain some of your staff to better conduct themselves.

This is simply unacceptable!

Is this just our bad luck or has anyone got similar experiences with them?
Do share and thanks for reading!

by tonytsh on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I bought mine from All Best few years back. So far I've been saddled with wiring problems and piping problems which they charge me although there's 5 years workmanship warranty. I am going to complain to them about this. So if the maintenance comes to a few hundred dollars more, I'll look for a more reliable company.

by adrian_seah on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

won't recommend buying from All Best, salesman at the shop said the removal of the existing air con fees can be waived and any site survey will warrant a $80 charge. Because I bought a re-sale flat, so definitely will need to remove the existing air con to plaster my wall and also another site survey to discuss where the trucking are for my false celling etc.
They went ahead to charge me $80 for removal and another $80 for site survey with strictly NO ROOM for nego. Way too rigid to run a business this way. Salesman later backed out to say the removal charge cannot be waived.

Just sharing my bed experience. Definitely my first and last time with ALL BEST.

by athletic91 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Bought from all-best imm, 3rd hse buying from them.
Just bought ME star mex sys 4 9/9/9/26k blower
compresser is mxy4a-28

New house bto installation -$3700
upgrade to 1/2"armaflex insulation -$150

by fcsega on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

decided to post a comment after having problems with my aircon system installed by AB 5 years ago (Mitsubishi). Last month nov my living room fan coil was unable to ON and after troubleshooting found out its the wiring. And I changed the wire myself and it works.
Now December my study room also giving problem. The fan coil was able to ON but not cold air and fan coil just stop after a while of turning on with fault light comes on. A technician came to troubleshoot and pin-point its the wiring again.

The technician told me the quality of the wire is of low quality. I took a closer look and realised my aircon wire is using 40-strands instead of 70-strands.

For future home owners, do ensure you use the brand keystone/tai sin or a wire with 70-strands of copper wires for each cord.

by kimsim on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

This is quite common setup for 4 to 5 Room flat.You meant that signature (Zen)?

I got mine from All Best.

by zola25 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Sharp System 3Bought a Sharp System 3 @$2399 at All Best Tampines.

The guy also recommended Toshiba (Made in Japan) at $2999. He says both is faster cooling than Starmex and more energy-saving. And Starmex made in Thailand.

by kendoarts on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I just bought my air con from All Best (Located at IMM). I bought Mitsubishi Starmex System 4.

Price is $3799, including 1 year warranty on parts and 5 years warranty on the condenser/motor, plus installation, trunking/piping.

by danxiaogui86 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Just buy Starmex at all best at imm. System 3.

by TitanSmall on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

There are bad reviews, but there are also people who used them and no issues. Since you already paid the deposits, i think no point changing and forfeit the money.

by plasticpistola on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

my aircon installed by all best.
they install until damn late at night and at one point the whole condenser unit dropped on the ground......

dunno issit why my aircon gas is leaking now.

by presley on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Allbest boss and besttech boss are brothers. GainCity are cousin. It is best to go to gaincity to install aircon.Allbest use lousy quality. They tell you use 16mm drainage pipe but only at the toilet where you can see.In the trunking they use 13mm. Wire they use do not come with PSB approve. Without PSB approve cost less than $15 per 50 yard.PSB approve singapore cable cost $50 per 50 yard. That is why their price is so cheap.

by maxmuzzer00 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Just want to share on my experience with All Best IMM.
I have bought an air-con STARMEX INVERTER from them on 4th July and the salesman have told us we do not need to change our piping as it was the more durable kind that were used 10 years ago. Subsequently, the technician came to install late last week and by saturday, the aircon is not blowing cold air. We called them up and the same technician came over and said the gas pressure is leaking and will have to change the piping. This is ridiculous! We only have the aircon for 2 days! And to add on, the technician said it is due to the new refrigerant R410A that were used on the new aircon. Why they did not inform us early!?

Any aircon experts here can recommend me on what will best for this case? All Best suggested to change pipes or should I call another company for a second opinion?


by ekardo on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Installation prob, electrical wire seems to be shorted and my study room unit will auto on when switch on aircon in other room. and the worst thing is, all my trunking is hidden in my wardrobe, so, it cannot be fixed unless I tear down my wardrobe. so LL, I permanently disabled my study room unit. this happened within 3 years, and I seldom use my aircon even.
3 months later, my master room unit also shorted. and temporary, I have to run electrical wire outside for the master room unit..

I was using SHARP, and SHARP aircon is good, but the installers (ALL THE BEST) sucks big time.
or maybe only that particular msian pair didn't do a good job...but ALL Best should have been responsible for the electrical problem.

PS: call all best, technician came and stay this is installer problem and warranty only 1 year. so I called my reno's contact for aircon and the new guy was helping for all the problem.

I will be revamping my aircon in 1 or 2 years time...also trying to look for a good installer.

by Dryden28 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Just went to IMM 3rd floor where all the furniture, renovation shops are.
Went to AllBest to buy a Toshiba system 3 inverter for $3298
5 years warrenty for 1x13K, 2x10k blower, compressor and installation
The sales guy told me whole set made in Japan and gave me a $120 servicing voucher done by them.

The attractive part is according to them, they don't outsource their installation. I had very bad experience with previous installer always leak after about 1 year of use.

by autumnleaf on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I bought toshiba system 3 from imm all best at 3298 with extra 5 years warranty on blower parts.

by YLLing on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Hi EveryoneI had a very bad experience with Allbest too, went to CASE & now to Small Claims Tribunal.Just 1 year after installation, there is water leakage & subsequently wire got burnt in my master bedroom.I had to engage another Company to repair the wire as it is so difficult to get an appointment from them.Then I was told that they did a poor installation job.I had to tear down the cement used to conceal the trunking for them to redo the insulation & they refused to pay for the costs.Now they replaced the insulation of my masterbedroom but burnt the wire of my living room & 3rd bedroom aircon units.As these wires are concealed behind the cabinets, they insisted on not paying for the costs in removing the backing.They claimed that I am responsible to provide the access for them to carry out the repair work.This is ridiculous!!The 5 years extended warranty is all bullshit!Please do not keep quiet, we must fight for our rights as consumers.

by ning87 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Aiyo... Allbest is well know for their lousy service and aftersale service.. If you from renotalk, u should go find Aron. His company did my aircon 2 yrs ago. although i didnt sign with him any contract for servicing, when i go back and ask him for help, he still helped me. this is what i call by good service.

by flamingskull on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Hi everybody, I'm Wei from Pasir Ris. I signed up for this forum so that I can share with you the horrible experiences I had with Allbest Aircon. I would also like to invite everyone who had to go through a similar ordeal as me to join me in taking some action. My wife and I signed up for aircon installation by Allbest at one of those renovation fairs at Singapore Expo in June 2010. The promoter at the booth showed us a lot of "certs" and "awards" that the company received for aircon installation. He seemed relatively knowledgeable about the types of aircon as well, so I paid the deposit on the spot to engage them. Installation date was fast. They fixed up the air con by July 2010, and immediately there were problems. We signed up for an LG System 3 for our Master bedroom, the living room as well as the guestroom with an extra large inverter because we were told they needed that to power the living room aircon. Once the installers came, they said that they cannot extend the trunking to the guestroom. I was like WTF???? I paid for three air cons and what they were saying then was that they can only give me two of them. My contractor was there at that time and said that it can be done, but it just require more work. The installers were extremely reluctant and we ended up calling Allbest who say that there was a provisio in the contract that says the installers have the final say after "consultation". They refused to return me any of the money, but gave me a larger unit for the living room. They claimed that the difference in price between the bigger unit and the smaller one would make up for the price difference for the third unit. At that point in time, I wanted to just get the ordeal over with and actually agreed to that. Big mistake. The installers did a shit job with the trunking and the trunking was zigzagging through my bedroom. They said it was necessary to tilt it at an angle so the water will run.... Anyway, we were told we needed to run the air con for 24 hours to make sure that the installation was smooth. Within 8 hours the air con started leaking water. I'm talking about waterfall kind of big pools of water. We called up Allbest and they said the earliest they could get the installers back was in a week.... which incidentally was when our cheque to them would be processed. I complained and KPKB all the way up to the manager and the attitude of all those I talked to were HORRIBLE. The basic message I got was take it or leave it... I can get my own pple to finish up the job if I was not willing to wait. The aircon guys came back a week and tore open the trunking to fix the leakage and did not even bother to put the trunking back properly. It was an eyesore. My contractor had to paint over the wall again to get the trunking back to the same color as the wall. All that was in 2010. In the two years since then, my air con had broken down FIVE times. FIVE!! times in two years It's really no joke, and since I bought the extended warranty, I got them back every time, but the general attitude is we've already paid for it so there is no rush to service us. The longest I had to wait for the repair guys to come was THREE WEEKS because their repairmens' schedule was all filled up. THREE WEEKS without aircon in the hottest months in Singapore. And the repairs were not minor either. They had to rewire the entire trunking because the low quality wires they used had been burned through after one year of usage. Some parts in the inverter had to be changed, so they had to knock open a hole in the wooden panel that was used to conceal the wires. I had to pay my own cost to cover up the lobang. And since it was a year since that wall was painted, I can't get the paint to match the rest of the wall now. My blood boils everytime I had to call them because the girl at the service desk has a HORRIBLE attitude and would scream at me for daring to interrupt the nothing she was doing. I refused to be put off by that since I bought the extended warranty, I need them to honor that. The last time we got them in for repairs was in Feb 2012. I said I would sue them if my aircon breaks down again. The manager actually dared us to do that and said that many have tried and failed and we are just wasting money. He was arrogant and unapologetic.My air con just broke down again. I just want to find out if I am just suay or did anyone else here have a similar experience with AllBest. I am gathering names so we can go for a combined class action suit at the small claims court. They cannot be allowed to go about their cheating ways anymore. For those that are considering getting an aircon unit from them. DON'T. They are slightly cheaper than the rest, but it is really not worth the heartache. plus the repair costs will eat into whatever money you saved. yes, repair costs because the EXTENDED warranty only cover manpower and not parts. ==============================================
This message was reposted from Renotalk forums as well

by jasonlimqs on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Just bought Mitsubishi Inverter System 3 from All Best @ IMM.MXY3A28VA

$2799 inclusive of everything.
Installation &
Dismantle of old system
Free $120 service voucher.

by nakorius on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I had bad experience with All Best through Best Tech.

But there will always be those who had good experience.

by expert128sg on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Gotten it from ALL Best. I think the installer who came were very professional and have great service. They came early twice and dont mind waiting since I was not home for both times. They would also give recommendation on where to place the aircon to have maximum cooling effect....will tell u the pros and cons as well.
Nope. I cant even hear anything.

For room wise, they are very good. They make me feel super cold in less than 15mins. normally i will off it after 30mins and it last throughout the night.

I believe Mit Electric is only good for Rooms. For Living room, sadly they just dont meet my standard at all. Super disappointing.

by nakorius on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Coming 7 years old.
The guys who helped me repair were from Cool Serve and they did a decent job. But one fan coil after another.. part after part... even they were not happy with it.

I am re-running the pipes, got mine from All Best last time and they messed up. Gotta tear down my wardrobe and re-assemble to settle it or the first fan coil cannot be taken down

by Egoistee on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Dear all,
I have bought my Toshiba System 3 from Allbest. With my fancoil and compressor still under warranty, recent 2 of my fancoil broke down.

Toshiba technician came to my house to fix it. But after accessing it, they realised that the problem can from an inferior cabling use by Allbest. Therefore they had to refer this issue back to Allbest.

Today, they got allbest to call me up. And Allbest explain to me that they bought a batch of inferior cables from Toshiba/Carrier Singapore, and they cannot absorb the cost. Therefore they insist of charging me $40/fancoil to change the cable.

How can i go abt to solve this? It is totally unacceptable. They bought something inferior from someone, and they want me to bare the cost.

by manaeater on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

u can try allbest also.
dey installed my Starmax system 4 like 2-3 weeks ago.

very friendly installers

at least their CS to me imo is kinda good

but best is to go check out all 1st, then decide.

by johnson11ng on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I bought a ME System 2 & a LG System 4 from All Best @ Singapore EXPO - Dream Homes 1) Mitsubushi mux28D21 System 2 - $1525 inc of GST & installation with Armaflex 3/8" insulation. 2) LG A4UQ266 System 4 Invertor - $2999 with free 1/2" Armaflex insulation upgrade 3) SS Bracket is @ $120 each can use back the old one is it's suitable. 4) Free service voucher of $300 5) 2 times installation FOC 6) Free dismantling & Disposal of old aircon

by jolie_shinju1 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Heard from GC salesman Ben at IMM that Best Tech and All Best are a family business. Dunno how true. Anyway, my encounter with All Best was never Best since day one of installation. Whatever company you choose, do not believe in salesman talk. Do your own research. Try force for 3 trips and never give a deposit more than $200. Try not to give any money for first trip inspection. First trip in my opinion ask the techincian to come down see and dicuss about where to lay and position the pipings (gradient very impt!) then from there can judge him. Do not use half asleep worker like mine. During 2nd inspection, please be there to monitor and ask whatever you think is curious. Ask to do a inventory check like copper size and insulations. Especially when it comes to copper bendings and water piping make sure they glue it well. Keep your eye on them. 3rd installation of the Fan Coils, should be quite fast but also very impt because they connect the coppers and piping to the units. Keep your eye on end to end connections. Finally keep the final payment tightly inside your pocket ask them turn on aircon and teach you how to set the remote control correctly. Ask them and youself whether room cold enough. And do not listen to any excuses, try keep them around for 1hr to see any leaks. (maybe you should propose this as part of your contract terms, solve any problems before the leave) Any problem, dun give money. Ask the technicians to go back to their office and tell their boss about this problem. With these advices i hope you will have a very peacfull mind before, during and after the aircon is installed. Good luck to you.

by jolie_shinju1 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Hi Nelson, Bernard's position is to help calculate sizing requirements of the compressor and number of fancoils units. But he is not equivalent workmanship. I requested Ah Soon (experienced as per my frend's recommendation), end up he left All Best before the start of my aircon piping 1st installation. And trust me that the more popular brand and trusted is Mitshubishi. And trust me it is not his business to entertain your problem if any after that. Pls refer to All Best customer service center. Joint inspection on 02Oct still no outcomes; 1. Toshiba is useless, very poor action plan. Maybe because the uncle give me a very riduculous explanations aways and over again. Excuses like e.g your room too empty and window no curtain yet. Feel like slapping him and scold the four letters. Anyway they come again for the 3rd time to check temperature. Never even check compressor, so i ask them leave. Results, after 50mins, ambient temp at 25.7degs. Control setting at 20deg max fan speed.(undesirable)
2. All Best technician more at least enterprising, opened part of the insulation at a 90deg bend, found no bended copper coils, assume entire routing is ok.
3. Toshiba agent comment ice formation will take place if the copper coil is kinked. Dunno how true.
3. I called Toshiba and ask them prove with specs that system cool down for 9000btu takes such a long time. In the service report i request them to change the compressor.

4. Called All Best Rick, service manager he seems to be cooperative. But he is a man who promise the sky and give peanuts. Say will come to my flat for the joint inspection end up never come also no explanation. As expected. He say will help me, to be seen. May need a personal call from CASE to get him to wake up.

by cherinet on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I have bought Toshiba Inverter at All Best (IMM) and is served by Bernard, so far my husband and i dun feel that he is unfriendly or unhelpful. Maybe bcos our ID is Bernard's fren, so he has served us very well, explained to us alot of things and giving us his best recommendation since we have budgets on getting the aircon. Even the store at IMM which we bought our Hob & Hood has also brought us & recommend to Bernard (what a coincidence!). We've actuali been All Best earlier to check for prices before we met Bernard & was served by another guy, but this guy doesn't look friendly in serving us. So we thot of getting Best Tech's aircon but in the end we have ended up with All Best since my ID & Bernard are frens and they can co-ordinate the installation themselves.

by cherinet on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Bought Toshiba Inverter (System 3 with 34000BTU) today due to the compressor case and parts are all Made in Japan. Planned to buy LG but was told it is not good. Thinking of Sanyo but it is Made in China same as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Bought it from IMM (All Best), the sales person named as Bernard was highly recommended by my ID as well as most of his clients who had bought their aircon from this guy. We were also referred to this sales person when we bought our kitchen items at one of the shops @ IMM today. I find that he has served us well and patience. Explained and shared alot of things to us. I think for those who wanted to buy aircon may try to look for him. 🙂 Compressor: RAS-3M20SACV Living Room: RAS-M16NKCV (16000 BTU) 2 Bedrooms: RAS-M10SKCV (9000, 9000 BTU) Total Price: $2499

by jolie_shinju1 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Installed a Toshiba Inverter4 system 2weeks ago: - Service feedback on All Best. - air compressor unit came 2hours late. Sales side never even call to inform of whatever the delay. Service poor. - after install one of the aircon unit at my bedroom encountered leak. - called technician and found aircon unit discharge piping leak. seal again and problem seems to be resolved. Quality Issue. - subsequent week my frends came and complained my aircon
not cold even at 17deg setting. They also complained that my service balcony is very hot 35degs (uncomfortable) after the compressor
was installed. - called All Best and a newly joined technician came and said my compressor unit facing into the service balcony thats why hot. Oh no! This is strutural issue since they professional don not even know
how the compressor should be placed to discharge the heat. - this could be the reason why the compressor is not cooling the
rooms sufficiently. Suspect either the compressor got problem or the facing
of the compressor really got problem. - angry because they dun seem to admit this problem. - now waiting for reply which is normally very slow. - heard from the new guy that alot of the experienced technicians
left All Best. - current buyers must monitor their work carefully and never believe
in what they say coz they will beat around the bush. be firm with them.

by dreamertan on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I got the above model at Allbest IMM. Look for Andy. Price abt $3500 + 7%GST

by sonic on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Last time I compare, Hong Tar is cheaper but pay cash only.Installation also good as advise by other forumer.

Sometime not only see aircon price, must see the installation skill & material too.
When I bought mine Toshiba from Gaincity, Allbest was selling at around $200 cheaper,
but I read too much bad installation by AB so I rather get from GC as most my my friend
also recommended GC.
Also i going for credit card installment, so bought from GC. BTW GC is giving 3years
installation warranty.
So far my installation is ok, just 1 of the fan coil got funny noise after 1 month & Toshiba
replaced a new set for me.

by sonic on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I already stated Black. It is PSB Certified Class 1. What type of extra pipping you talking about? Installation included & no extra charges as all HDB flat installation
are quite standard.. Unless upgrading the insulation & copper pipe..
I also stated PVC drain pipe 16mm. Model: 3 tick energy label RAS-M18S2AX &
2 X RAS-M10SKPX. Price at $1600 nett including removing old box aircon in MBR &
approved steel bracket for the new ACU.

Actually I did checked Allbest price and around $200 cheaper but saw too many
no good feedback about their installation.

by nomoney25 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I always feel that Hong tar aircon is more expensive than other...they will never reduce the price even u told them some other shops are selling cheaper, but i still choose to buy it from hong tar cause they are the company where i seldom see any complaints from other internet forumers.Buying aircon not just the brand but the workmanship and the installation are very important!! Initially i intend to get Gain city but i heard someone that they will sell the aircon as 1 time installation only,in the end i choose hong tar...i never give damm to this allbest and best tech as complaint to them are super high.
hong tar tech will be coming to new home later to do the first installation, do take note abt term and condition, some shops can give cheaper price cause they using smaller 3/8 insulation and G24 (thiner) copper pipe and will do in 1 time installation only ,usually it cost $150-$200 to upgrade the material,

by weiht on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Ok, after looking at quotes from Allbest, gc n best tech, i think i shld go ahead with allbest. Quoted me for toshiba invertor system 4 $3488nett, 9k for 3 bedroom n 22k for living, compressor is 34k. 5yr warranty for compressor n INSTALLATION, 1 yr for parts. The salesman also show me the material they using n compared with k-flex and others. To my surprise, the other 2 class 0 tubes can be torn easily if u actually try to tear it, so it can be easily damaged during installation, and if the tear exposes the piping inside, then thats when u will get alot of sweating. However, the one they use it v durable n cant be torn easily at all, it also looks more pro and is class 0. They will also use a bigger drainage pipe to prevent choking. also they will provide 2 trips installation. GC is just expensive and they try v hard to ask u upgrade their materials used and warranty. Best tech is not bad, but i find the deal cant match all best. Not sure abt installation service tho

by Kiki2004 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Hi all, i just got Toshiba System 3 Inverter from All Best IMM today @ $2,488 from a Mr Lim. Using totaline Class 0 insulation & 23 refrigrant, using 16mm pipe size for horizontal draining. Installation warranty of 60months, Servicing vouchers of $120, 2 times installation (1 for piping before painting another is after painting they will install the aircon up). He somemore wrote price guarantee wor, will match or refund deposit if I able to purchase at a lower price from other place before my installation. Initially my husband and me looking for mit inverter system 3 @ $2,799 with a master bedroom free upgrade to higher BTU. Than my husband shook at him asking him Toshiba or Mit better. He than recommend Toshiba as Toshiba motor and assemble all in Japan and Mit motor is from japan but assemble in Thailand (I find it no diff la, but my husband think "made in jpn" better). He said Mit advertise alot, so cost is all added into our cost, whereas Toshiba don't lor, so can see the price diff. !!

by Lakmy on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I signed up with ALL Best at Expo... saved me a 2nd trip to Jurong..Toshiba 3 split ...non-inverter @ 1784 including bracket and gst and class 1 insulation and 2 trips for piping and 2nd for installing units (after painting work)... you can look for Gilbert. Seemed knowledgeable and willing to let us make up our mind. Gave us the info without any pressure tactics.

by iMbEst on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

ekardo, i really wish you good luck man.....despite all the bad comments about them, you still go ahead lol!
I never trust any company in the market, I only trust the installer who is most familiar with my floorplan, that means, the one who already installed many many times in my area

but sometimes it depends on your luck lah, bad installer doesn't mean sure screw up or they would have been out of job liaoz.......see how you press them and how they tekan you lor, if things turn sour....

those haven't bought anything yet, try to get recommendation from your neighbours, not your left right neighbours hoh, it's as many neighbours as possible.....I met about 3-4 recommendations and all cmi one, the moment you compare the way they tell you how they run the piping, you should have the gut feeling about their capability I actually paid $3040 for an Envio system 3 + 24K/Btu single split. My neighbour's fancoil PCB spoilt on the 2nd day, but it was rectified and replaced by Panasonic. If workmanship is good, dun need warranty one lah.

by ekardo on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

went to so many places recommended by friends...natural cool..hongtar...and some no company one..their quotation is scary..

and know what? I ordered from All best (sharp system 3)...

wish me "all the best" ??

by mailmail on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

must avoid ALL BEST at all cost. brought a system 3 LG non-inverter from them about 2 yrs always giving me this sweating problem(water vapor on the air con pipe casing)the aircon piping is route from my master bed room to my room n the sweating effect came when master bed room never on the all best technician to take a look n they say it normal cos master bedroom never on air con so the room is hot where the air con pipe is cold so water vapor form.rubbish lah that mean if i on air con on my room my master bed room also must on lor.i believe if the insulation of the air con piping is good this will never happen lor. so i find the installation of the air con is very very important then the brand.

by Nakedtoes on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Dun buy from allbest or what best one.. all the same boss their workmanship is lousy... I would choose mitsubishi or daikin for aircon... panasonic is national last time which is very very good but now the quality is not as good as national and the compressor are noisy..

by ekardo on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I think weather becoming more and more aircon price also go up..
I went to IMM last weekend and checked on Allbest and also Besttech, price is around $1838 (gst not in yet)

but after reading singaporebride....I think I better avoid them..haha

as for Mitsubishi...come to think of you really clean the aircon yourself? so what if it's easy clean ?

I think most of us wouldn't bother to clean the aircon until something wrong, and when something wrong, it's too late to clean yourself also...haha

I am thinking of Daikin now...(Daikin makes only Aircon..think about it...)
any review on Daikin ??
use hoiio for callback or internet call to landline

by Nakedtoes on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Both are good but i did a research mitshibushi is better... try Hong tai in IMM.. i regret nv get from them... and i regret to get from ALLBEST..
Do you really need air con in living room?? or on only weekends?? if only weekends then dun bother

by suresh on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I just bought a Mitsubishi Sys 4 from them last week. The best price around and the salesman who served me was very informative and friendly. The only down point was waiting time was 3 weeks! Dun mind though as its recommended by my friends.

by rachelcheng on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

I got my Toshiba sys 3 at ALL BEST at $1702 include gst unlimited piping and bracket plus totalline fittings and piping. Also include a $120 service voucher.

by linah29 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Mayb u all will like to try out ALL BEST at IMM.Look for Mr Teo and the installation guy Ah meng.I got mine mitsubishi inverter sys 4 frm them. At $3250 with lots of addition stuff included (2 time installation without additional charges, servicing voucher etc..). Not only tat their service is good, the workmanship of Ah meng is excellent. So neat and clean. Highly recommanded...But mayb i got mine air-con in nov, rainy season tat y it's cheaper! jus sharing wif u guys my good experience wif them...

by jan1399 on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

HI I got my aircon from Allbest too. Sharp plasmacluster. About $1900. I had my 1st installation last week. The guy came on time BUT he was inexperienced and the aircom trunking installed was really messy! It was supposed to run neatly along the perimeter of the ceiling but the guy actually ran them zig zag across my master toilet ceiling and also not a neat job along the other side. Cannot really explain the way the trunking was being done....if i can will try to take pics of the trunking. Hence, now we have to put up a box up the ceiling to hide the ugly trunkings. My contractor advised us against complaining to the company as the staff may take offence and do "stuffs" to the trunking when he come back to rectify ...internal trunking faults will be worse! Haiya! Will never recommend anyone to get aircon from them! Also, do be home to supervise when the aircon guys are there to do the job....

by honeybear on All Best Air-Conditioning & Electric Pte Ltd

Hi i got my aircon from them.... they were prompt for 2 trips. Ya LG nt recommended though 5yrs warranty coz all LG products come with 5yrs warranty. I had a toshiba system 3 installed by all best 2mths bk.. $1.6kplus

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